Yesterday we talked about overcoming your fear of sewing knits.  Today, we are giving you one more reason to conquer your fears!  It's time to take a deep breath and start sewing!  And what better way to tackle your fears then to buy an amazing pattern that is quick and easy and looks oh so cute!

Gretchen Pattern

The Gretchen Cardigan is the perfect pattern to get your feet wet!  If you've never sewn knits before, then this pattern is for you!  And if you are a knit pro, then you should pick this up too!

Gretchen with coordinating fabric

Gretchen is a super stylish cardigan that is a must have for fall and winter!  It features a triple ruffle bottom that is an adorable way to showcase coordinating fabrics!  All your girly girls out there are going to {love} all those ruffles!  

Gretchen Buttoned upGretchen unbuttoned

Keep Gretchen buttoned up, or leave it open for an easy breezy look!  It is the perfect cardigan for layering with an adorable tee.  

Gretchen with riding pants

Gretchen is super cute paired with pants or skirts, skinny jeans or leggings.  You can't go wrong with any option!

Gretchen without ruffles

If you have a super opinionated little lady like I have, she may nix the ruffles all together.  In that case, leave them off for an even quicker sew!

Gretchen cardigan without ruffles

I {adore} the look of the Gretchen sans ruffles!  If has a wonderful boyfriend cardigan vibe, and is perfect for those ladies that want a more casual look!

Gretchen with cuff

Gretchen comes in long sleeves with a wonderful knit cuff.  Super warm and really cute, this cardigan is a wardrobe staple that will grow with your lady!

Gretchen cardigan in chevron

The longer length is on trend this season, so even your bigger gals will be begging you for this pattern!

open Gretchen cardigan

And since my little one knows exactly what she likes, we decided to forgo the buttons this time!  She likes lots of layers but buttons are too time consuming for her!  A cardigan that slides on and off was the way to go!

Gretchen Cardigan $5 FridayGretchen $5 patternGretchen Cardigan in sweater knit

Gretchen is the perfect pattern to get your creative juices flowing!  There are so many variations you could make!  The sky is the limit!  Pick up your Gretchen Cardigan today for only $5!  Sale runs through Sunday, 10/4!  We'd love to see your Gretchen creations, so make sure you tag us in your photos and post in the Violette Field Threads FB Group!


October 02, 2015 by Emily Steiger