So now that this huge giveaway is underway, the word is out, we are thrilled to brag a little on our amazing sponsors. We wanted to make sure to take the time to show each one of our fans how lucky we are to be collaborating with these amazing companies! And even more, why we love them so much and why you should as well. To kick off this series we are starting right at the top! The co-sponsor behind this giveaway, the Mecca of machines, BERNINA.
BERNINA has been ruling the sewing and embroidery field since the 19th Century. We know, those are deep roots I would say! BERNINA is an independent, family-owned business that specializes in the production and distribution of all things in the areas of embroidery, quilting, and sewing of home textiles and handcrafts. Though like many family owned businesses their origin may be considered humble, BERNINA has quickly climbed to the number one seat and has not budged yet. BERNINA International AG is a group of companies that are operational in about 80 countries. BERNINA's goal is to inspire customers and provide them with the best possible products to realize their creative ideas. Keep up with all BERNINA accomplishments and ventures by following their fabulous blog and social media accounts. They are each unique and slammed with creativity. We love their Pinterest and Instagram
So, in the case of our "Win Your Dream Sewing Room" giveaway, we had no questions what sewing machine and systems we dream about. Now hold your breath, here is what BERNINA has so graciously given towards the "dream sewing room" up for grabs...


*Built-in needle threader
*Personalize with “skins” designs
*Needle stop up/down
*Simple direct-stitch selection
MSRP: $1,199.00


*Adjustable thread tension
*Professional knife drive from above
*Differential feed
*Rolled-hem lever
*Lay-in threading system
MSRP: $1,099.00
And of course there is more. Here are a few other products we are drooling over. Click the image to visit BERNINA's site and see all the other goodies..
The beautiful thing about a family-owned business is there is so much history and so many milestones that deserve to be recognized. So we could not resist, to take you guys back to school. Here is a list of just a few BERNINA moments that deserve to be read:
  • In 1893, Karl Friedrich Gegauf invents the hemstitch sewing machine. It was the world's first machine of this type, and also caused a major sensation abroad. The mechanical production of hemstitching was subsequently known simply as "gegaufing".
  • By 1900, 70 to 80 people were employed in the workshop

  • In 1932 the household sewing machine with the BERNINA brand name leaves the factory in Steckborn.

  • The first portable zigzag sewing machine appears in 1945 and by 1963, BERNINA had produced one million zigzag sewing machines.

  • In 1954, the company markets the first machine with a patented clip-on presser foot and a semi-automatic buttonhole sewing function.

  • A sewing machine with electric foot control - the BERNINA 830 - follows in 1971. This machine establishes itself as a top model in the 70s, remains the best seller for eleven years and enjoys legendary status today.

  • In the mid-80s, BERNINA produced the1130, the first computerized sewing machine with fully automatic one-step buttonholing and stitch pattern memory.

  • 2002: The world's first sewing computer with a Microsoft Windows operating system enters the market. Other features include CD-ROM drive, LCD display and memory functions for stitch combinations and embroidery designs.

  • CutWork was awarded the Swiss Technology Award in 2009 (with the CutWork Tool and CutWork software, BERNINA customers can design shapes onscreen for the first time and then cut them out with the sewing machine).

As you can see BERNINA, often acknowledged as a "company of firsts" very much deserves such praise. We have one final gushing point! We believe this really sums up the vision and passion behind the BERNINA brand. Have you wondered why the name BERNINA yet? The company is named after the Piz Bernina. This is the only peak above 13,000 ft in the eastern Alps.This symbolizes reaching the highest possible goals. And BERNINA will do just that by continuing to deliver high performance in sewing machine technology. 
A BIG thank you to the BERNINA family for your amazing contribution. You made our fun concept become a reality and we are so grateful! Go check out all BERNINA's amazing accounts and don't forget to stay tuned here and our Facebook to keep up with giveaway news and announcements.
Are you a BERNINA fan? Share some love below! Tell us the product you have, love and recommend or the one you have been wishing for! Show BERNINA how much we love their products by leaving some testaments below!



July 31, 2014 by Ericka Wright