Our final stop on the Piper Blog Tour is Mrs. Jessica Fediw of happy together! We are sad that this collaborative time is coming to an end but we will have more coming soon! You know the saying, go out with a bang? Well, Bang! Jessica's post features our Piper pattern as a sleeveless top! Yep, you heard us right sleeveless! Jessica is our Cajun blogger and says sleeveless is the only way to go during a Louisiana summer. Well we are happy she did because we know you guys will love the result! We love wrapping our tour with something completely different! Thank you so much for your participation Jessica! We love what you created and your photographs are amazing. Your girls are darling! Check out Jessica's full post on her Piper experience by clicking here

If you haven't already check out happy together. Jessica has a lot of fun with her posts and gives really great tips! You can also find her on Facebook and Pinterest! We love her Pinterest! 

Happy Tuesday guys!

Xoxo, Ericka and Jessica 

June 10, 2014 by Jessica Herning