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Buy all of our patterns in one bundle and SAVE BIG!  Individually priced the patterns are valued at over $970.00!!!  With this bundle, each pattern is roughly $6.00. This is the absolute best way to save and complete your sewing library.
Master Collection of PDF Patterns and Tutorials including ALL 115 Patterns:
*Penelope (dress)
*Victoria (dress & top)
*Georgia (dress & top)
*Pearl (dress & pinafore)
*Luna (dress & top)
*Odette (dress & top)
*Julianna (dress & top)
*Giselle (kimono)
*Sloane (skinny pants)
*Pepper (dress & top)
*Mackenzie (skirt)
*Josie (dress)
*Belle (top)
*Lacey (dress & top)
*Lauren (dress & top)
*June (dress)
*Camille (top)
*Lilly (shorts)
*Sommer (romper)
*Madison (dress)
*Paige (dress)
*Grace (dress & top)
*Mila (dress & romper)
*Emily (dress)
*Marjorie (dress)
*Lainey (dress & top)
*Maisie (dress & top)
*Hope (tunic & dress)
*Lola (top)
*Evie (shorties)
*Harlow (dress)
*Ella (capelet)
*Emma (dress & top)
*Fawn (shorts)
*Cora (bolero)
*Violette (dress)
*Genevieve (dress)
*Lottie (skirt)
*Lavinia (top & skirt)
*Adelaide (dress & top)
*Rosemary (pinafore & slip)
*Matilda (dress)
*Clara (tunic & shorties/bloomers)
*Annie (dress & romper)
*Allie (shorts & top)
*Rose (dress)
*Loralie (dress)
*Haven (dress & romper)
*Joy (dress & top)
*Annabelle (dress)
*Gemma (blouse & skirt)
*Margot (dress)
*Alba (dress)
*Myra (jumpsuit)
*Jane (dress)
*Caroline (dress)
*Piper (dress)
*Phoebe (top & dress)
*Gretchen (cardigan)
*Kate (dress & top)
*Cosette (dress)
*Scarlett (petti-skirt & legwarmers)
*Lilly Belle (pinafore & leggings)
*Madelyn (top & headband)
*Ellie (skirt)
*Daphne (knickers)
*Whitney (trousers & skirt)
*Josephine (blouse & dress)
*Emmaline (dress)
*Ginger (top & dress)
*Vivienne (skirt & blouse)
*Chloe (dress)
*Audrey (dress)
*Molly (coat)
*Elise (shirt)
*Adele (dress)
*Charlotte (pantaloons)
*Lucy (pants)
*Hazel (apron skirt)
*Ginger {WOMEN'S} Dress & Peplum Top
*Estelle {WOMEN'S} Tulle Skirt
*Emmaline {WOMEN'S} Maxi Dress
*Whitney {WOMEN'S} Trousers
*Harlow {WOMEN"S} Dress & Peplum
*Piper {WOMEN'S} Dress & Top
*Vivienne {WOMEN'S} Blouse & Skirt
*Whitney {WOMEN'S} Trousers & Skirt
*Lilly {TWEEN} Shorts
*Maisie {TWEEN} Dress
*Pepper {TWEEN} Dress
*Matilda {TWEEN} Dress
*Clara {BABY} Tunic & Shorties/Bloomers
*Lauren {BABY} Dress 
*Matilda {Baby} Dress
*Rosemary {Baby} Pinafore
*Magnolia Apron
*Forest Friends Pocket Set
*Darby Cloche Hat
*Jacqueline Suspenders
*Eleanor Shrug & Collar
*Delilah Bib Necklace
*Coco Fingerless Mittens
*Lillian Headband- 3 options
*Ava Dahlia Flower
*Corienne Flower
*Felicity Flower
*Rosalind Flower
*Nadine Flower
*Simply Stunning Bundle E-Book (7 gorgeous flowers)
*Molly Bonus Hood Tutorial 
Note: You will receive 109 individual downloads, as the 7 Simply Stunning Flower Set are all in 1 download. 

You are purchasing only PDFs.  No paper patterns are included.

The instant download PDFs include:

  • * Sizes: Multitude of sizes for EACH pattern
  • * Size Chart, Fabric Requirements, Fabric Recommendations, Notions, and Sewing Tips
  • * Full tutorial and step-by-step instructions, including over 40 color photos to clarify each step for beginners
  • * Printable, computer drawn pattern pieces with no scaling needed, just print on regular computer paper and cut pattern pieces

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