Are you ready to see some more beautiful fabric?   Our feature fabric this week is Timber & Leaf by Sarah Watts, a wonderful designer for Blend Fabrics.  Have you ever used Blend Fabrics before?  We adore them because of the high quality of the cotton.  Blend Fabrics are super soft and the colors are very saturated.  You'll be as impressed as we are once you run your fingers over this silky soft cotton.  We think it's perfect for clothing projects, and were inspired to create the sweetest outfit seen below.

Timber and Leaf is inspired by nature and has the such gorgeous prints, including deer, foxes, bird, florals. It also has beautiful neutral prints to anchor them all together.  The sophisticated color palates are perfect for any season and project,

Look at all these fun prints!

We have bought so many of these prints! The vintage and sophisticated quality makes them so beautiful for children's clothing.  We think they're perfect on our patterns. 

We made a Molly Jacket and Audrey Dress using Tree Log Blue & Pine Stickers Pink.  Check out these gorgeous photos that were taken by the incredible Kelly Roper of Kelly Roper Photography! She's simply amazing and a joy to work with.  Her creativity with her work is top notch. We can't speak more highly of her!  If you live in the Charleston area, you must check her out.  She doesn't disappoint!


We love how the this delicate print looks on our Retro - Inspired Molly Jacket

We modified our Audrey Pattern to make this short sleeve version, it is perfect for layering! 

Isn't our model, Lily, just stunning? Love her!

Would you like to create with Timber & Leaf?  We want to get you started!!  Enter below for a chance to win 5 yards of this beautiful fabric, courtesy of Violette Field Threads.


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March 29, 2013 by Ericka Wright


Ashley Massey

Ashley Massey said:

Oh my goodness I LOVE them all!!! If I had to choose just one as a favorite it would be a tie between Bird Flora Blue and Fawn in Birch Blue! Thank you so much for a chance to win!!!! Ashley @ PapertoThread

Sherrie Mullen

Sherrie Mullen said:

My favorite are gerbera grey and gerbera turquoise! all of them are gorgeous :)


amber said:

beautiful fabric and i love the clothing you used them on!

nadya kotik

nadya kotik said:

i like the turqouise background with yellow flowers!

Karen Schultz

Karen Schultz said:

I especially like the one with the aqua background and the small print pink/white one!

Anne J.

Anne J. said:

Love the Brush Beat but it’s hard to choose a favorite. This is a wonderful collection1


Casey said:

These fabrics are just so wonderful!

Lori Morton

Lori Morton said:

Loooove Brush Bear Ivory (plus a few others too! lol) Gorgeous fabrics!!!

Heidi Fluegel

Heidi Fluegel said:

It is a tie for me. I love the bird flora in grey. But I also LOVE the Gerbera turquoise. Beautiful!

Naomi Ward

Naomi Ward said:

I love the pink. it’s such a soft subtle pattern not an in your face one. Totally awesome. thanks for the giveaway! :)

Lara Radack

Lara Radack said:

I really love the Gerbera Grey print!

Christina Skinner

Christina Skinner said:

Love the Gerbera Grey and the same in turquoise!

danielle Bartlett

danielle Bartlett said:

Beautiful! Real retro feel.


Rachel said:

I love the tree logs but my absolute faves are the Fawn in Birch prints! Just gorgeous!


Elizabete said:

I love all of them!!

Deborah Gunthorpe

Deborah Gunthorpe said:

I love the Fawn in Birch in Grey the best, but all of them are wonderful

Nicole Mills

Nicole Mills said:

tree rings blue :)


Candy said:

Gerbera Turquoise is just lovely, I would have to create something vintage/retro looking with it. Thanks for the giveaway.

Sabrina Gardner

Sabrina Gardner said:

Gerbera turquoise is my favorite!

NiNicole Cantwell

NiNicole Cantwell said:

Love the foxes


Sarah said:


ElaineYour name

ElaineYour name said:

I love them all as well!


Mandy said:

I love the line stickers pink


chinapat said:

I would love to use these with your Ginger or Emmaline or Viola patterns

Kim Cowgar

Kim Cowgar said:

I like the Bird Flora Blue and the Fox Portrait Brown

Jennifer Lachman

Jennifer Lachman said:

My favorite fabric is Bird Flora Blue

Alyce Rodriguez

Alyce Rodriguez said:

Lovely girl & gorgeous fabric. Thanks for the giveaway!


sommer said:

seriously love all of them so much!


LIz F said:

I seriously love this entire collection, but I think that the bears might be my favorite.


Linda said:

Love the foxes.

sande cross

sande cross said:

i love the foxes best! they are too sweet for words!! that said, i love them all!!


Teckla said:

I like the teal and yellow print! They are all such pretty colors. Thanks for this opportunity!


Cory said:

I love the logs, what an awesome boy fabric….too cute


WandaFish said:

I love all of this line, it has so many possibilities! If pushed, my absolute fave might just be Fawn in Birch blue, but the tree rings are gorgeous too! Thanks for the amazing giveaway :)


Joelle said:

Love the changes to the patterns.


alicia said:

thanks for the chance. i love the foxes!


Amyann said:

I like the print on the bottom left!


Sarah said:

I love the ones with the flowers!

Lauren J

Lauren J said:

I love the Gerbera in turquoise! Gorgeous!


Lyssa said:

I love them all but i think the fox portrait gold is super cool!


Alicia said:

I Love the whole line of fabric! But hands down for the birch fawn and gold fox! Love the fabric series!

Natasha Goforth

Natasha Goforth said:

Love the fabric on the left on the 2nd row!


Claire said:

I love the bears!

darlene macdonald

darlene macdonald said:

I love the foxes they are adorable! I have a nephew who would be adorable in a spring jacket with them on it!! Thanx for the chance!!!!


Donel said:

They are all beautiful, but I like the blue and pink fish print the best.

rachel phillips

rachel phillips said:

Love it!!!!

Nita R.

Nita R. said:

I like the teal and gold flower fabric, but AL the fabric is so pretty!!!!

Shannon Young

Shannon Young said:

Pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me! Love the foxes on blue.

Dawn Lynn

Dawn Lynn said:

Love love Sarah watts! So creative!

Dawn Lynn

Dawn Lynn said:

Love Sarah watts! Such cute fabric!

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