With the weather around the nation being so cold, how appropriate that our next post in our blog series "We {Heart} Handmade" is cozy pj's. 
This next project is perfect for chilly winter night and snowy winter mornings. Our snugly flannel pajama sets are as cozy a cup of hot cocoa and as cute as a baby polar bear!! We'll show you how we did it AND have a little giveaway to boot!
Look at our girls, all snuggled up, enjoying some milk, cookies, and stories in their new pj sets!
We created out pajama set by using two of our own classic Violette Field Threads patterns.  You probably already own these; they're staples that have been out since nearly our beginning: The Lucy Pants and The Audrey Dress.
Click on pictures above to purchase the Audrey & Lucy Patterns
In this tutorial we will show you how we *slightly* modified each pattern for our pajama set. Lets get started!!

Fabric Recommendations:

Flannel - we love to use two coordinating flannels for our pajama sets. We bought our flannel from Jo-Ann's Fabric. They have a huge selection of flannel at great prices! ADORING these below.... Our girls might need a few more sets made!  Or wouldn't these make great gifts? 
Do you ever find it a little nerve-wracking to sew for your friends' little girl?  Not sure if the Momma will love it, too?  Well, then... can't go wrong with a pj set!!! Especially ones with prints THIS cute!

Fabric Requirements:

Lucy Pants:

Note: We are creating a modified Lucy Pant that is full length with no ruffle. Please use the below chart rather than the one on the pattern.
 2T 3T 4T 5    6    7,8 9,10
3/4 yd.  3/4 yd.  7/8 yd.  7/8 yd.  7/8 yd.  1 yd   1 5/8 yd.

Audrey Top:

Use the fabric requirements chart provided in the pattern.  Even though, we are shortening the dress to a top length, do not reduce the yardage called for.  The extra yardage will be used as the accent fabric used on the bottom as a cuff on the LUCY pj pants.


We are going to start by sewing the LUCY pajama pants.

Pants Cutting Instructions:

1. Cut the Lucy Front & Back pattern pieces in your desired size.

2. Fold the pre-washed flannel in half with the right sides touching and iron flat. This will allow you to cut mirrored pattern pieces.

3. Pin the pattern pieces to the flannel fabric towards the top. The current Lucy pattern piece is for a capri length pant, a ruffle is added to make them full length pants.  For the pajama pants we want a full length pant without a ruffle. To achieve this you must add the full length ruffle measurement (minus 2" for the cuff) to the pant leg.

For example: If you are sewing a size 6 pant you would extend the pant leg an extra 8". This will allow for a 2" cuff at the bottom of each full length pant leg.

Creating the Front & Back:

3. Follow the Lucy Instruction through step #5 of the PDF Pattern. At this point your pants should be sewn together along the inseam and turned so that the front pieces are to the front and back pieces are to the back with the right sides still touching.

Creating the Cuff:

1. Cut out two cuff pieces.  Each piece will be 6" x 20".

2. Open up one pant leg.



3. Place one cuff piece over top of the open pant leg with the right sides touching and the raw edges lined up. (Trim off any extra fabric that overhangs the right or left side edge.)

4. Sew the cuff to the pant leg. Trim off 1/2 of the seam allowance and turn the cuff down. 

5. Working on the wrong side of the pant leg, iron the seam allowance down toward the cuff. Turn the raw bottom edge of the cuff up 1/2" and iron flat.

6. Fold the cuff up in half until the folded edge covers over the seam allowance. Iron flat and secure with pins.

7. Fold the pant leg in half with the right sides touching and pin together along the open side edge.  You will pin from the top raw edge all the way to the cuff bottom.

8. Sew along the pinned seam.  For a professional look, finish seam with a serger or trim off half of the seam allowance and finish with a zigzag stitch.

9. Repeat steps 1-8 of Completing the Cuff for the opposite leg. 

10. Finish the waistband according to the Lucy Pattern.


Now it is time to sew the AUDREY pajama top. You will sew the Audrey top exactly as the pattern requires, so open up that tutorial and get started.  Remember, though, your fabric will be shorter than your pattern piece (because you've already used it for the bottom cuff on the LUCY pj pants).  The Audrey top will end up being 6" shorter than the dress. 


You have now created an adorable pajama set!

The girls LOVED them!  They thought they were cozy and comfortable.

Look at those toes. ;)

Reading bedtime stories.

After their stores, the sugar from the cookies & milk started to kick in...  I let them have one last hurrah before lights out!

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Remember that giveaway we mentioned at the beginning of the post?

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You'll be able to make 2 sets of pj's.... maybe one to keep and one to gift!

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January 08, 2014 by Ericka Wright