Pinterest is an amazing place to find recipes.  However, I typically pin and do not cook.  So, this week I decided to cook a different pinterest recipe for dinner each night. Well, let me tell you that was a good idea!!  Wow!! There are some great recipes out there.  I thought I would share my favorite one of the week.

Gnocci with Sausage & Spinach - Real Simple

Photo courtesy of Real Simple


I have never had gnocci before and was a little confused by it... is it a pasta or a potato?  Well, I now know it is a little delicious potato dumpling.  The recipe was easy to follow and quick enough to make even on a school night! You simply cook up the sausage and onions, then add in:


                    •  fresh spinach
                    •  garlic
                    •  salt 
                    •  pepper



Once the gnocci is cooked, you add it in along with the parmesean cheese, toss and voila your done!! A delicious meal that is fast and will not break the bank.


But will the kids eat it??

Well, this is what they thought when they sat down at the table:


However, after they tasted it they had a new opinion! 

Head over to Real Simple and give this recipe a try! Let me know what you think below or tell me about an amazing pinterest recipes I need to try next!

October 08, 2012 by Ericka Wright



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