Aurifil began in 1983 producing high quality threads and accessories for Italian fashion clothing and the high end bed linen industries. So when Alex Veronelli, the head behind the Aurifil name, took over his family's company he had the vision and the drive to take Aurifil international.
After spending 10 years fully focused on threads for the clothing industry, in 2000 Aurifil took the Quilt & Patchwork World by storm. Then shortly after Aurifil crosses water and Aurifil USA was established in Illinois.
We have the privilege of being Aurifil Experts! We sew exclusively with Aurifil Thread and here are just a few reasons why:
  • Aurifil 100% Cotton Thread runs smoothly in our machines.  With less lint and breakage, our machines stay cleaner and require less servicing.
  • Aurifil Thread has the most beautiful sheen!  Top-stitching is a must with Aurifil.  The beautiful sheen of the thread creates professional and beautiful finishing on every garment.  Decorative stitches are especially fabulous when using Aurifil Threads.
  • Colors!  Aurifil has every color under the sun and they are rich bold saturated colors.
We have had the pleasure of meeting Aurifil's frontman, Alex, at several Markets. Not only is a marketing guru but he is also by far one of the most loved faces in the quilting and sewing community. This post would not have been complete without a little shout out to Alex. He is such a great guy and the heart and soul behind the Aurifil name. Just look at this and you will understand what we mean when we say he is a favorite of our world. There are several of those floating around and we just love them! Also check out Aurifil's blog and social media accounts below!
For our "Win Your Dream Sewing Room" presented by Violette Field Threads and BERNINA giveaway, Aurifil gave us an amazing collection of thread valued at $130.00. Here is a sneak peek of this amazing product. Also visit Aurifil's site to see all their amazing product and stock up today.
Do you love Aurifil as much as we do? Let us know below!!
August 08, 2014 by Ericka Wright



Andrea said:

Great giveaway! I would love to win this. Thank you

Amy Toth

Amy Toth said:

I have sewn with Aurifil threads and really love them. Colors are beautiful!


Loretta said:

Would love to win! On a recent trip to Italy, purchased some beautiful Italian fabric. Would love to have this thread to create something special!


Melissa said:

I have been able to see with Aurifil thread on a few occasions and it sews like a dream! Would love to win this amazing set!


Marran said:

Love the colors. I think I just figured out what I want from my hubby for our anniversary this year.

Christine Sherman

Christine Sherman said:

I have only used it once, the 50 wt is awesome. As soon as I have my other stuff used up, I’m switching to Aurifil :)

Elaine Myers

Elaine Myers said:

This has my name on it!! I’ve had the pleasure of using this thread one time and it’s a dream!


Sylvia said:

I used Aurifil once on a project where I kept having thread break and mangle. The rest of the project was smooth sailing. And I have never used anything else since! Love the eat your fruit and veggies set!

Beth McCallum

Beth McCallum said:

I love Aurifil thread! You know that horrible little monster that hides under your machine plate? The little devil that causes your bobbin to make a mess of your project at the least convenient time possible? That little lint monster who slowly builds up when your least expecting him? With Aurifil he’s not so much of a problem anymore, he doesn’t always get his nasty way and you get plenty of time to remember to kick him out of his home hiding under your plate!!


Crystal said:

I haven’t used Aurifil yet but reading all these great things about them has me adding them to my list of what to buy next time I’m fabric shopping. Which we all know, will be sooner than later. :)

Kathy Gates

Kathy Gates said:

I love love love my Aurifil Thread!! This would be an awesome win! So many beautiful colors! Thanks for the chance to win this super great thread!

Kathy E.

Kathy E. said:

I haven’t used Aurifil yet, but have heard about it so much and I’m very excited to try it! I would loooove to win this contest!

Nancy H

Nancy H said:

Wow! Look at those colors! Of course I would love to win this! Have only a few spools of Aurafil and certainly need more!!!


Tai said:

I have never used Aurifil thread but have heard wonderful things about it! And those colors are amazing!


Cecilia said:

I love using Aurifil. Their thread is wonderful. Thanks for the giveaway.


Brittny said:

My favorite thread!


Elaine said:

Aurifil threads are great to sew with. Thanks for the giveaway.


Lisa said:

Have never tried but would love to!

Sarah M

Sarah M said:

I haven’t tried Aurifil, but would love to.

Rosalie Gessey

Rosalie Gessey said:

I have made a beautiful quilt hand pieced and desperately need Aurifil thread to complete. it.

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