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Pearl {Sew-a-Long} Day 4

Friday, Mar 10 - posted by Emily

Day 4 means we are almost finished with our Sew-a-Long.  And while it's sad to think our fun is coming to an end, we've got quite a bit of work to do still.  So let's get started!

Set your bodices aside and grab your skirt pieces.  For both the reversible and no reversible versions,  take your back skirt piece and but it down the middle so you have 2 pieces.  Place the back pieces on top of the front piece, RST and sew along the short side seams.

Trim your SA and finish the edge with either your serger or a zi-zag stitch.  Now take the middle back edges and finish those as well!  Repeat all of these steps for the reverse side of the skirt, if doing the reversible version.


Pearl {Sew-a-Long} Day 3

Wednesday, Mar 08 - posted by Emily

It's Wednesday, and that means Day 3 of our Pearl {Sew-a-Long}.  We are halfway through!  I swear, SAL weeks go by crazy fast!  Today is an easy day, promise!  It's exactly what a Wednesday should be!  

Ladies, there are literally like 3 steps today.  THAT IS IT!  I did my normal breakdown when I planned this one, not really thinking about the fact that we don't have sleeves to add in, which would normally be done on day 3!  So, it's pretty much a break today, you're welcome!!  LOL

We should get started, because you will want to get to the last step ASAP!  Yesterday we started working on our bodices.  Grab your bodice and place the sides RST.  You want the main fabrics to touch and the lining fabrics to touch.  You are going to sew both sides with a...


Pearl {Sew-a-Long} Day 2

Tuesday, Mar 07 - posted by Emily

Hello Lovelies!  It's Day 2 of our Pearl Sew-a-Long!  Today we are going to actually get a little bit of sewing done!  Woo Hoo!  Who's ready to dust off those machines and get to work?

First things first (I'm the realest!  I can't help but sing that song every time I say that!  Sorry guys) get your pattern printed and put together!  How you do that is up to you.  I used a glue stick, because one of my fabulous children used every smidge of tape I had left.  I may have scoured every room in my home searching for tape for 30min and finally gave up.  So, glue it is!  Regardless, get that pattern pieced together and then cut your fabrics out.  

Anyone else love a freshly cut stack of pattern pieces?!?!  No???  Just me?!?!?!  Obviously it doesn't take much...


Pearl {Sew-a-Long} Day 1

Monday, Mar 06 - posted by Emily

A new month, a new sew-a-long!  Ladies, I have NEVER seen a SAL vote this close before.  It was neck and neck and seriously came down to the wire!!  It was a nail bitter for sure, and in the end, {PEARL} was our winner!  All the Pearl fans in VFT land were rejoicing, and I know this because you all were tagging me and messaging me about how excited you were!  Haha  

It's Day 1, and if you've followed one of our SAL's before, you know it FABRIC DAY!!!  I have said it before and I will say it again, it's the BEST DAY EVER!  Why??  Because it's the day we get to shop, and what sewist doesn't love fabric shopping?!?!

I shopped my stash this time around.  I found the PERFECT fabric Michael Miller Fabrics sent to...


The Clara {Sew-a-Long} Day5

Saturday, Feb 18 - posted by Emily

day 5It's the last day friends.  Today we are finishing up our Claras.  Who's excited to see the finished product?  I know I am!  Let's get started!!!

Yesterday we ended with prepping our skirts for the placket.  Take your fabric you cut for your placket and place it right side of placket to wrong side of skirt.  Pin this and sew using a very small 1/8in SA.  Do not worry if you see a small pleat/gather in the middle.  It will not be seen once we are done!


Iron the SA up towards the placket.  Iron the top edge of the packet down 1in, and then again 1 1/8in.  This will cover the SA.  Sew along the edge to secure.

Now the skirt back in encased!!...