We have yet another amazing blogger to share with you guys today. Welcome to the Mouse House is a craft and sewing blog written by Hayley Crouse, a 33-year-old stay at home Mom with a lot of creativity. Hayley brings so much joy and life to the words of her blog. Each post, reflects her own personal style (which is amazing) while actually keeping it personal. After finishing each post, you feel as if you learned something new about her adorable life and family. She is also not afraid of telling of some of the milestones she has crossed to get where she is. She tells the story of the medical scare that changed her life. We mention this purely because it is a story that shows true strength and inspiration behind the brand she has built! She has been featured in many publications, including West Elm, where her own home was featured within it's pages! What, are you serious, See it here. Needless to say, we love Welcome to the Mouse House and think you will just as much!


Hayley jumped onto our Piper Blog Tour team and did a phenomenal job! Her post features an amazing geometric, chiffon fabric from Michael Levine and it knocked our socks off! Her photography is so superb and we think you guys will go crazy over her final product. So check out her post on her Violette Field Threads Piper Misses. If you don't already go and follow her blog! She has a great Pinterest! You can also find her on Facebook and Instagram


Thank you so much for your participation Hayley, you were so wonderful! 
Ericka and Jessica
June 02, 2014 by Jessica Herning