Last year at Quilt Con, Ericka and I picked up matching pin cushions that we could not imagine living without! We bought ours from the very talented Leslie of Stitch Lab in Austin, TX.  Little accents can make all the difference in the feel of your sewing room! Since it is something that is absolutely necessary, why not make it adorable? 
 So for this week's Trinket Thursday we searched for the cutest pin cushion we could find! And here it is...

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Because, sadly, only one winner can be chosen we decided to upload some more ideas for all of you. Click your favorite and it will guide you to it's site for purchase! But remember to wait until the winner is announced before you rush to buy one, who knows it could be you! Unless of course you are in love with more than one (like us) then be our guest...
And here are ours... mine is the first, I fell in love with that little squirrel.  Ericka's is the second, she adored the sweet little fawn. 


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June 05, 2014 by Jessica Herning



Sharon said:

So so cute!!

Donna Lee

Donna Lee said:

All my scissors!

Nita R.

Nita R. said:

My serger!!!! Use it every day!!! The pin cushions are SOOOO Beautiful!!!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures……

Nichole Y

Nichole Y said:

This would be a great addition to my newly started sewing supplies


Heather said:

Tape! I use it for all sorts of reasons and have about 4 types in my sewing nook.


Sharon said:

Sadly, my seam ripper…..

Kathy Kauth

Kathy Kauth said:

I could not live without my scissors.

john hutchens

john hutchens said:

I could not live without my window in my sewing room, it brings such inspiration. I really like the pin cushion, very nice

Isabel A.

Isabel A. said:

My scissors!

Crystal D

Crystal D said:

My seam ripper!

Julie B

Julie B said:

I have a picture of my great-great-great-grandmother’s wedding dress. If she can sew so patiently by hand- I can at least be patient with my machine!

Emily F.

Emily F. said:

My seam ripper…..unfortunately. :)

Linda Turner

Linda Turner said:

I have a cute little sewing machine clock! Keeps me informed but cute to see!

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Mary on Lake Pulaski said:

I could not live without my two sided glass door cabinet where I can see all my stash!

Debbie Painter

Debbie Painter said:

Couldn’t live without my Featherweight sewing machine! I just love it!

Debbie Painter

Debbie Painter said:

Couldn’t live without my Featherweight sewing machine! I just love it!


Libby said:

I love pincusions – these are “too cute”

Wendy Swears

Wendy Swears said:

My iron – can’t work with wrinkly fabric!

Michele T

Michele T said:

I could not live without each and every one of my quilting tools!!!


Louise said:

I agree, a darling pincushion should be in every sewing room. All those little necessities make a sewing room so fun

Jan Kelly

Jan Kelly said:

My pin cushion.


Mimi said:

My purple thang!


Racheal said:

My seam ripper! lol… So I can fix any oopsies!


Kim said:

The photos of my daughter in the clothes that I have sewn for her along with photos of myself as a young girl wearing clothes that my grandmother lovingly created.

Gina snyder

Gina snyder said:

I couldn’t live without my steam iron!

Jan B

Jan B said:

My Bernina

Amber Levinson

Amber Levinson said:

My scissors!!

Gina S.

Gina S. said:

Sewing machine!

Chris Victorsen

Chris Victorsen said:

My sewing machine!

Betty F

Betty F said:

I couldn’t live without my sewing machine!!!

Elizabeth B.

Elizabeth B. said:

I couldn’t live without my grandmother’s thimble. I use it all the time when quilting.

April Samol

April Samol said:

I could not live without my needles! Not only can you sew with them, you can do embroidery, crafts, cross stitching, needle point, and a whole lot of other things. (Including getting out splinters!)

April Samol

April Samol said:

I could not live without my needles. They can come in handy while sewing. And I can use them for cross stitching, embroidery, needle point and crafts of all sorts. They are also good at helping to get splinters out!! ;-0


poppyspatch said:

Sewing is second nature to me and I just love a bright and happy looking pincushion, and this one is super and sweet. Love all the ones that are pictured. :)


Maaike said:

Decent lighting! Without it I’m completely uninspired. :)

Heather W.

Heather W. said:

I don’t have a sewing room but I don’t know that I could live without any of my sewing items…

Tabitha Keener

Tabitha Keener said:

It would probably be my sewing machine because I couldn’t get as much done without it. Thanks for the giveaway, I love these pincushions!

Tonia Jeffery

Tonia Jeffery said:

I can’t live without my ironing board. I’m thinking it needs another makeover soon.

drue hartwell

drue hartwell said:

I have to win this for my friend, Lynn. She would die to have this. So cute. Would make her day, week, month.

Jeanine maniord

Jeanine maniord said:

I couldn’t live without my pins,needles,safety pins, sissors well everything in my sewing room, as I tell my husband I Need everything plus anything new.

Josi Stevens

Josi Stevens said:

Hmmm. So many things. If I need to pick one it would be my large self healing cutting mat.

Loretta Heard

Loretta Heard said:

My Bernina sewing machine and Rowenta steam iron! Thanks!

jo wyrosdick

jo wyrosdick said:

my small scissors!


angela said:

Tiny scissors! For those loose threads.


lily said:

So pretty, beautiful ….

Melissa Johnson

Melissa Johnson said:

My reading glasses! :-)

Teresa Dyatt

Teresa Dyatt said:

My pfaff sewing machine. Love the pincushions

Teresa Dyatt

Teresa Dyatt said:

My Pfaff sewing machine. Love the pincushions



I love pin cushions, have several but the thing I would miss the most is a small tray for all my markers, and bobkins.


Sarah said:

My sewing machine! And fabric. And probably the sewing chair. :) And that cute pin cushion! Thanks for the giveaway!

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