Only a couple of weeks ago, we released our beloved June dress pattern in extended size ranges. When our June pattern originally released a few years ago, it was only available in Children (2-10 years) and 18" doll sizing. Now, June is available in Baby (0-24 months), Tween (10-16 years), and Misses (00-20) sizing!

With the release of these additional size ranges, our tester team got busy (and creative) while sewing up our June pattern. One of our testers, Laura Hilton, created an absolutely STUNNING June that received lots of admiration and praise! We have had dozens of inquires into the modifications she made to create this jaw dropping masterpiece.

Laura has graciously agreed to create a blog tutorial detailing out her modifications! So without further adieu, we give over the VFT Blog to Laura!!!


"Hello everyone! I am so excited to share my "After the Storm" rainbow version of the June dress with all of you today! This dress means so much to me. Rainbows have always been a symbol of hope to me. Hope for the beauty of things to come after we weather the storm.

I used the "June" pattern, by Violette Field Threads, and made a few simple modifications, which I'm happy to share! First, I modified the front and back bodice. On the front, I cut small strips of rainbow and topstitched them on in a V shape. On the back, I overlaid the rainbow strip fabric over the main fabric, curving the rainbow fabric around the signature June back opening. Then I enlarged the back bodice ties and shaped them to create a big bow. Lastly, I paneled the skirt with the rainbow fabric to balance the skirt with the top.
To create this look, you are going to need a few things:
The VFT June pattern (and all supplies listed in the pattern)
The main fabric (I used small polka dots)
The rainbow fabric (44” for bigger girls sizes)
Thread in coordinating colors to your rainbow
Square Omnigrid
Chalk Pencil

Start by cutting out the rainbow fabric:

- (2) 8.5” x 44” rainbow strips. These pieces will be used on the skirt.  

- (3) 4.75” x 44” rainbow strips. These pieces will be used for the back bodice and back bodice ties.

- (2) individual strips of *each* of the colors in the rainbow fabric. These strips for the front ruffled V shapes. (I used 6 color strips, but you can use any you determine based on your personal preference.)

Creating the Bodice Back Rainbow

Depending on the rainbow fabric you are using, you might need to make a slight modification to the back bodice pattern pieces. It is easiest to do this before you cut the back bodice pattern piece out. My rainbow fabric was a little wider than the back bodice pattern piece, so I made the back opening slightly smaller to accommodate all of the colors of the rainbow fabric. First, cut out the rainbow at the width you would like and lay it over the top of the bodice back pattern piece. If the fabric is wider than the back bodice, draw out the needed extra width, making the adjustments to the opening in the back, not the side seam. Remember, if adjust the back opening, you will need to adjust the elastic back panel, decreasing it by the same amount you increased the back bodice.

Now cut out the main fabric as instructed in the June pattern. To create the back rainbow, lay the rainbow fabric on top of the main fabric. Both the main fabric and the rainbow fabric will be facing up. 

Next tuck and pleat your rainbow fabric so it fits along the curve of the bodice back main fabric. Press the pleats as you go, being sure that the colors are lining up. 

Now repeat this process for the other side. It is easiest if you place the side seam sides together.


Now, pin down your pleats and top stitch them down, making sure to line up the colors.

It is easiest to start with the inside stripe and work your way out to the outside stripe, nearest the side seam. When you get to the outside stripe, you will need to tuck and iron it under so that the top stitch will hold it down. As you can see from the picture, this is the top part of the curve, and the raw edges would have been exposed on the back bodice. Once all of the stripes of the rainbow are all stitched down, turn the pieces over and cut away any extra rainbow fabric that extends past the main back bodice fabric. 


Now the back bodice pieces are ready and you can treat them just how you would following the June pattern.

Creating the Ruffled Vs on the Front Bodice:

To create the ruffled Vs on the front bodice, start by cutting out the individual stripes from the rainbow fabric into strips. I would have preferred to be able to cut the strips on the bias, but I really loved the colors in this fabric, and it was printed horizontal. If you are using a different fabric that allows for the strips to be cut on the bias, I suggest doing that. Cutting on the bias will cause the raw edges to chenille up, rather than fray. I left my edges raw, as I like the frayed edge look.

Cut (2) of each individual color stripe and stack the matching strips together with the wrong sides touching (the right sides will be showing on the outside). Then run a gathering stitch down the center of the strip and pull the top thread to gather the ruffle. You will want to use thread colors that coordinate with each color strip.


Prep the bodice front main by folding it in half widthwise and press it with an iron to create a guide line down the front center. Using the Square Omnigrid and a washable pencil, draw on the lines you will use as a guide to place your ruffles. I used a 30 degree angle, but you may want to adjust your angle depending on the size you are making and your preference for the finished look.


 Carefully pin the ruffle to the bodice and use a zigzag stitch to secure it to the bodice. Make sure the raw edges of the strips are lined up with the raw edge of the bodice so they get caught in the seam allowance. Repeat this step for each color strip. 

Now follow the June pattern for the bodice front main.

Creating the Bow Ties

To create the ties, fold one of your 4.75” strips in half lengthwise and sketch out the bow shape. One side of your ties will be about an inch longer at the beginning before it goes wide for the bow part. Sew the right sides together, trimming away any excess, and turn the bow right side out. Repeat for the remaining bow tie.


 Top stitch through the colors.

Make sure you line the color stripes on the ties up with the stripes on the ties.  Attach the ties following the June pattern.

Creating the Paneled Skirt 

The last two (8.5”x44”) strips will be attached to the bottom of the skirt. I used 8.5" for the size I was making, but you may want to shorten or lengthen this based on the size you are sewing. When you cut the main skirt front and back, make sure to cut it shorter than the pattern calls for to reflect the amount the rainbow strips will add. 

I also used the VFT sleeves basic curved cap sleeve and the inseam pocket tutorial to create this dress.

I hope this tutorial helps any who would like to create their own "After the Storm" Rainbow June dress." - Laura Hilton


We hope you enjoyed this beautiful tutorial created by Laura - one of our amazing testers on our team! Isn't this dress jaw-droppingly beautiful?! If you are on instagram, we would love for you to give her account a follow and let her know how amazing she is! You can follow her at @littlebonniebelle 

We cannot wait to see what you all create with her lovely hacks! 

As always, Happy Sewing!!


June 29, 2020 by Jessica Herning