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Fabric Love: {Heart Melodies} from Art Gallery Fabrics + Giveaway

Friday, Jul 22 - posted by Emily

Fabric love featuring VFT and Art Gallery Fabrics

I am the type of person that has always been surrounded by music.  Growing up with a music obsessed Father, my childhood memories are entangled with the sights and sounds of music.  Album covers, concerts, living room dance parties, family bbq's, and my Dad's dj'ing events.  Every single memory has a song to go with it that pulls at my heart, bringing me back to those exact moments in time.

Art Gallery Heart Melodies

When I laid my eyes on Heart Melodies from Art Gallery Fabrics it was instant love.  The colors and prints spoke to me, bringing me back to my childhood memories and everything I love about music.  

Art Gallery Fabrics


Paige: Free Apron {Add-on} + Tutorial

Sunday, Jul 17 - posted by Emily

Free Apron for Paige VFT

More times than not, we find a pattern we love and make is over and over again.  One of our favorite patterns to sew is Paige.  We love Paige because not only is it versatile, but it has such a timeless look.  Sometimes, even our favorite patterns need a little makeover, and we can't wait to share with you a fantastic way to spice up your next Paige!

Paige with Apron

A Few weeks ago we teased you with photos of an adorable Paige dress with an apron.  So many of you were swooning over the photos, we knew we needed  to make this available to you all.  Without further ado, we are so excited to bring you a {FREE} apron add-on for Paige!   

Paige with...</p>
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June Sew-a-Long {Day 5}

Friday, Jul 15 - posted by Emily

June day 5

Today is our final sewing day.  I can't wait to see all of the gorgeous dresses, but at the same time, we've had so much fun, I'm sad to see it end.  I guess we will just have to do another one soon!!  Let's head over to our machines and get started!

attach skirt pieces

Yesterday we left off after attaching our pockets to the side panels.  Grab both panels and the front skirt piece.  Lay your panels on top of your front center piece, right sides touching.  You panels will be at both raw edges of the front center piece.

sew sides

side seam

Pin in place and sew together.  Once sewn, the edge...


June Sew-A-Long {Day 4}

Thursday, Jul 14 - posted by Emily

June sal day 4

Today is day 4, sewing friends.  Time is flying by and after today, we only have one more day of sewing.  Does it make you as sad as it makes me???  We have no time for tears though, because we need to get sewing, so turn on some tunes, put on some mindless tv, and let's get started!

back elastic piece

back elastic piece


Grab your back bodice piece.   You are going to fold this piece in half lengthwise, or hotdog style for those that use {hotdog/hamburger}.  Wrong sides should be touching when you fold in half.  

elastic casings

Make sure...


June Sew-A-Long {Day 3}

Wednesday, Jul 13 - posted by Emily

Day 3 June SAL

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and it's the perfect day to sew!  With a heat wave here in Michigan, temps are in the 90's and this pregnant Mama is staying indoors!  After 2 days we are {finally} ready to start sewing!  It's day 3 ladies, can you believe how fast this SAL is flying by?!?!? It's time to get sewing so lets head over to our machines!

day 3

First things first, {COFFEE}!!!!  Yes, you heard me right.  I don't sleep much these days, so for this SAL to function properly, I need a little morning fuel!  Grab whatever your sewing vice is, and your fabrics, because here we go!

We are going to start with the ties.  If you are using ribbon, lace trim, hold tight.  If...