Get rewarded while you sew!

Shopping and sewing are more rewarding than ever with Violette Cash coming your way. For every dollar you spend with VFT, you’ll earn points to redeem for exciting rewards!


How to join:

Getting started is simple! If you already have a store account, make sure you’re logged in when you arrive at our site. Your points will automatically begin tracking when you make your first purchase; no need to "sign up" again!

If you don’t have a store account with us, click the rewards icon in the bottom right corner of VFT’s homepage. When this opens, you’ll see an option to “Join Now”. Once you create a customer account with us, you’ll be all set!

Please note that the program is not retroactive. We launched VFT Rewards in November of 2018, and while we cannot go back in time to add points to existing accounts, we did start all of our existing customers off with 50 points!

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How it works:

You will receive 10 Violette points for every $1 you spend on pattern purchases. You’ll also get an additional 50 points just for signing up to the rewards program!

These points are tracked in the rewards panel, which is found in the icon on the bottom right corner of your screen. Click this icon to open the panel, watch your points stack up, and keep an eye out for incoming rewards!

Please note that during major promotions such as the Sitewide Anniversary Sale, points are not accumulated and reward coupons are not valid during the sale period due to the discount already offered in the promotion.


Rewards to Unlock:

A little coupon can go a long way. If you’re eager to apply your rewards, go ahead and apply your offer as soon as it’s available. Or, if you’re feeling patient, stash those points and earn even bigger rewards down the road! Whichever you choose, please be sure to use your entire reward at once; offers cannot be used across multiple transactions.

When a reward becomes available, you’ll see a unique coupon code revealed. Simply copy and paste to use at checkout. 


 Points Earned Violette Cash Offer
250 points $5 off your purchase
500 points $10 off your purchase
1,000 points $25 off your purchase
1,500 points $50 off your purchase


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