What is even better than beautiful fabrics?  How about beautiful fabric that is eco-friendly!!  This is one reason why we are so excited about our featured fabric company, Birch Fabrics.

Birch fabric is an amazing company that is on the cutting edge of trends while at the same time staying true to their roots of being environmentally friendly. The cottons are so soft and strong to work with, they are truly perfect for sewing clothing.  They also offer many prints in Home Decorating weight and have just rolled out a not to be missed line of Knits.

Check out some of these gorgeous prints:

These would be sure to please both boys and girls!!

Image courtsey of www.behomemade.com

We adore the line Yay Day by Emily Isabella, the colors would be beautiful year round.

Birch also has some of the most unique and cool Basics lines around!

Mod Basics 2 - Deer

Mod Basics 2 - Bird Spokes

We were able to make our new Kate Dress out of Birch Organics and we absolutely loved the results.  They are so many prints to mix and match.


Would you like to try some Birch Organic Fabric??!!  Well Vivienne Rose Fabrics is donating 3 yards of Birch to one lucky Blog Reader!!  The Winner can choose any print they like from Birch section in their shop :)

Enter below:

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August 16, 2013 by Ericka Wright



Monica said:

My favorite would be all the above….but the birch forest has stolen my heart!

Valeri R

Valeri R said:

Love these fabrics…especially the bird spokes. Would love to win!!


DeborahGun said:

I love The Honeycomb multi. Thanks for a lovely giveaway.


Aimee said:

LOVE the Little Matryoshka and Birds & Spokes fabric! All the colors are beautiful!


allie said:

oh the yay day is so incredible. i especially love the fox but the little critters with their banners are adorable. GREAT line!

Donna Lee

Donna Lee said:

I love the Wings of Love Birch fabric!


susan said:

I love the birds and wheels!

deb lebherz

deb lebherz said:

Love all the fabric.but i think yay day looks like fun ..Thanks for the giveaway !!


michelle said:

critters and banners = swoon

Christine Sherman

Christine Sherman said:

Yah Day!

Sheri MorganYour name

Sheri MorganYour name said:

beautiful fabrics…the birch forest is adorable…

Amyann Nelson

Amyann Nelson said:

I like the Yay Day Parade fabric!


Joelle said:

I want the Bird Spokes … in EVERY color!


Carolyn said:

I love ALL the fabrics but loving anything with cute little critters! Yay Day is very cute :)

Brandy Hoot

Brandy Hoot said:

I love the Yay Day fabric! Perfect for my soon to be preschooler!!!

Shae Lorigan

Shae Lorigan said:

I love Birch!! My mom lives right by their store so I love when I get a chance to go in. My favorite is the Elk Grove.

Kate Stark

Kate Stark said:

Love Birch fabrics, and love Violette Field!


Emily said:

Love these fabrics!

Katherine C

Katherine C said:

Loving the birch forest !

Beth B

Beth B said:

Safari Soiree
Alex D

Alex D said:

I love entire collection – so beautiful!

darlene macdonald

darlene macdonald said:

Love the knit deer fabric. So adorable! Thanks for the giveaway!!!

liz f

liz f said:

I like the deer and the honeycomb!

Sally Shepherd Bell

Sally Shepherd Bell said:

Gorgeous fabrics!

connie robinson

connie robinson said:

Love every prin!My girls would love a garment made out of the bird spokes and birch forest!! Thank you for the sweet giveaway

melle @ Feathered Ruffles

melle @ Feathered Ruffles said:

I have to tell ya… I am going to want the Yay Day! Lots of it, too! That’s just adorable… and could EASILY go boy or girl! (mostly littler boys, but still… a toddler boy? with a hoodie, lined with that animal parade fabric? Yes please!)

Vanessa B

Vanessa B said:

Love the Honeycomb Multi, skinny chevron and bird with spokes :-) Thanks!!!

Kristi Stephens

Kristi Stephens said:

Love them all! The colors are beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway!!

Yolanda Garcia

Yolanda Garcia said:

Love your patterns! Hope to win fabric.


fenna said:

the birdie spokes in coral, possibly a knit and possibly the elk in shroom :)


Sandy said:

I love the Emily Isabella prints!


Trinh said:

oh I love the new dress!

Nicole Mills

Nicole Mills said:

Circa52 would be what I would choose. Love the fabrics, Thx!!!

Abigail Robertson

Abigail Robertson said:

Such cute stuff. I need something with a fox on it to make my niece (who’s last name is Fox) a dress!


Lindsey said:

Yay Day. Gorgeous! Look at those foxes…

Pamela Turner

Pamela Turner said:

Love them all but love Camp Sur for my son’s room!


Natasha said:

How could I choose?? It’s all so cute! I love chevron though and really want to make a skirt in chevron maybe with the bicycle fabric around the bottom as at trim :)


Kelley said:

I love all colors! They are somehow muted and vibrant all at once.

Debbie Brock

Debbie Brock said:

OOOHHH I love the Yay Day line! Our grandgirls would look so cute in anything made from these!

Debbie Bacot

Debbie Bacot said:

Thanks for the fun giveaway, love the fabrics and your designs are wonderful.

debbie bacot

debbie bacot said:

me again, commented before I read your note about which fabrics we like, I have this thing right now for birds and bikes so that would be a good pick for me.
Thanks again!

debbie bacot

debbie bacot said:

me again, commented before I read your note about which fabrics we like, I have this thing right now for birds and bikes so that would be a good pick for me.
Thanks again!

Shirley Clark

Shirley Clark said:

I would choose the coral chevron and the Emily Isabella floral.

Amanda K

Amanda K said:

So many cute fabrics! The wings of love is adorable.

Connie Forsyth

Connie Forsyth said:

I love the dark pink with the spray flowers and the orange with flower and hearts.


Louly said:

I love any of the skinny chevron prints!!


Tara said:

I love the grove-honeycomb multi color birch fabric!! Gorgeous!!


Thao said:

Love the simpke woodland design and feel of the birch fabric ranges.

Bethany Gunter

Bethany Gunter said:

I LOVE the birdie spokes in coral! All of it is just beautiful!!

Fiona Kelly

Fiona Kelly said:

LOving the colours of YAY Day! Ca see so many possibilities with that range :D

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