Good Morning, Lovelies!  It is Day 2!  Let's call today "the calm before the storm".  Today is an easy day before we get to the "meat" of the Sew-a-Long.  The weather here is PERFECT for swimwear, so I am beyond happy we are going to get to use this awesome suit right away!  How about we get started!

Let's get printing.  Did you know that you only need to print the size(s) that work for you?  Save your ink and use the layers feature.  I promise, it's very easy to use.  When you open your pattern in Adobe, click the bottom icon that look like 3 pages.  Then click the plus sign and uncheck all the sizes you do not need.  Make sure to keep the bottom option checked!  Now you will only be printing the sizes you will be using!  Awesome right?!?!

Once you are all printed, it's time to put your pattern pieces together.  There are so many different ways to do this, but my preferred method is tape.  Sometimes I will use a glue stick.  Some people like to use a paper cutter for those straight edges.  Do what is best for you!

Now that we have our pattern pieces ready to go, let's get to cutting.  Make sure to take note of grain lines and pieces that should be cut on the fold.  When using stretchy fabrics, be patient!  Pins can often pull the fabric, so you may want to use pattern weights when cutting!  I like to live on the edge, so I'm pinning, but do what you feel most comfortable doing!  Remember to cut all your fabrics, including your lining pieces.

Now that you have your fabrics cut, stand back and admire how cute your bathing suit is going to be!  Before you run off to cut more fabrics for more bathing suits, you need to snap a photo and upload it into the Day 2 album!  

While we are talking about snapping photos, this is the perfect time to talk about PRIZES!!  You all know that at the end of every Sew-a-Long we have a winner who receives a prize!  In order to qualify for the prize, you must have a photo in each daily album, showing that you participated along with us!  

This SAL is extra special since it is our {FIRST} one with Swimwear, so how about a special prize!!  2 lucky winners will each received 3YARDS of Swim Fabric from the gracious ladies at VFT!  One winner will be chosen at random, and one winner will be voted on in the VFT Gathering Place!  We can't wait to see what you all come up with!!!  Check back here tomorrow!  We will start sewing our suits! YAY!

June 13, 2017 by Emily Steiger