Guess who is back? After the Whitney Trousers' initial release we noticed a large crowd of followers hoping for their return. Well, we heard you guys! The Whitney Trousers are back and now more amazing than ever.


Most importantly, we took a second look at each piece and found an even more tailored fit for all sizes. We are quite sure we don't have to reassure you how great that is! We also, implemented new construction techniques to ensure falttering pleats every time. We had the idea to also turn the design into an adorable pleated skirt as well. So, when your purchase the Violette Field Threads Whitney pattern, you will receive the patterns for both a Whitney skirt and trousers. And just wait....



Drum roll please...we made a tutorial video! We know that creating pleats in any design is no small feat. So our tutorial will show you how to build the Whitney trousers in an easy 1,2,3, step by step video. For those of you who were unsure if you could create it on your own, fear not. We are literally there with you this time! Just click here to watch Ericka and I show you how to build your perfect pair of Whitney Trousers. We also included fun, much needed tips such as how to mirror your fabric, iron your perfect pleat, and how to tailor your creation like the pros! We saw the love for this creation so we wanted to assure that each of you love your pair just as much as we have loved ours! So once again watch the video here or check us out on Facebook for more details!


The Whitney Trousers and Skirt are now available on our website in sizes 0-16. 

Happy Sewing!!

Ericka & Jessica


July 02, 2014 by Ericka Wright