The perfect accessory can make an outfit!  We love creating beautiful flower and bow headbands to coordinate many of our looks.  This season we made this Sweet Bow Headband to compliment the cover look of our Madelyn Top.  We decided it would be a fun addition for the Madelyn Paper Pattern and would like to share the tutorial here for all of our fans to enjoy!!!

Sweet Bow Headband with our Madelyn Top & Scarlett Skirt

Photo Courtesy of Kelly Roper Photography

Creating the Bow:

1. Cut out two 7 1/4” x 9” fabric rectangles.

2. Place the pieces together with the right sides touching and the raw edges lined up. Pin together at each corner.

3. Sew together around all sides, leaving a 1-2” opening in the bottom for turning. Round the four corners as you sew around them.

4. Trim off 1/2 of the seam allowance. Turn right side out and iron flat.

5. Top-stitch around the bow, thus closing the 1-2” opening. Set aside. 

 Creating the Bow Center:

6. Cut out a 1 3/4” x 3” fabric rectangle for the bow center.

7. Fold the bow center in half lengthwise, with the wrong sides touching and iron. Open the bow center back up and fold both sides in to meet the middle seam and iron. Set aside.

Creating the Headband Cover:

We are working with an average size plastic headband; it is 14.5” in length and 1/8” in width. The following measurements may need to be adjusted if you are using a wider or larger headband. Measure your headband and adjust where necessary.

8. Cut out a 15” x 1 3/4” fabric strip.

9. Fold the headband cover in half lengthwise with the wrong sides touching and iron. Open the headband cover back up and fold both sides in to meet the middle seam and iron. Fold the strip in half lengthwise again and iron .

10. Sew along the open long folded edge of the headband cover. Leave both short ends open to insert the headband.

11. Insert the headband into the headband cover by sliding it through on open end toward the opposite open end.


 12. Finish the loose ends by turning the extra 1/4” of fabric on each end up and hot glue. Cut a 1” piece of ribbon and glue one end to the fabric headband. Wrap the loose end around the headband, tuck under the raw edge and glue down tightly to secure. 


Attaching the bow:

13. Press down the middle of the bow to create the pleats. (Note: you will gathering up the 9” length to create a full shorter bow.) Wrap the bow center around the bow with both loose ends facing up. Place the headband in between the bow center loose ends. Tuck one loose end around the headband and under the bow. Tuck the raw end of the opposite end under and glue securely to the headband.

14. You have now made the Sweet Bow Headband!

The amazing Kelly Roper of Kelly Roper Photography took these beautiful shots of the fabulous Audrey.  Isn't she stunning?  We adore this complete outfit on her.  She is wearing the Madelyn top, Scarlett skirt and the Sweet Bow Headband.  Love!!! 


April 29, 2013 by Ericka Wright