Well, today is the day! The Ginger Cover Girl contest has come to a close and WOW! WOW! WOW! we were absolutely blown away by the submissions we received.  Once again, these submissions have proven just how talented and stylish you ladies are! The entries more than exceeded our expectations and we have been agonizing all morning over the nearly impossible task of choosing just one to be our new Ginger cover.

Are you ready to see who stole our hearts? We have chosen a winner!!!!!  Ali Foster's precious little Ellie is the new Violette Field Threads Ginger Cover Girl!!!  We simply adore this new cover.  The fabric choice is fresh while still pulling in vintage elements that are perfectly suited for Ginger's design.  The Charlotte Pantaloons & Retro headband really complete the look. The location and props were also spot on, as they really add to the photo without drawing undo attention away from the clothes. Can you resist the sweet little smirk she's pulling, too? We can't! We know that customers won't be able to resist picking this pattern up of the shelf.

Ginger Cover Girl Contest Winner

We are also extremely excited about our 2nd and 3rd place photos!  With the amount of gorgeous photos that we received, these were not an easy choice either. 

First up is our 2nd place winner!  We simply adore this photo of Andrea Sandal's little beauty. Her combination of fabric textures is absolutely stunning. The wooden buttons and lace details add to the sweet rustic charm of this overall look. What a dreamy look, right up our alley.

2nd Place Ginger Cover Girl Contest  photo

3rd place is equally breathtaking. Holly Langford's two little girls are just darling in this vintage tractor shoot!  This really did make our hearts swoon! We love seeing both the Ginger Top and Dress together and the background could not be more amazing. Holly's fabric choices are classic and will never go out of style.

3rd Place Ginger Cover Contest Photo

We cannot emphasize enough how much talent we saw during this contest!  We want to thank each and every one of the ladies who submitted their photos for our contest.  We know what is involved.... agonizing over fabric choices, hours spent sewing, finding just the right photography location, coercing the little models (sometimes admittedly with treats), sifting through a mountain of shots, and finally choosing and editing the final picture.  We get it!  It's so much work, and we want to sincerely thank each and every one of you! {Be on the look out for a personal THANK YOU email from us....}  With so many gorgeous submissions, we know there will be some disappointment out there... Please, please, please know just how grateful and flattered we are that so many entered such beautiful work. We hope that everyone is happy with the Gingers they created and had fun creating cherished memories with their little ones! We imagine many of these gorgeous shots adoring walls across the country!!!

Here are some gorgeous photo collages that include at least one of the submissions from ALL of our talented entries. 


Can you believe how gorgeous all these photos are?!? We will also be uploading a photo album onto Facebook so you can be even more inspired to sew up your own Ginger!! In the meantime, please leave some love below for all of our gorgeous Ginger models.

Entrants can expect to receive an email from us on the Thursday regarding contest prizes!


Ericka & Jessica

May 05, 2015 by Jessica Herning