Last year at Quilt Con, Ericka and I picked up matching pin cushions that we could not imagine living without! We bought ours from the very talented Leslie of Stitch Lab in Austin, TX.  Little accents can make all the difference in the feel of your sewing room! Since it is something that is absolutely necessary, why not make it adorable? 
 So for this week's Trinket Thursday we searched for the cutest pin cushion we could find! And here it is...

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Because, sadly, only one winner can be chosen we decided to upload some more ideas for all of you. Click your favorite and it will guide you to it's site for purchase! But remember to wait until the winner is announced before you rush to buy one, who knows it could be you! Unless of course you are in love with more than one (like us) then be our guest...
And here are ours... mine is the first, I fell in love with that little squirrel.  Ericka's is the second, she adored the sweet little fawn. 


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June 05, 2014 by Jessica Herning