London {Free Pattern + Tutorial}

I've wanted to make a twirly, simple little summer dress for awhile and I saw the slip pattern included with the Rosemary and I knew that with some modification, it would be perfect. Our summers in California get so incredibly hot that you want something as airy and cool as possible and this dress fits the bill. 

London Dress

The ladies of Violette Field Threads were so in love with this dress!!  They decided to take it a step further and make it super easy for all of to recreate this beautiful dress in every size!!   I am very happy to introduce you to the new London Dress Pattern!  The very best is FREE!!!

London 2

London only requires about 2 yards of fabric and an hour of sewing time!  You will have closets full of these twirly summer dresses in no time!!

The Free London Tutorial has pattern pieces {and cutting charts, if preferred} for all the required pieces.  The tutorial will teach you how to make your own bias tape or if preferred you can use store bought tape for an even quicker sew!

The skirt and bodice can be dressed up by adding any fun trim, lace or pom-poms to the skirt. 

You can also add buttons or any other little embellishments to the bodice front!

London is perfect for mixing and matching fabrics. Fabric for this dress was generously provided by Threads and Stitches Fabric Group. Be sure to check out her page for awesome deals on fabric.

You will need to enter a code to receive London for free!  The code can be found in the pinned post of the Violette Field Threads Facebook Group HERE. I hope you enjoy this pattern!



April 22, 2017 by Ashley Brostrom

Charlie {Sew-a-Long} Day 5

It's our final Sew-a-Long day!  It's been a fun ride, but alas, it's time for our April SAL to come to a close.  Let's finish strong and complete our Charlies!

Let's grab our skirt and pocket pieces.  Finish the edges your pocket pieces and on the shot ends on the skirt pieces.  

Measure down 2 1/2in from the top and place a pin.  Do this on all your skirt pieces.  Now take a pocket piece and place at the pin, making sure your pocket is pointing down.  Place the mirror image on the other side of the skirt.  Sew the pockets with a 3/8 SA.  Do this for all your pocket pieces.

Flip the pokets out and iron flat.  Place the front and back skirts RST and pin down the side, around the pockets, and down to the bottom and sew.  Do this on both sides and iron your seams open flat.

Hem the bottom, ironing up 1/4in, and another 1/4in and sew.  

Now find the middle back of your skirt.  Measure down 3in and place a pin.  Cut down the middle to the pin.  Take your placket piece and place the right side touching the wrong side of the skirt.

Sew using a 1/8in SA.  Iron the SA up.  Now fold down 1in and iron, then fold down 1 1/8in and iron.  This will cover your SA. Take over to your machine and sew.  You have now made your placket.  The left side will fold back towards your skirt.  Baste this in place.

Sew two rows of gathering stitches on your skirt.  Do not include your placket when sewing.  Gather your skirt to the same width as your bodice, and pin in place, matching your side seams, and sew in place.  Finish your SA, iron it towards the bodice and topstitch in place.

We are almost done!  It's time to add buttonholes and buttons.  Once you have this done, your Charlie is COMPLETE!!!!  YAY!!

Take a photo and admire your amazing work!  Charlie is such a gorgeous pattern!  Add your photo into the Day 5 album!  Don't forget we will be choosing the SAL winner on MONDAY, so you have all weekend to finish!  Thanks so much for sewing a long with me!  I always have so much fun with you all!

April 07, 2017 by Emily Steiger
Charlie {Sew-a-Long} Day 4

Charlie {Sew-a-Long} Day 4

Friends, we are almost done.  Although, there still seems like quite a bit needs to be done!  We should probably get to work, because these last 2 days are going to be action packed!  Let's get started!

Grab you sleeves and your sleeve ties, if you have decided on this version.  You are going to place your ties 1/2in from the raw bottom edge, similar to what you did on the bodice.  Baste your ties in place on both sleeves

Take you sleeve lining pieces and finish the straight edge with either a serger or zig zag stitch.  Then place your lining on top of your sleeve and pin in place.  And just like with the bodice, you can mark your 1/2in SA around the "v" to make sure you keep the correct SA while sewing.  

Sew your lining to your sleeve, trim the SA, clip corners and notch the "v".  Turn your sleeves right side out and give it a good steam.  Now you can topstitch if desired.  

Tie your pretty knots!!  For those who are creating the cap sleeve,  hem the bottom raw edge of your sleeve, folding up 1/4in and then another 1/4in and sewing.

Regardless of your sleeve your chose, you can follow these directions.  I am NOT doing the burrito method since I chose the tie knot sleeve.  If you chose the cap sleeve and would like to do this, follow the directions in your pattern!

Find the center of your sleeve and mark with a pin, then measure out 2in from the pin on both sides and mark.  This is where you will place your gathering stitches.  Do this for both sleeves.

Place your bodice flat, right side up, and place your sleeve wrong side up, on top of the bodice.  You are going to pin the ends of the sleeve in place, and work your way towards the middle where your gathering stitches are.  Pull your threads to gather the sleeve to the appropriate length and pin.

Sew along the edge and finish this seam with your method of choice.  Now turn your bodice with the sleeve wrong side out and pin together, starting at the sleeve edges and working your way down towards the armpit and hem.

Sew along your pinned edge and finish your SA.  Repeat these steps to attach your other sleeve and sew the side of the bodice closed.

Yay!  You now have a bodice with sleeves!!!  Stand back and admire all your hard work!  We are done for today, make sure to add your photo into the day 4 album!!

Tomorrow is our last day and we will be finishing up or lovely Charlies!  Check back here tomorrow!


April 06, 2017 by Emily Steiger

Charlie {Sew-a-Long} Day 3

Sew-a-Long weeks often feel like a blur to me!  They go by so fast and at the end of the week, I am asking myself where the time went!  Today is already Wednesday, and that means it is Day 3 of our Charlie Sew-a-Long.  If you are just joining us, WELCOME!!  If you have been with us all week, welcome back!  It's tie to get sewing, ladies!

Today is the first day we actually are going to sit down and sew, so grab you bodice pieces and head on over to your machine.  Make sure you have your main and lining fabrics, because these next few steps you will need both!

First, grab you front and back bodice pieces in your main fabrics.  You are going to sew your shoulder seams together.  Once sewn, iron you SA open.  Do the same for you lining fabrics.  When done, your pieces will look like the photos above.

Set your bodice pieces to the side and grab your bodice ties.  Place them RST and sew, leaving the straight bottom edge open.  Do this for your sleeve ties also, if you chose that option!  Trim the SA for all your ties and turn right side out.  give them a good steam and topstitch if you'd like!  

Go ahead and grab your main bodice fabric and your bodice ties.  Set everything else to the side.  We are going to be focusing on attaching our ties.  Your ties should be about 1/2" from the top of the bodice where the "v" starts, and flush with the bottom of the "v".  Baste these in place.

Now set your lining on top of your bodice, RST and pin.  You may want to mark your 1/2" SA around the "v" to make it easier to sew.  You will be pinning and sewing along the back sides and around the neckline.

Once sewn, trim off half of your SA, clipping corners and curves.  I use my pinking shears here!  Turn right side out and iron!  You should topstitch around the back middle, around the neckline, and back down the other side.  You should notice that your bodice ties are flush with the top of the bodice now.  

Tie your knot and you are done!  There are AWESOME directions on pg.27-29 of your pattern!  The tie knot comes out {perfectly} if you follow these directions!

You have completed day 3!  YAY!  Add in you photo into today's album.  Tomorrow we will be working on sleeves!  See you all back here tomorrow!

April 05, 2017 by Emily Steiger
Charlie {Sew-a-Long} Day 2

Charlie {Sew-a-Long} Day 2

It's day 2!!!  Today is another easy day, so if you haven't had a chance to join us and are just starting, don't fret!  You are not behind!  Plus, the weekend is always time to catch up!  We know life can get crazy a hectic!

Let's get our patterns printed out.  This is one of our newest patterns, which means you get to use [LAYERS}!!!!  Isn't that so awesome?!?  I adore layers, especially since I am often mashing sizes, since she is a petite little lady.  If you've never used layers before, it is really simple to use!  First, make sure to open your pattern in Adobe.  Once you have it open, take a look at the left side of your screen.  Along the side you will see a few different icons, but the one you want looks like 3 sheets on top of each other.  Click that icon.

Now click the plus sign.  You will see all the sizes listed.  Click each size you {DON'T} want to print, and leave the bottom option checked!  Now you are ready to print just the sizes you need!  YAY!  Assemble you pattern pieces together.  I am using a glue stick this time since I still haven't bought any tape since last month....LOL

Once you are done, start pinning your pieces to your fabric and cut out.  Make sure to take note of where the folds are for the Charlie pattern pieces.  Cut your fabrics out.

Easy Peasy!  We are done!  Take a photo and upload into the Day and you will  2 Album!  Tomorrow we start sewing.  Are you as excited as me??  Make sure to go swoon over all the fabrics in the Day 1 album!  I {may have} spent a little too much time yesterday writing a new {to buy} list! ;)  

Hop back over here tomorrow for Day 3!  And I realized too late yesterday that we did not talk about prizes!!!  As always, upload 1 daily photo into each album to be qualified for our SAL prize!!  A VFT 5 pattern prize pack and $50 Hawthorne Threads Gift Certificate!!!!  See you all back here tomorrow!

April 04, 2017 by Emily Steiger

Charlie {Sew-a-Long} Day 1

It's the first week of April, so you know what that means!!!  It's Sew-a-Long time!  Who else gets excited when the month comes to an end?  For me, I know it's time to start voting on next months pattern, and that means a new SAL is right around the corner!  Last week was voting week, and our winner won by a landslide!  Charlie is our official SAL winner for April, and I couldn't be more excited because I did not get a chance to test this pattern and I have been dying to sew this one up!  

If you haven't purchased Charlie yet, well, what are you waiting for!  Use code: charliesal and get this pattern 20% off!  This is our first step for Day 1!

Once you have your pattern purchased, it's time to think about fabrics and trims, so head over to your favorite fabric shop, online shop, or your own stash and get to shopping!  Remember that for this pattern your will need a lining fabric as well as your main fabric, and you will also need a few buttons!  And don't forget about embellishments!

I am going very simple on this one!  Still not positive if I will be sewing a dress or top, but I just could not pass up this gorgeous Bari J fabric!  Anyone else just adore every single fabric she designs???  Goodness, she can do no wrong!!

So we've got our patterns purchased and our fabrics chosen.  Day 1 is complete, so lay those gorgeous fabrics out and snap a photo!  We can't wait to see what you've chosen!  Head over to SAL Central and out your day 1 photo in the album!

Pop back here tomorrow for Day 2.  We will be working printing our patterns and cutting out our fabrics.  A super easy day!  See you tomorrow!


April 03, 2017 by Emily Steiger
{Spring Dress Collection} Wrap Up and A Giveaway!

{Spring Dress Collection} Wrap Up and A Giveaway!

Have you been following our mini blog series showcasing each of the new Spring Dress Collection patterns? If not, be sure to hop back and check out the previous posts! 

We're wrapping up the series with a lovely photo spread of all three patterns together, maxi style, featuring the *new and coming soon* rayon substrate from Hawthorne Threads

From left to right: 

{Elodie} in Parapluie Sailor Stripe in Gold (Rayon) and white gauze, single layer maxi length 

{Evelyn} in Parapluie Sailor Stripe in Ink (Rayon) and Au Printemps in Indigo (Rayon) for the ruffle, maxi length

{Cairo} in Parapluie Sailor Stripe in Tulip (Rayon)

The girls area also wearing headbands and hair wraps made with Bicyclette in Paris

The Rayon substrate is coming soon to Hawthorne Threads for their gorgeous in-house collections and is a must have for this spring and summer! The drape is perfect for sewing apparel fabrics, isn't too slippery to cause difficulty when trying to line up finicky prints like these sailor stripes, and is so soft and cool in warmer temps! 

The back of the new Cairo pattern is sooo dreamy with crocheted lace and the sweet Sailor Stripe. The Cairo pattern is available in girls (2-10), baby (0-3 mos through 24 mos), tween (10-16) and 18" doll sizes!

The Evelyn pattern features gorgeous bodice ruffles and the super on-trend cold shoulder sleeve ruffle. I love how Alexis played with the direction of the stripes to really make this dress pop! 

The Elodie pattern is so sweet in an everyday version with the Sailor Stripe in Gold and opaque white gauze. Perfect for the beach! 

For this shoot, we set out to the La Tour (aka The Tower) at Victoria Beach in Laguna Beach, CA. La Tour is French for "The Tower" and was a nice ode to the French influence of the fabrics. The sailor stripe from the Parapluie fabric collection fit with the beach setting. The trio of stripe colors complimented our sun-drenched ocean view perfectly. 

And, because we know many of you have scooped up the patterns during the sale (wait, you didn't??? Hurry because the sale ends Monday, April 3rd! Use coupon code "SPRINGDRESS") and now need some great fabric to sew with...

We've teamed up with our wonderful friends at Hawthorne Threads and Art Gallery Fabrics to give you a chance to win some new fabric!!!! Simply enter the rafflecopter giveaway below and one lucky winner will enjoy a $25 shopping spree to Hawthorne Threads *and* 2 yard bundles of voile from the Inblue, Bountiful and Indie Boheme fabric collections! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway



Meet Evelyn (Spring Collection)

Hello VFT Family!

We are so excited to introduce 3 new patterns with you; Cairo, Elodie and Evelyn for our Spring Collection. 

I am so thrilled to be able to introduce you to Evelyn...

Cold shoulder dresses and tops are a HUGE trend right now and have been for the last year or so. The funny thing is I think it was huge when I was in high school. What was old is new again, right?!!  But the cold shoulder sleeve is only one of the amazing features on this new Evelyn pattern. 

Along with the double layered ruffle sleeves, it also features front and back bodice ruffles making it look like one continuous line.  The faux princess seam is beginner friendly and presents a clean finish with bias tape. 

(Sewn with Liberty of London Lawn Fabric)

Another added feature are the front bodice pintucks. These are actually sewn prior to cutting out the front which cleverly makes it a simpler process with great results. 

(Sewn using Sharon Holland, Art Gallery Fabrics, Bountiful Collection in Voile)

Are you afraid of zippers? Well not any more! The Evelyn tutorial has tons of photos and we walk you through every step! You will be throwing out that button foot and replacing it with a zipper foot before you know it!!


One of my favorite designer details is the use of trim for the bodice ruffles and/or sleeves. It added a very special unique touch to the dress.  Love it!!!

Evelyn comes in Kid sizes 2-10 and Tween sizes 10-16.

She works best with fabrics that drape well like voile, lawn, rayon, silk but can also work with seersucker, lightweight chambray, swiss dot and lightweight cottons.


One of my FAVORITE features of Evelyn (I am a bit obsessed with) is the vintage 2"-2 1/2" (depending on size range sewn) deep hem! OH MY heart! Swoon!! The skirt also has the option for a lining that enclosed the skirt/bodice seam line.  All seams will then be neatly enclosed, NICE!!!! 

Here is the exciting part for you....


Be on the lookout very soon for details on an exciting giveaway! Hint... there maybe some fabric involved. ;)


Make sure you check out the website while the Spring Collection is on sale!!! Use code: SPRINGDRESS for 15% off. 


Until next time VFT Family...









March 31, 2017 by Alexis Wright

Introducing Elodie! {Spring Dress Collection}

Hey all!!! I'm sure you've caught wind of the incredible new Spring Dress Collection set to release March 30th, but just in case you missed any of the sneak peeks- we'll be blogging about each new pattern for the next several days! We'll be sharing our inspiration for the design, detailing all the great features and options included in each pattern and of course sharing some gorgeous modeled photos to showcase the beautiful new styles coming soon to VFT!

First up in this mini blog series is the Elodie dress pattern! Elodie was, again, inspired by my sweet girlies! They have a million and two night gowns that all have illusion necklines and sweetheart bodice overlays. Seriously, I counted yesterday. I think that style just tucked itself somewhere in my subconscious and then started knocking back in January when we started planning a collaborative effort for spring looks. Because we know you sew these beautiful garments for little girls that love to play and be adventurous, we included an "everyday" option for non-sheer fabrics. The everyday option is great for showcasing your favorite quilting cottons or apparel fabrics!

Another great feature included in the Elodie dress pattern is the sweet puff sleeves. Every princess needs a good poofy sleeve! The pattern uses french seam construction to keep a sturdy seam and clean finish inside and out. 

To step up the sweetness, we've included detailed instructions for sewing *and* tying this beautiful, big bow sash. There's a special design to this sash that will have you smiling ear to ear when sewing. 

If sheer fabrics are a new substrate for you, or make you feel slightly intimidated, we've included a long list of helpful tips to set you up for success. We also suggest using 1/4" Wash Away Wonder Tape to help set the fabric in place and prevent any shifting while sewing. You'll want to use that same tape when setting the zipper in place for a super fast and easy zipper installation! 

Now that you've got a closer look at the great features and design elements included in the Elodie, check out these incredible tester images for the new Elodie dress in girl's, baby and 18" doll sizes!

Be sure to tune back in tomorrow to see a closer look at another great pattern from the Spring Dress Collection. Follow the entire mini blog series and you may see a giveaway at the final post!




March 30, 2017 by Cassie M

Pearl {Sew-a-Long} Day 4

Day 4 means we are almost finished with our Sew-a-Long.  And while it's sad to think our fun is coming to an end, we've got quite a bit of work to do still.  So let's get started!

Set your bodices aside and grab your skirt pieces.  For both the reversible and no reversible versions,  take your back skirt piece and but it down the middle so you have 2 pieces.  Place the back pieces on top of the front piece, RST and sew along the short side seams.

Trim your SA and finish the edge with either your serger or a zi-zag stitch.  Now take the middle back edges and finish those as well!  Repeat all of these steps for the reverse side of the skirt, if doing the reversible version.

If you are doing the reversible version, follow along with me!  You will be folding the back middle edges you finished 1/4in with wrong sides touching and iron.  Repeat this for both the main and lining skirts.  If you are doing the non-reversible version, fold your back middle pieces in 1in and iron flat.

For all options, it is time to hem your skirts.  Fold the bottom raw edge up 1/4in and iron, and then another 1in and sew to secure.  Do this for all of your skirt pieces.

If you are making your Pearl reversible, I like to clip both skirt pieces together at the bottom and trim any difference I have at the top of the skirts, that way they are both the exact same length.

Now take your skirt pieces and sew your gathering stitches at the top.  I prefer 2 rows of stitches, but you do what you like!  Make sure you leave 1in on either end of the skirt ungathered if you are going to be using buttons, and 1/2in ungathered if you are doing the tie back version!  

That is it for today!  Tomorrow we will be attaching our skirts and finishing up our lovely Pearls!  Like always, please add in your daily photo into the Day 4 album!  If you need to catch up, you can find the previous posts all linked here.  See you all back here tomorrow!


March 10, 2017 by Emily Steiger