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RBD Back-To-School Back-To-School {Blog Tour}

Thursday, Aug 27 - posted by Emily

Back-To-School season is upon us.  Summer is almost over, or for some, has ended, and it's time to hit the books.  It's also time for back-to-school shopping, or in this case, sewing!

rbd back to school

We are so excited to be part of the Riley Blake Designs Back-To-School Blog Tour!

For my little lady, the start of preschool is approaching, and I secretly yearn for the days when skirts and dresses were worn everyday, and people always tried to look their best, even for school.

Gemma skirt and Adelaide Dress

I knew the Adelaide Dress, which is releasing very very soon, and the Gemma Skirt would be the perfect options for my little lady.

Fabric choice was a much harder decision.  After much contemplation I...


Josephine Sew-A-Long {Day 5}

Friday, Aug 21 - posted by Emily

day 5

We have made it!  There is a light at the end of the tunnel!  Only a few more steps left my friends!  Today we tackle those pesky buttonholes.  Who's ready??

hemming bottombottom hemmed

First off, we need to hem the bottom of our blouse or dress.  Press up 1/4in and then a 1/2in along the bottom.  Take that over to your machine and sew that hem!  

 measuring for buttonholesmeasure from top to bottom

Now onto the most dreaded part.....buttonholes.  Measure 1/2in from the top of your blouse/dress and place a pin.  This is where your first buttonhole...


Josephine Sew-A-Long {Day 4}

Thursday, Aug 20 - posted by Emily

 day 4

Today is day and we are working on sleeves!  Before we start I have got to tell you all what an awesome job you are doing!  I have been spending my mornings looking through all the photos "ooohhing and ahhhhing" over all your creations!  You ladies are fantastic!

Ok, let's get down to business.  Today I will be working with the flutter sleeves since little miss insisted on those.  I really wanted to make the long sleeves, but those little ladies always win in the end, don't they!

If you too had a little lady who insisted on flutters, then follow me!  If you are doing long sleeves, now's the time to get out your tutorial and take a look.  I will be going through what you need to do a little later in the post!



Josephine Sew-A-Long {Day 3}

Wednesday, Aug 19 - posted by Emily

Day 3

Today marks our halfway point for our sew-a-long!  Who's ready to get into the nitty gritty of the pattern?  I know these next steps are often the ones that get the most questions!

line up tabs

 Let's get those 2 front bodice pieces ready.  Yesterday we finished the button tabs, with or without embellishments.  Take those pieces and place them on top of each other, lining up the button tabs and pin in place.  

measure 3/4inpin all the way down

Start at the finished edge of your embellishment and measure over 3/4in and place a pin.  If you didn't add an embellishment, measure over from where you...


Josephine Sew-A-Long {Day 2}

Tuesday, Aug 18 - posted by Emily

day 2

Today is day 2 of our sew-a-long and we should already have our fabrics and notions ready to go!  If you didn't already, make sure you wash all your fabrics before you move on to today's tasks.


First things first, print the pattern out.  I am going to let you in on a secret.  I despise taping and cutting out patterns.  It is my least favorite part of sewing, but it's got to be done!  If you are like me, this can be just at time consuming as picking out fabrics!  I am super slow at this step!  But just be patient and it will all come together nicely!  

I like to use a glue stick instead of tape!  I realized...