One of our first and favorite patterns is the Stella One Shoulder Sundress. 

It has so much charm and is perfect for our hot Southern Summers.  We've been waiting for Summer so we could share this *free* tutorial addition with you all!

(Fabric: left dress: Echino Cycling in Citron & Kikka Green / right dress: Echino Cycling in Pink & Kikka Pink)

We have noticed a new trend lately of an addition of a small strap on the opposite shoulder of "one shoulder" dresses.  We think it's a fabulous optional addition, so we created this free tutorial on how to add an additional strap when making the Stella dress. 

This extra strap not only gives the dress a bit more coverage for a more casual and playful look, but also allows for more ease of fit when the child you are sewing for is not around.  The fit doesn't have to be quite as snug, because the additional strap holds up the zipper side.

Take a look at how cute these little beauties are sporting Stella with the additional strap!


Please Note: This tutorial is an add-on for the Stella Dress Pattern.  If you have previously purchased the pattern, then simply follow the steps below to create the extra strap. If you have yet to buy the original pattern, you can purchase it HEREWe are also giving away the Stella PDF pattern to 5 lucky winners!  (Enter below)


Follow the original PDF pattern up through step #5 and then follow the below steps.

1. Cut out four shoulder strap pieces.  You will cut the new pieces using the existing shoulder strap pattern piece, however you will need to add 3" to the length.

2. Place two of the shoulder strap pieces together with the right sides touching and pin.  Sew them together along the raw edges of three sides, leaving one short end open for turning.  Trim the seam allowance, clip the corners and turn right side out.  Iron flat.  Repeat for the remaining two shoulder strap pieces.

3. Pin the shoulder strap to the the bodice front along the top raw edge.  The strap should be placed approximately 3 1/2 inches away from the zipper side edge.  Note: Depending on the size you are sewing, this measurement could slightly increase or decrease.  Measure how far the strap on the shoulder side is from the edge and mimic this on the zipper side. You don't want the strap on the zipper side to be too close to the edge, or it will be constantly falling off her shoulder when sewn in. The strap should be placed at an angle so that it is crossing over the bodice front diagonally.  This will create a straight strap once sewn.

4. Continue following the tutorial starting at step #6. 


5. Repeat steps 1-3 for the back bodice strap. Yay! You've added an additional strap!  How EASY was that?????? 

We hope you love this addition to the Stella dress.  Doesn't it make the Stella even more sweet and versatile? 

Here are some more adorable shots of The Stella Sundress with optional strap!!!!

Ack!  The adorableness of this photo shoot has us swooning!  The amazingly talented Corrie Collier took these photos of her little darlings for us, and we were beyond thrilled!

After sewing the top of Stella for this tutorial, I had to finish the dress for my own little cutie (even if it meant staying up super late, haha!).  All because the next day we were planning on going strawberry picking at one of our local "You Pick" strawberry farms.  My daughter loved her new dress!  Here are some pictures from our fun day in the sun.




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May 29, 2013 by Jessica Herning