With each season certain trends come and go, but some trends are so adorable that they seem to stick around.  Chevron is one of these trends. The design world has gone mad for it and so have we!!  In the world of chevrons we think that Riley Blake Designs reigns supreme! 

 Riley Blake Designs has been producing chevron in a wide variety of eye catching colors. The quality of the fabric they use is noticeably soft with saturated colors that do not fade or disappoint.

photo courtesy of Pinterest

With so many beautiful colors, Riley Blake Chevron is perfect for so many projects!  We have seen beautiful clothing and quilts created as well as fun accessories and home decorating projects!  


photo courtesy of Flickr

Riley Blake Designs offers Chevron in a huge variety.  They have cotton chevron in small, medium and large prints.  In addition to the bold colors with white, they offer tonal chevrons.  If that was not enough they also have it available as a laminate, how cute would it be as a rain coat!!!

One of our all time loved patterns and photos was created using Riley Blake Designs medium Chevron in hot pink.  Emmaline is truly a stunner in this fabulous print!!

Emmaline Pattern Available at Violette Field Threads

What project would you do first with Riley Blake Designs Chevron?  We would like to help get someone started!  We are giving away 5 yards of Riley Blake Designs Chevron, courtesy of Violette Field Threads!! The winner will choose the style and color :) Enter below to win:


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March 08, 2013 by Ericka Wright


Sara W.

Sara W. said:

I would make my neice a maxi skirt and use some of the fabric for pocket squares for my upcoming wedding!


Jacqueline said:

Omg love all things riley blake! I have been wanting to make the emmaline for forever my daughter is almost big enough to finally fit in it!


Alaina said:

I made a cute dress out of the turquoise chevron…need to post a photo.

Claire Lewis

Claire Lewis said:

I would love to make my girl a cute quilt for her bed, love chevron!


Aimee said:

I’m thinking pillows for my couch! love the color variety!

erin christine noie

erin christine noie said:

beautiful.. a quilt.. a dress.. a bunting banner.. who knows?!! so pretty!!


Melissa said:

Really want to make the Emmaline!! Just waiting for the perfect chevron color- looks like I may have found one!!!(or two)


Cynthia said:

I have always wanted to make the Emmaline. I bought the pattern a while back but can’t seem to visualize it in anything but Chevron! Thank you for this opportunity!

Gina S.

Gina S. said:

Would love to win some chevrons.


EJ said:

I’ve been wanting to make a blanket in chevron for this little baby that’s growing inside of me.


Brittany said:

I really hope I win and congratulations to whoever does if its not me, lol. :)


Dottie said:

I love this and have recently purchased the pattern,would love some fabric ..ty and congrats to the lucky winner

Linda Ashcraft

Linda Ashcraft said:

Love the Bridgette! Not sure what I would make.


dawn said:

I’d love to make shorts for my boy and a skirt for my girl


Cal said:

Love the graphic punch of this chevron line! I think something like a tote bag, or bags of some kinds would be my project for these.

Leanna Chideste

Leanna Chideste said:

Something beautiful for my 2 year old granddaughter:)

Marilyn Tucker

Marilyn Tucker said:

I will make some things for my granddaughters.

Heather H

Heather H said:

Would love to make a bag or some spring pillows.


Beth said:

I would love this for some fun projects!!

Leah Johnson

Leah Johnson said:

Definitely a dress – I already have the Emmaline pattern – looks perfect!


Analia said:

skirts fro my girls!!


Jamie said:

Love Chevron!!!!

Shirley Clark

Shirley Clark said:

I love chevrons! I would definitely make my little granddaughter some outfits, and use some of it for appliques and quilt blocks.

Allison P

Allison P said:

LOVE the Emmaline pattern! It looks fantastic in chevron.


Christi said:

I would make dresses for sweet twin girls!

Rebecca T

Rebecca T said:

Curtains for my sewing room!


KellyG said:

Would love to make some pillows for my daughter’s room!

Tricia Thomason-Darch

Tricia Thomason-Darch said:

Not been sewing to long, but have the bug! This fabric will be fabulous for the summer :)


Leslie said:

Would love to make some pillows!


Linda said:

Love Love Love. .Peasant tops/dresses/pants,etc


Cricket said:

I love all of the chevrons….but I want something mommy made!! I want to make a cute maxi dress or something!!


Katia said:

ma fille Amélie aimerait avoir la même robe !


Nissi said:

I would make skirts for my girls for sure!! Crossing my fingers!!

Ally Poole

Ally Poole said:

This is so beautiful! I’m obsessed with chevron. I would make skirts from it


Yana said:

I would love to sew chevron blanket, bags and skirt

Nancy Maxam

Nancy Maxam said:

Beautiful fabric…hope I win!!!

Karli Myers

Karli Myers said:

I would love to make that Emmaline dress in the chevron! I adore that picture and that dress…. gorgeous!


Sara said:

Love this fabric!!

Sara F

Sara F said:

I’d love to make some fun summer dresses for my girls in these prints. They are perfect for summer. :)

Beatrice Jade

Beatrice Jade said:

I would make beach blankets and pillows!

Janey Millar

Janey Millar said:

I have the Emmaline pattern and would love to make it in Chevrn!

Brent-Elizabeth Knott

Brent-Elizabeth Knott said:

Love chevron! My 7 yr old and I have been making yo-yo flowers with antique buttons and then decorating tanks with them for our friends.

megan weber

megan weber said:

Would love to make some dresses for my girls!


Jill said:

Curtains would be fabulous!

sandie parsons

sandie parsons said:

I would us this to make skirts or dresses for my granddaughter

Carolyn M

Carolyn M said:

I love chevron. Seriously! And I plan on making cushions and cushions!


agi said:

I would attempt a purse or some pillows!

Stacy Alfano

Stacy Alfano said:

I want to make some new pillows for my couch!!!!

Johnna Wright

Johnna Wright said:

I love chevron. I have a housefull of boys and its Perfect all over my house….walls and pillows and clothes.

Liz gerstung

Liz gerstung said:

I would make matching skirts for my girls and I!

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