Sometimes it may seem like things are a bit quiet over here...
Let us assure you, nearly always, it is anything but!
We've been so busy since the Quilt Market last month, we can barely catch our breath. We're just now blogging about it (tisk, tisk!) This market was so fun.  We were able to see again all of the lovely people we met at the Spring market, and make connections with new shops and new vendors.  The show room was buzzing with excited activity, gorgeous new products and lines, and amazing booths!!  
Getting there was NOT easy!  After tirelessly preparing our booth and samples, we loaded up a huge cargo van and hit the road for Houston, Texas!! Hours and hours of driving later... we finally made it.
There are always a few minor hiccups......someone may have forgotten the screws to put the table legs on... gulp!  But after a mad dash through Houston, hailing cabs and racing through home depot before it closed, everything came together quite nicely.  On a side note, I now realize that I might be a great candidate for The Amazing Race.
Here are a few shots of Violette Field Threads' booth:
We had to have a double-booth space this Fall to accommodate our growing paper pattern line.  It felt so open and spacious.
We recovered the ottoman we used at the Spring market with a more season appropriate fabric for Fall.  This season we used the wonderful new Field Study line from Anna Maria Horner.
Our darling Juliette mannequins:
One of the most fun things to do at market is to take in all of the amazing eye candy of all of the new products and lines, so creatively and beautifully featured in booths!!  These are a few of my favorites:
Amy Butler had an amazing display of her Alchemy line. Seriously! Look at all of those gorgeous prints!
Tula Pink's new line: Saltwater
   She never fails to impress.  It may be difficult to see, but the fabric on the couch is comprised of blue octopuses! It's to die for! 
Bari J had this amazing bedroom display, I would love to have those linens!!  That coverlet has got to be one of the most beautiful I've ever seen.  My guest room is aching for it :)
Of course that's not everyone we saw, really only the tiniest fraction.  Next time we'll carry our camera around every time we leave the booth.  We know you gals love the eye candy these markets bring just as much as we do.  
We had a wonderful market and hope to continue to be a part of the International Quilting and Sewing community!
December 14, 2012 by Ericka Wright