We are so much more than just patterns and tutorials.  

Violette Field Threads, the blog, was started as a way to connect and share with our friends, family, and VFT fans.  We have a passion for design and sewing, but are always trying new hobbies and interests.  

For the longest time, we'd say to each other, "We should blog about that!" or "Wouldn't THIS be a funny blog post?"... So, here we are.  

Expect posts regarding DIY projects, travel, cooking, running, and the general madness of raising 3 children aged 5-6 years old from Ericka.   Jessica will probably post about decorating, travel, photography, and baking, among other things. 

With most of what we do, we are self taught, which leads to both funny moments and unexpected triumphs.  

Since the start of our company in 2011, we've already made such great contacts and friends, that we are so looking forward to connecting with more of you like-minded, crafty (or craft-wannabes) and fashionable people.

Feel free to show some love and drop us a line....


Jessica & Ericka
Violette Field Threads

September 16, 2012 by Jessica Herning


Michelle Shouse

Michelle Shouse said:

I love the new layout!

Brandy Moore

Brandy Moore said:

Just when I thought my week couldnt get any better! Love your patterns(ive got almost all of them now:) Not enough hours in the day!

Tonya Funderburg

Tonya Funderburg said:

You ladies are so talented and beautiful! I love this blog and can’t wait for updates!


Luis said:

I love this! And I LOVE your designs / patterns! I can’t wait for the tutorials too!

Linda Vaal

Linda Vaal said:

you two beautiful friends of mine are so very talented I have had the privilege of somewhat watching your business grow from a distance and WOW you two are very talented!!! Love the blog can’t wait for more posts to read.

Jessica & Ericka

Jessica & Ericka said:

Thank you so much for all the sweet comments :)

Barbara Bauerle

Barbara Bauerle said:

My daughter wants me to make the dress Emmaline. Where do you buy your material? Is there somewhere on line I can buy it?

Sherry Loutchaninoff

Sherry Loutchaninoff said:

I would LOVE more than anything to win the sewist give away. Sewing is my escape.

Valeri Rhea

Valeri Rhea said:

Okay….is this the LOTTERY OF SEWING???? I have never won anything in my life & it would be so awesome to win ANY part of this amazing giveaway! I love the patterns you all publish & love your sense of style….a little dash of “yesteryear.” I’m making my Whitney pants now & their gonna be fierce! Thanks for all the both of you do to create a sense of “I can” to gals like me.

Sandy Wagner

Sandy Wagner said:

I love your patterns. Very true to size which is a big plus in my book.

drue hartwell

drue hartwell said:

You do know how totally unfair this is to all of those who will not win this package!!!!! These are amazing prizes. And now I’m going to have to spend the rest of the day just looking at all the new facebook pages and websites that you’ve linked to because they are all so fabulous. Who needs retail stores when there are all these great cottage industries out there making fun, creative and individual pieces of clothing. Argghhhh……what a world, what a world!!

Your name Leslie Raeside

Your name Leslie Raeside said:

Love the patterns and the sponsors for the give-away. Always nice to find great fabrics for your wonderful patterns!

Denise Hauer

Denise Hauer said:

Such an awesome blog!I love your style and ideas!

phyllis perkins

phyllis perkins said:

Thanks for the contest

Jamie Vaal

Jamie Vaal said:

You both inspire me to want to make beautiful clothes for Allison. I hope someday I will have a portion of the talent you both have, thank you for sharing all your ideas. I did register for the 5K giveaway and would be honored to receive any portion of your giveaway thank you for sharing your talents.
jennifer mitchell

jennifer mitchell said:

I want to win so bad. We took custody of our grand daughter so winning her some things would be amazing as money is so tight. I would love to win the clothes line kids giveway. I hope I wrote my entry on the blog correctly and in the correct place. TY so much for the giveways

Ana McPhee

Ana McPhee said:

Well all said and done… Who wouldn’t want this beautiful fabric????
I just wanted to thank you for helping me out with my project ..
I would like to tell you I may have made it to second grade with spelling:-)…no more pre-text …thank you for your response .. An I’d live to be entered!!!! XOXOXO
Ana Banana=]

Sue Gray

Sue Gray said:

Love your patterns & all the ideas !! What an awsome site you have !!


bestppd said:

violettefieldthreads.com is my favorite, bookmarked

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Susan said:

I love the Ginger dress and top. What fabric did you use ffor all four pieces.Dress Top, Pantaloons and ruffled capris? Just love the soft look the fabric has. Also where can I buy It.

Sally Ann Root

Sally Ann Root said:

Its so funny that you are doing this Tula Pink give away. I am just starting to make fiona in the aqua octo-garden….but I need more! I would love to have the red seahorses too!

Sheila Scott

Sheila Scott said:

How do you connect the bodice front to the bodice back? This step is skipped in your pattern directions. Please help.


Tamara said:

Love you blog and love your Riley Blake prints! I would love to make one of your little skirts and tshirt!

Ronda Halvorsen

Ronda Halvorsen said:

Love your site and especially the womens and girls maxi dress!

Ronda Halvorsen

Ronda Halvorsen said:

Love your site and especially the womens and girls maxi dress!

Yolanda Garcia

Yolanda Garcia said:

I have made two of your patterns. I absolutely love them. Get many compliments on these dresses. Hope I win the patterns!!! The instructions are easy to understand and follow.

Dianah Mathis

Dianah Mathis said:

I love love all your pattens….I love the new Lilly Belle. I have a 7 yrs. old grand, but she is big as a 9 yr. old and I am desperate for patterns for her. I have found some in 11/12…but what do you do with a little 7 yr. baby who needs age appropriate clothing, but she’s too big. She’s not fat, but tall but not skinny either. Help.

kim odell

kim odell said:

love your patterns. love the birch line especially Emily Isabella for Birch Organic Fabric – Yay Day – Wings of Love .

Ginger Shelton

Ginger Shelton said:

I adore the May Day Parade! Such a darling print that can be paired up with ANYTHING!! Would love to win the giveaway… such a big fan of yours!

Lisa Cowell

Lisa Cowell said:

My favorite Birch would be the Grove pattern.

Mary Ann L'Etoile

Mary Ann L'Etoile said:

Thank you for the invite to your blog. I’m excited to connect and see more of your patterns. Can’t wait to begin sewing a new pattern from your site :D


Momica said:

I would love to make Ginger with this line. I love that pattern and these fabrics are so cute.

tammy cooper

tammy cooper said:

I absolutely love the Gretchen pattern! I purchased this past weekend and was so excited I started on it right away! My 4 year old daughter wore it to pre-k today and received so may compliments! Super cute cardigan!!

Sue Gray

Sue Gray said:

Love your patterns & have made up several that are absolutely adorable ! ! Love your site & ideas !!

Crystal Thomas

Crystal Thomas said:

Winning this dream room would be an amazing opportunity for not only me but my children as well. It would be a great blessing!

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