This week has FLOWN by! (Is it really Thursday already?) We've returned from the International Quilt Market/Festival in Houston, filled all of our wholesale orders, sorted our mountain of to-dos from being out of the office, and now (barely catching our breath), we're onto the fun part... announcing the Fall Paper Pattern Giveaway winner.  Because having 2 winners is more exciting than 1, we decided to have two winners randomly chosen!
Congratulations to Robyn Tonnet!   Here is her winning comment: "I love them all! Josephine , Whitney, Josephine, Whitney…………The Josephine!"
Congratulations also to Julie,! Here is her winning comment: "Loving the Juliette! My little loves to layer, she’d have a big time with a few of those in the mix! xoxoxo"
Congrats ladies!  We'll be emailing you today to get your mailing address. :)

In our previous blog post, we briefly shared our plans to make Ava & Rosalind into ready-made kits.  Here they are!  Ready-made, fun, and extremely giftable kits. All materials/instructions are included to recreate the headband on the cover.

Ava is available in 3 different colorways: Pink Ombre, Plum, and Red

 Rosalind is available in 2 different colorways: Pink/Red & Blue/Purple

These kits include the full color 8 page instruction booklet, pattern pieces, elastic headband, and wool felt.

They are perfect for a gifting to a crafty friend, or to a friend that wishes she were more crafty :)  These little kits are so easy to complete, and the booklet/pattern pieces can be used over and over to recreate tons of these flowers in any color scheme you wish.  Here is the link to find them in our shop:

If you'd like to gift these to a friend or multiple, we're happy to ship/wrap individually and include a personalized note. 

November 08, 2012 by Jessica Herning



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