Dear Stella is an unique fabric brand and hands down one of our favorites. As a brand they have truly mastered the art of taking those nostalgic and appreciated prints and putting their own eclectic, modern spin on it. This beautiful illustration resounds just that, isn't it beautiful? This is how the company describes their most notorious girl, Stella. It is too good to try to paraphrases and we think is perfect way to show you guys just exactly why we love this fabric genius so much! 
"STELLA is an inspiring, independent spirit. She is creative, adventurous, and hopelessly romantic. She loves beautiful paper and a perfectly wrapped gift, and always sends handwritten thank you notes. Cookbooks sit pretty on her shelves for more than just cooking, and she always plates her dinner, even if it’s just for one. You may find her spending lazy days savoring coffee while poring over her favorite magazines and blogs, dreaming about the ultimate craft room. She has a strong work ethic, and feels so much pride in making things herself. She loves flip flops and painted toes, furry friends of all shapes and sizes, making a to-do list with her favorite pen, the smell of freshly cut flowers, and the sound of a crackling fire (especially when melting s’mores). She believes brunch makes Sunday the best day of the week, and is never too full for dessert. "
For our "Win Your Dream Sewing Room" presented by Violette Field Threads and BERNINA, Dear Stella gave us one of their most popular and newest collections. This Flirt Collection features timeless polka dots and florals in romantic hues. It is truly divine, we know you guys will love it. Here is a sneak peek of their amazing Flirt collection they will be giving. Follow the links below and visit their site to learn more about this amazing brand and to get in on all the fun. They have a super fun blog where they post really fun behind the scenes pictures and fun projects that look so easy and have beautiful results!
The Flirt Collection presented by Dear Stella Fabrics
Here are a few more of our Dear Stella faves of the moment! Let us know which is your favorite and how much you love Dear Stella as well! Click the image for more information on each of these collections. Don't forget to go find Dear Stella using the links above and definitely go check out
and just a little more beauty...
Do you love this fabric as much as we do? What will sew up if you win?  Let us know below!
August 06, 2014 by Ericka Wright



Bernadette said:

I love Mercer. Every single print in that line, I’d love to use. How cute would a coordinating skirt for mom and a dress for daughter be?


Melissa said:

I LOVE the Ashe collection! That birdcage is just lovely!! I would make some wonderful VFT Scarlett skirts for sure with this beautiful Flirt fabric! Pretty polka dot petti skirt and fabulous floral toppers!

Shelly Miller

Shelly Miller said:

Beautiful. I’d love to see a Piper or Harlow made with these!!!


Ramona said:

I am in love with Flirt and want to make a quilt and curtains for my bedroom with it!


Rina said:

Love all the Dear Stella fabrics but I think Nutmeg is the cutest and perfect for Autumn.


Marran said:

Love flirt!! I would love to make the VFT Whitney skirt with it. So pretty and perfect for brunch.


Linda said:

Hi,love Flirt! I think I’d make a new bed quilt! Thanks for sharing a pretty giveaway!


Gina said:

Wow! These fabrics put me in a very peaceful place! Thank you! Very beautiful.

Christine Sherman

Christine Sherman said:

I love Flirt, it would make a beautiful quilt!


Beth said:

I love seaworthy! I think the mermaids are so fun.


Enedina said:

I love Flirt it would make a lovely quilt.


Audrey said:

Woodwinked. All the way! And we’d make everything with it. Although the Flirt collection is a close second!

Kim M

Kim M said:

Lovely fabrics! Great colors and I have a soft spot for polka dots. I also like Mika and Oh Happy Day!


Bethany said:

I would make a quilt if I won these beautiful fabrics. I love flirt!

Barbara Reifsnider

Barbara Reifsnider said:

I would definitely make a quilt if I won. I think the Flirt line of fabrics is stunning.

sandra klint

sandra klint said:

The Flirt Collection is my favorite. It is so romantic. I will sewing fall outfits for my granddaughters not to mention myself.


Jolien said:

Lovely fabrics, I’d love to make me a skirt with those. :)

Bethany R

Bethany R said:

Beautiful colors and fabrics! I’d love to make my daughter a dress with the Flirt line, and a few things for myself. I also really like the floral grey from the Mercer line for myself.


Chris said:

I like Flirt. I’d redo my bedroom, anything and everything.


Jenny said:

I LOVE Lola – totally my colours! I made a quilt for our bed that looks amazing. Would love to do one in Flirt for a gift for someone special.


Natalie said:

Dear Stella is one of my favorite fabric lines. I love the Nutmeg line, and would use any of these fabrics in an amazing quilt.

Amy Toth

Amy Toth said:

I would love to make one of those wonderful new patterns with the Flirt collection

Billie Kretzschmar

Billie Kretzschmar said:

Probably a lap quilt.


Shruti said:

I will make myself a quilt from it! I love the Flirt collection!!!


Pam said:

The Flirt collection is gorgeous! I’d use it in a romantic floral quilt. I also love the Wee Gallery Wild collection for baby quilts. It was fun to read this post about “Stella” !

Heather Myers

Heather Myers said:

I love polka dots,and am remaking my casual wardrobe. Flirt pink polka dots – the 2 darker pink – with coordinating rosebud top and skirt for mix and match.Also a summer robe in rosebud with pink polka dot accents!


Loretta said:

Something girlie for my granddaughter. :))


Sue said:

I love most of the Dear Stella collections. I made gorgeous quilts and pillows from Piper and Clementine. Spring Street is top of my wish list – planning a quilt for my Mother with that collection. With Flirt I would make a quilt and pillows for a little girl who just loves pink!!

Peggy Hendrick

Peggy Hendrick said:

I LOVE “Flirt”…I really need a new bag and would probably start with that then make sure I save every last scrap to use in misc projects…sometimes a fabric just “speaks” to you in a certain way!


Denise/Folsom said:

Love these fabrics !!!


Jennifer said:

Absolutely beautiful fabric! Would make for a great quilt and contrasting pillow cases!


Sarah said:

Love flirt – would make a few dresses/tunics for my little gal with these :)


Lily said:

Beautiful fabric! I love Dear Stella fabric, unfortunately my fav LQS hardly has any. I would love to make some cute dresses for my niece since I have only boys. Also some pillow cases to add some cute girly fun!!


Elaine said:

Love the pinks!


Lisa said:

Flirt = new obsession! Must have now!

Sarah M

Sarah M said:

The Flirt and Ashe collections could make a beautiful quilt together. Here’s lookin’ at you, Dear Stella!

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