Clover manufactures our favorite line of sewing notions and goodies! We knew exactly where to look when thinking of all those necessary sewing room essentials for our giveaway. Clover was founded in 1925 by Mr. Toshio Okada at the ripe age of 26. What's in a name? The story behind the naming of the developed Clover brand is one that truly highlights the passion and love at it's original core. When Mr. Okada was a young, college student he would study in the park and use clovers to bookmark his pages. When the company was founded he remembered the hard work and dedication it took to succeed in his studies and the many clovers between the pages of his books. He knew naming his company after this memory would forever remind him the dedication and passion it takes to succeed. Pretty cool, right? Check out their site for full details and also follow the social links below to get stay in touch with one of the industry's leaders! 
Clover has anything and everything today's sewist or quilter would need to formulate the perfect product. They sell everything from the perfect sewing notions to patchwork quilting tools. Check out their site to see all their awesome products.  For our giveaway Clover sent us a amazingly fun box of goodies valued at $100.00 that will fill the dream sewing space and make you look like a pro. Here is a sampling of the amazing products that are up for grabs...
We love the Nancy Zieman line of products!  You will be amazed by Fuse 'n Gather, it makes gathering a fun part of any project.
Plus other sewing room essentials that are perfect for garment sewists and quilters alike!
Have you ever wondered how some of these cool notions work? Well then Clover Tool School is perfect for you!! The  new educational resource “Tool School” which launches August 1st. On a bi-weekly basis Clover will publish an edition of Tool School that focuses on one Clover product. Tool school will describe in detail what the product is, how to use it with video demonstrations as well as highlighting features. The main objective is education, we encourage questions, comments, and suggestions from all our Clover Fans. Tool School information will be sent out in a newsletter format, entrants can sign up by texting CLOVERUSA to “22828”  How cool is that?!
Thank you so much to the Clover family for your amazing sponsorship! We are huge fans and are so glad we get to share some Clover love with our fans. Don't forget to follow Clover on your social media of choice to stay in touch with all the newest and coolest in the world of notions. 
Do you love notions? Which ones can you not live without?  Let us know below!!
August 05, 2014 by Jessica Herning



Shelley said:

I couldn’t so without my little metal disc thimble when thumb quilting! I love NOTIONS and love collecting them. :)


Melissa said:

Love love love!!! The fuse and gather product looks amazing!! I do so much gathering that I am sure if I got the chance to try it, I couldn’t live without it!


fenna said:

love notions—my ruler for hemming was broken—would love a hemming gauge. :)

Loretta Heard

Loretta Heard said:

Looks like some really cool items!

Your namePatricia MIshler

Your namePatricia MIshler said:

My Seam Ripper!

Amy Toth

Amy Toth said:

Unfortunately, I can’t live without my seam ripper!!


Jen said:

My seam ripper!


Shella said:

Sadly, I get the most use out of my seam ripper.

Carol Ausborn

Carol Ausborn said:

My seam ripper but I love my tiny scissors for appliqué. I’m a sewings notions addict!

Kathy Erickson

Kathy Erickson said:

I love my Clover mini iron for applique!

Marilyn S

Marilyn S said:

my seam ripper and the wonder clips. Thanks!!


Michelle said:

I love my Clover refillable chalk :)

Elaine S

Elaine S said:

Seems like I use my seam ripper every time I sew. The wonder clips really come in handy for many things. I want to get one of those little irons soon.

Pam S

Pam S said:

Wonder Clips are great for holding thick seams together when sewing bags – so much easier than pins!


Rina said:

So many that I use every day but my seam ripper is the most used and I can’t live without my Wonder Clips.

Bethany R

Bethany R said:

I’m a notions novice – but I need a better seam ripper. Signing up for the newsletter was so easy – I love how quick they made it! Looking forward to learning more.


Cecilia said:

I love Clover’s notions, especially their Wonder Clips.


Elaine said:

Looks like some handy tools.

Sarah M

Sarah M said:

My Clover seam ripper is a very dear friend.

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