Everyone knows the name Michael Miller. They are undoubtedly one of the most popular fabric names in the game. When you have a new project it is one of those brands that you know without even a moment's doubt you can go straight for Michael Miller and the product will be there. They are kind of mind readers or miracle workers whichever you like. And the story of the evolution of the powerhouse that is now Michael Miller will make you appreciate what you see even more.
Michael Miller was formed in 1999 by Michael Steiner and Kathy Miller. Each partner had a mutual respect for each other's talent and decided to pack up, move to NYC, and start their own fabric line. And it was every bit that beautiful, New York struggle you always hear about! Working out of Michael's apartment, Kathy spent countless hours designing in the kitchen while Michael did all the business in the dining room. Amazing, right? Now they are most one of the noted names in the industry and have a staff of 20. To learn more about Michael Miller and see all their amazing work check out their website and also find MM here..
We were so excited to have Michael Miller join the lineup for the "Win Your Dream Sewing Room" presented by Violette Field Threads and BERNINA giveaway. They are adding yet another amazing collection to our dream space. Michael Miller gave us their Brambleberry Ridge collection designed by Violet Craft.  Here is a sneak peek of the beautiful collection that could be yours..
Much VFT love being sent all the way to New York for our friends at Michael Miller Fabrics! Thank you for your beautiful contribution. Don't forget to check out their site to see all the beauty they create daily. And to really stay and touch with all the fun giveaways and new arrivals click the social icons above! Thank you MM!
Is Michael Miller fabric one of your favorite go to fabric lines?
August 12, 2014 by Ericka Wright



Melissa said:

I LOVE Michael Miller fabrics!!! Just like you all at VFT, MM is always a go to!

martha wilkie

martha wilkie said:

Michael Miller is actually my favorite fabric line. I fell in love when I seen his flower fairies line came out. From there I discovered all of the other fairies and found fairy frost. Oh my goodness, the list goes on!

Laurie T

Laurie T said:

I haven’t heard of this fabric until now … this is absolutely beautiful!

Judi Duncan

Judi Duncan said:

MM has always been in the top two of my favorite designers – he has whimsy and maturity at the same time!


Nikki said:

MM is always one of my go to fabrics. I just wished my local craft store carried more of it.

Amy Toth

Amy Toth said:

That is a beautiful fabric line. WOuld love to create something special with it!

Amy Toth

Amy Toth said:

That is a beautiful fabric line. WOuld love to create something special with it!

Janet T

Janet T said:

When I find a fabric I like, it usually is Michael Miller Fabric. It seems to be the first fabric I am attracted to.


Sarah said:

Gorgeous. I use MM Feathers as backing to my recent MM MQG challenge quilt and love it. So does everyone else who has seen and touch it! It’s amazing fabric. I can’t have enough of ‘em in my stash. I would love this new collection to make a quilt for a friend’s special 3-year-old girl. Now, I’ll just dream on…


Karolin said:

I love Michael Miller fabric. I use it in almost all of my sewing. It definitely is my go to fabrics.


Holly said:

I just received baby bibs as a gift and was so inspired that I went shopping and dusted off my sewing machine. I had never heard of MM but spent the last two nights browsing fabric while nursing my newborn. I’m in love!! :)

Vicki M

Vicki M said:

I’m new to quilting, and already love the Michael Miller lines. They’re fun, creative, and fresh.


Barb said:

I was looking all over the internet at all the different fabric distributers and when I came across your site I knew I had found what I was looking for. Soft, delightful, fresh I just love this line and will be looking for it on line in someone’s quilt shop. Thank you for making such a beautiful line.


Elaine said:

Michael Miller has some of the most beautiful fabric lines, love them!


Cecilia said:

I love Michael Miller fabric! It’s always so bright and cheerful.


Loretta said:



Liela said:

Love this fabric line.


Judit said:

My first fabric was from Michael Miller :) absolutely my favorite ever since!


Peg said:

Michael Miller fabric is high on my list of favorites.

Sandra Klint

Sandra Klint said:

I love Michael Miller fabric. So fresh and beautiful.

Linda Middlemist

Linda Middlemist said:

I really like the Michael Miller fabrics. The colors are amazing. thanks for the chance to win


Jaye said:

Michael Miller Ta Dots are my go to dots! The size is great, the colors are varied and bright. MM has a really great sense of what goes with other fabrics on the market and then designs basics (or at least dots!) to work with them. Here is just one of my uses of MM Ta Dots: http://www.artquiltmaker.com/blog/2011/07/foty-2010-again/

I love MM fabrics.

My sewing machine just died so winning a dream studio including a new machine would be the best. Thanks.

Charlotte wyeth

Charlotte wyeth said:

Heavenly! Yes please!


Kathie said:

I fell in love with a line of MM fabric when I first thought about quilting years ago, bought a couple yards of a few patterns from the line. It only took me 3 years to finally sign up for a beginner quilt class. I finally used my beautiful fabric! Now if only I can get the binding on it finished!!!


Lisa said:

9 times out of 10 when I pick out a fabric I love it ends up being Michael Miller. They are perfection!

Angela Brady

Angela Brady said:

Michael Miller fabrics are the best.

Sarah M

Sarah M said:

Painter’s canvas and Ta Dot are stash staples for me. And so happy that Violet Craft’s bird silhouette print makes a return appearance in this new collection.


Kathi said:

So pretty! My daughter would love something made from this fabric.


Kathi said:

So pretty! My daughter would love something made from this fabric.

Ann Flower

Ann Flower said:

What a great line of fabrics. Have used lots of MM fabrics and they are wonderful.

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