Ok,  i realize that i am sooooo totally behind on this Sew Along!  I am blaming it on quilt market prep :)  I promise i will get caught up!  Check out the new timeline at the end of the post!  
Today our Sew Along is for those of you who would like to make your Fiona a top! The Fiona top serves as the perfect fun, summer garment. We are in the final steps now and we are so excited to preview your hard work so soon!
We love all the fabrics we receive and always want to give their creators all the acclaim they deserve! So once again I chose to work working with 

chose Little Matryoshka by Riley Blake Designs. 


Without any further delay here are the five,simple steps for finishing the Violette Field Threads Fiona top...

1. Sew the ruffle together at one short end. You do not need to finish the seam because it will not show.

2. Fold the ruffle in half lengthwise with the right sides touching and pin to secure at both ends.  Sew together along the pinned ends, the top remains open for turning.
3. Turn the ruffle right side out and iron it flat.  Gather the ruffle up along the top raw edge until it is the exact same width as the bodice.
4. Pin the ruffle to the bodice, line up the finished edges and the side seams.  Sew the ruffle, trim off 1/2 the seam allowance and finish the seam with either a serger or a zig zag stitch.
6. Turn the ruffle down, iron flat and top stitch right along the seam.
6. Sew buttons on the back opposite of the button loops.
7. YOU DID IT!!!


Stay tuned for the rest of our sew-along posts! Here is a schedule for you to look forward too...

 May 7, 2014 - Blog post on Creating the Bustle Skirt

May 13, 2014 - Blog post on Your Creations, Finished Garments


Have any questions, tips or comments? Please share below, we love to hear from you guys. That is what these sew-alongs are for, so let's collaborate!


April 30, 2014 by Ericka Wright