Molly Hood Free PDF Pattern

Yesterday we were so excited to share with you the first post in our newest blog series featuring a few weeks of "how-to's" and freebies! The Inseam Pockets Pattern is a must have for any pattern! Today, we are back and we know you are going to love this freebie!

Molly hood pdf pattern

Molly Hood Pdf Pattern

Molly is one of our favorite patterns. With the recently added sleeve lengths and coat length, and yesterday's pockets, this patterns is even more versatile than before.

Molly with hood

Molly with hood and ears

Molly Hood pdf pattern with ears

Molly with hood pdf

Today we bring you another addition to Molly that will take this pattern from cute to {AMAZING}! We are pleased to bring you the Molly Hood Add on (<--- click)! This super adorable addition is not only functional but will make Molly your go to coat pattern, for everyday jackets, dressy version, and even raincoats!

Molly Hood pdf

Molly Hood pdf pattern

Molly with hood

The Molly hood has been requested by so many, we knew it was time to make it happen.  This hood pattern is the perfect versatile hood.  With a full lining and front panel, the hood offers warmth and fantastic coverage.  

Molly with hood

Molly and hood pdf patterns

With step-by-step instructions and color photos, this add on is a quick and easy addition!

Molly with hood and ears

Molly Hood pattern

It is extremely comfortable and can be made in a huge range of fabrics, from cottons to fleece, to wool, the sky is the limit.

Molly Hood with cat ears pattern

Molly Hood pdf pattern with ears

Molly Hood with cat ears

Not only are we giving you the hood, we are adding in an adorable fun animal ear addition!  With 3 different animal ear options, there is something your little one will adore!  The cat ears are so lovely.  We love the look of these ears, sweet but stylish ears that are subtle and look great for girls of all ages.  The perfect pair of ears for girls who want a bit of whimsy.

Molly Hood with Bear ears

Molly Hood pdf pattern

Molly with hood and ears

If you're looking for something on the wild side, then the bear ears are just what you need!  These adorable ears, while a bit larger than the cat ears, are a perfect choice for showing off your sassy side!

Molly hood with bunny ears

molly hood pdf pattern with bunny ears

Molly Hood with bunny ears pdf pattern

Molly hood with bunny ears pdf pattern

The last set of ears is oh so sweet!  The bunny ears are flippy and floppy and so much fun!  Make in super warm fleece, and this jacket will keep your little one cozy warm.  Warning, these ears may induce hopping!  Lots and lots of hopping!

Molly with Hood

If animals ears aren't your thing, then leave the ears off for a simple and sophisticated look. 

Molly with hood pattern

Molly with hood and ears patterns

Molly with Bunny ears and hood

We amazing versatility, this pattern will give your net Molly Jacket the pizzazz it needs to turn heads!

Molly Hood pdf

Molly hood pdf

Molly Hood Pdf pattern

Add your copy of the Molly Hood Add-on to your Violette Field Threads pattern library!  And don't forget to show off your creations in our FB Group and tag us on Instagram!



December 12, 2015 by Emily Steiger