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The Clara {Sew-a-Long} Day5

Saturday, Feb 18 - posted by Emily

day 5It's the last day friends.  Today we are finishing up our Claras.  Who's excited to see the finished product?  I know I am!  Let's get started!!!

Yesterday we ended with prepping our skirts for the placket.  Take your fabric you cut for your placket and place it right side of placket to wrong side of skirt.  Pin this and sew using a very small 1/8in SA.  Do not worry if you see a small pleat/gather in the middle.  It will not be seen once we are done!


Iron the SA up towards the placket.  Iron the top edge of the packet down 1in, and then again 1 1/8in.  This will cover the SA.  Sew along the edge to secure.

Now the skirt back in encased!!...


The Clara {Sew-a-Long} Day4

Thursday, Feb 16 - posted by Emily

day 4Good Morning sweet ladies.  It's Thursday!  We are almost done with our Sew-a-long!!  I can't believe it.  One of my favorite things about the SAL is how manageable each pattern seems when you break it down into these small daily steps!  It becomes so easy and do-able with all of our crazy lives!  Ok, enough chit-chat, let's get to work on Day 4!


Yesterday we talked about adding in sleeves to our bodices, and some of you may have already done that!  Go You!!!!  Some of you might have waited until today!  I want to talk to you all about sewing a sleeve in the round!

Clara with sleeves

I do this often, sometimes on purpose and sometimes because I decide all too late that my garment needs sleeves!  I talked about...


The Clara {Sew-a-Long} Day3

Wednesday, Feb 15 - posted by Emily

day 3It's Wednesday, which means we are halfway through out sew-a-long week.  Wednesdays can be rough, especially for me, as a mom of 4 who works from home and has a million and one after school activities, obligations, and duties!  It's exhausting, so let's all take a collective "sigh of relief" when I tell you that today is EASY PEASY!  Seriously, if you aren't making ruffles, 5 min and you will be ready to kick your feet up and relax!!  If you are making ruffles, well, tack on another few minutes.  


When I am prepping for sewing, I let me daughter help pick out what details her outfit will have.  Clara is one of her favorite patterns, she has about 12 million {seriously, we big puffy heart love this pattern}, but because of that, she told me absolutely NO RUFFLES!  So I am sitting...


The Clara {Sew-a-Long} Day2

Tuesday, Feb 14 - posted by Emily

day 2

We are {FINALLY} back in action!  Thanks for being patient with me!  I am beyond appreciative!!  I am back and ready to sew!  Let's get started on Day 2, shall we??

pattern pieces

Today is the day to get our patterns put together and fabrics ready to go.  First off, if you didn't already, print off your pattern pieces.  Don't forget to print off the sleeves pattern if you are wanting to add that onto your Clara!!  I am going simple this time and dreaming about summer, so my Clara is going to be sleeveless!  

Once everything is printed, assemble you pattern whichever way you like!  My methods differ depending on my mood for the day!  This time around I am taping, since I actually had some tape floating around my...


The Clara {Sew-a-Long}

Monday, Feb 06 - posted by Emily

Today is the day!  We are kicking off our first sew-a-long of the year.  This year we are doing things a little differently!  Every month we will be bringing you a new sew-a-long!  And to keep all sew-a-long things in one place, we have a brand new FB group where you can chat about all things SAL related!  

clara dress pattern

Back by popular demand, for our first SAL of the year, is Clara!  This is a pattern that always delivers, and everyone over at VFT adores.  You can't seem to go wrong with any version of Clara!

Day 1 Clara SAL

If you've done a sew-a-long with my before, you know I love Day 1!  It's laid back and quite possibly the...