Fabric selection is everything!  If you are like us then you adore fabric.  We could spend hours pouring over prints, touching silks and picking out the perfect buttons and ribbons. Choosing your materials for any project really is half the fun! 
Fiona can take on many different looks depending on your choice of fabric, so now it is decision time:
What kind of look are you hoping to achieve? Formal, semi-dressy, or play day fun? Vintage, modern, whimsical, romantic?
Lets run down some of our looks and what fabrics we chose.
First up, our formal take on Fiona. We wanted a romantic, sweet look. 
The above Fiona's are sewn up in silk and satin. The Fiona on the left features classic red dupioni siik. Dupioni silk is very well suited for Fiona because the stiffness of it holds and that show-stopping bow in the back once tied. The Fiona on the right is done up in a floral satin. This version still creates a formal look without the bustle for older girls.
Here are some fabrics that would be perfect for a formal Fiona:
Left: Floral Satin. Middle: RIbbon Rosette Satin. Right: Cream Silk Dupioni
Fiona is also perfect for semi formal occasions, including family photo shoots.  One option we really like is to use a border print along the skirt.  This Sarah Jane Children at Play print really could not be more perfect:
Here are a few of our favorite border prints right now:
Left: Wee Wander. Middle: Little Red Riding Hood. Right: Glitz Metallic.
A more casual choice is to use a cotton print. This is an especially great choice for the Fiona Top. Here we created the Fiona Top out of a Lecien Folklore print. We paired the top with our Hazel skirt (without the apron).  
Here are just of few cotton prints that we adore. These beauties would sew up an amazing Fiona that is playdate worthy!
Top Left: Blown Away. Top Right: Painted Ladies. Bottom Left: Mockingbird. Bottom Right: Books

Don't forget about your notions!  You will need:


- Thread (in a coordinating color)

-A Spool of 1/2" Ribbon (if you choose to bustle the Fiona Dress)

We highly recommend using Aurifil Threads when sewing!

 Aurifil is a super high quality cotton thread. This superior cotton thread not only creates a stronger more beautiful garment but it is also easier on your sewing machine. Aurifil Thread is strong, so it does not leave behind lent and build up as it runs through your sewing machine. We recently discovered Aurifil and have fallen in love! 

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What fabric did you choose for you Fiona? Share with us below!!
April 01, 2014 by Ericka Wright