Hey Friends!! We have seen lots of Mamas in our group excited to get started on some "Back 2 Class" outfits for their girlies, and decided it would be a great time to have a $6 weekend sale for 3 of our {Back 2 Class} FAVORITES!  
Reintroducing to you all - {Penelope}, {Autumn & Alexandra} and {Harper & Lulu}!!!


 {Alexandra + Autumn} : A match made in heaven!


Alexandra is a vintage inspired beauty! The front of the bodice can have optional pin-tucks and the back of the bodice closes with buttons. Due to the drop waist style of the dress option, no placket is required. Alexandra has a darling hand tied bow knot collar and includes two sleeve options: cap sleeve and 3/4 length sleeve with ruffle hem. Alexandra can be made a drop waist dress or as a blouse that perfectly pairs with so many VFT Bottoms, including our favorite combo, the Autumn Pinafore. 

 The Autumn Pinafore is a must have layering piece! Autumn features a sweet vintage length and high waist fit.  The straps are finished in the back with a crisscross basket weave tie back. Autumn is perfectly paired over a variety of VFT tops and dresses, including the Alexandra top/dress.


{Harper + Lulu}: The Perfect Pair!


Harper is a vintage inspired woven dolman dress with a round high neckline. The Harper bodice features front darts to allow for a tailored waistline. Harper can be sewn with short sleeve or an elbow length sleeve with a cute ruffle. Harper also includes an optional collar and waist sash. The Harper bodice closes with buttons down the back and has a skirt placket. Harper can be sewn as a top length or dress.


Lulu is a darling pinafore that layers wonderfully over your favorite Violette Field Threads dress, but we especially love Lulu layered over Harper. Lulu is a woven circle skirt high-waisted pinafore. The cute suspender style straps are held together in the back with either ribbon ties or a little button tab. Lulu features a short zipper closure in the back.


These patterns are darling separately, but combined created an unbeatable combo!  And they are also available in our Tween size range as well!!!

{Penelope} : A Classic Favorite! 


Penelope is well known for our special occasion tulle skirt, but did you realize this one pattern also includes the every day version as well? It features a perfect peter pan collar that extends around to the bodice back. The front bodice has 4 pin-tucked rows and a waist sash with side ties. The back features button closure.

Penelope can either be made sleeveless or has two sleeve options: cap and 3/4 sleeves with bow details, making it the perfect dress year round and for all day school play!

 Sooo what'll it be for you?!  Which of these is your favorite Back 2 Class style?!?!  Comment below and next week we will choose TWO people to win a Back 2 Class bundle of their choosing (2 patterns out of these 5 listed)!

As always, HAPPY SEWING!!!

🎉🎉🎉 CONGRATULATIONS to our winners: Carla Wisdom and Kim Babin!  We will send you an email so you can claim your prize!!  🎉🎉🎉 

July 18, 2020 by Jessica Herning


Dora Duer

Dora Duer said:

Penelope is always a favorite for us!

Krista Simon

Krista Simon said:

I adore all of these sets! I have Harper, but I am dying to put a lulu over it! Plus I’ll have to learn a new technique— zippers!


Kara said:

These dresses are so sweet and dreamy! Harper has turned out to be my favorite recent sew, and I love the ruffle options.

Kelley Yell

Kelley Yell said:

Amazing!! Is the pencil on the bottom of the skirt embroidered 🤯


Kimberly said:

I absolutely love Penelope. I have made it at least four times in the last six months!


Elizabeth said:

Alexandria and autumn is my favorite combo!

Kelly Burris

Kelly Burris said:

Penelope would be my choice! Love that collar. ❤️

Laurel Turley

Laurel Turley said:

I love Alexandria and autumn. My favorite pairing!!!

Carrie Puryear

Carrie Puryear said:

I just started sewing, your London was my first pattern, you made it so easy for me to understand, I love your patterns and so do my granddaughters..

Ashley Eurell

Ashley Eurell said:

Loving Penelope!

Carol Gillon

Carol Gillon said:

Love the dresses. Though I fractured a bone in my spine nearly 2 weeks ago, so sewing and embroidery is off limits just now 😭

Carol Compton

Carol Compton said:

I love Harper and Lulu. I just came to the sight to see if it was in baby sizes and was thrilled to find it!!


Amanda said:

I love the Autumn pinafore! It is the perfect piece to pair with dresses!

LUcy JAmes

LUcy JAmes said:

So excited about Autumn and Alexandra! So adorable! 😍

Aleyce odenthal

Aleyce odenthal said:

Lulu and Harper

Lindsey Bradley

Lindsey Bradley said:

They’re all soooo cute!! 😍

Kim Xu

Kim Xu said:

Penelope is so cute.

Libby Davis

Libby Davis said:

I love the Penelope is so funny we can switch it up in so many ways are you

Adgie Bonve

Adgie Bonve said:

Autumn and alexandra if I had to choose…..but SERIOUSLY! I LOVE them all!


Lauren said:

Alexandra just kills me! 😍

Maria Aguilar

Maria Aguilar said:

I love your patterns. They have give the confidence to sew for my girls and know it will turn out great! Thank you!

Kirsten Thompson

Kirsten Thompson said:

I love Harper, with and without Lulu!

Carla Wisdom

Carla Wisdom said:

I do not have Harper & lulu and would love to have them!

JennaRae Patton

JennaRae Patton said:

I cannot choose!! Probably Harper/Lulu!!

Lauren Wegner

Lauren Wegner said:

Just purchased Alexandra and autumn! Can’t wait to make them!


Heather said:

Harper and Penelope are my faves. I love how versatile they are!

Rebecca Morris

Rebecca Morris said:

I can’t believe my picky 4 yo said she liked Harper & Penelope (don’t have either)! But this momma is a sucker for a circle skirt that I don’t have to gather (Lulu is in our collection 👍🏻).


Kandice said:

It’s so hard to choose! Harper is my favorite…just love those sleeves. And a close second is the Alexandra!

Tiffany Kinchen

Tiffany Kinchen said:

Alexandra and autumn are my absolute favorite pairing, but I already own them 😆 The only one I do not own is Lulu😊


Allison said:

Penelope and Autumn are two of my all time favorites, so sweet and classic!

Krystal Kerr

Krystal Kerr said:

I love the autumn and Alexandra combo!!! It’s my favorite!

Nichole Tinglof

Nichole Tinglof said:

What a great collection for school essentials!

Breanna Martin

Breanna Martin said:

I’m a sucker for Penelope 😍

Cassandra Fields

Cassandra Fields said:

It’s so hard to choose a favorite, but if I have to I would pick Alexandria and Autumn. The Alexandria is such a classic dress and so versatile, while the Autumn is what I like to call the icing on the cake.


Benny said:

“Harper & LuLu the perfect pair”
I completely agree! Not only a back to school staple but definitely a year round outfit! Pair a jacket in the winter when needed of course. It’s really all you need for your darling princess year round.

Seriously IN LOVE with the entire collection but I would say that Harper and LuLu will be my first makes from this one. 😊

Kim Babin

Kim Babin said:

Alexandra and Autumn are the first VFT patterns I saw. I didn’t know how to sew yet and started following the group and in April I started teaching myself to sew. I’m slowly adding patterns to my collection and would love these!!!

Kathy Perry

Kathy Perry said:

Penelope is my favorite of this selection. Will there be a baby version coming out?

Susan Hartzband

Susan Hartzband said:

I love Lulu, that circle skirt and sweet high waist is going to work with many VF patterns. I envision it in a stark white over a red, black and green plaid.

Nguyen Nguyen

Nguyen Nguyen said:

Alexandra and Harper! These dresses are awesome. I wish my daughter doesn’t have to wear uniform to school here.

Tanya Cross

Tanya Cross said:

I’m in love with Penelope!


Leanne said:

Penelope is such a cute versatile pattern.

Beth Roy

Beth Roy said:

Autumn and Alexandra are absolutely perfect together!! They’re so much fun to make too!!!! <3

Vicki Goff

Vicki Goff said:

These all look fantastic together. Love Harper and Lulu!


Vanessa said:

Alexandra and Autumn were the two that I saw first that made me start checking out your other designs. I have not sewn it up yet. But I do need to get Penelope. That one is classic and I love that it can be made fancy too.

Angie Winans

Angie Winans said:

Love them ALL, but Harper & Lulu are at the top of my list right now!!


Dawn said:

I would love to sew up the Penelope!


Mirian said:

Alexandra/Autumn was my first purchase , i loved it 🥰 and still do.


Julie said:

Alexandra and Autumn two of my favorites.


Malia said:

These are all so gorgeous!

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