Violette Field Threads 2014 Fall Collection is almost ready for release! So to celebrate, lets have a presale giveaway! This year's fall collection includes 5 pieces and we are excited to give you the opportunity for some presale steals before they are live on the site! We have 3 new patterns: the Myra, Jane, and Alba. We are adding our previously released Adele and Phoebe patterns because they truly complete this new adorable collection. Check out the photos below from our latest shoot to see all our, full looks for this fall. 



August is the month of new releases and we have two, amazing options for you to grab them all at an awesome bundle price. The Fall Presale begins today and will continue through next Wednesday, August 6. So, now for the good stuff! We are giving you two presale purchasing options! You can:

1. Buy all 5 patterns for a presale price of $32.00 (valued at $44.75)


2. Buy the 3 new patterns for a presale price $22.00 (valued at $28.56)

 Our advice, buy them now! These patterns will never be valued at these prices again, even in future bundling on your own. Here is a run down of when you will actually be receiving your new patterns:

August 7: Myra, Phoebe, Adele release

August 19: Alba release

August 28: Jane release

 And a few more because we couldn't resist...




July 29, 2014 by Jessica Herning