Alright ladies!!  It's game time.  Today is the day we start sewing.  Who is excited??  I sewed my first swimsuit a few years ago, and I seem to sew at least one every year.  I can't wait to sew this adorable suit, so let's jump right in!

If you haven't already, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read Section IV in the pattern.  This section has amazing info on what stitch to use and how to make sure your sewing correctly using this sometimes finicky fabric! Now, grab your strap pieces.  This is for all suit options, regardless of if you are sewing the tankini version or full suit version.  You are going to fold these in half, right sides touching.  Sew with a zig-zag/serge/stretch stitch(whatever your preference).  Trim your Seam Allowance{SA}.

Turn your strap right side out.  Here is where these turning tools come in handy!  I am using my Dritz tool, but there are quite a few other tools out there you can purchase that are super helpful!  Once you have it turned right side out, finger press the seam so it is in the middle of the strap.


Take your elastic piece and safety pin on one end and insert into your strap until both raw edges match at either end.  Once you have your elastic inserted, take over to your machine and sew straight down the middle.  Make sure you do not stretch the elastic/fabric while you sew!!  Repeat for the other strap.

If you are adding the top ruffle, take your ruffle piece and sew 2 gathering stitches along the top edge.  You are going to pull your bobbin threads and gather your piece to 1/2 the original width.   

Take your front bodice fabric and fold in half.  Then grab your bodice pattern piece.  Lay it on top and transfer the ruffle placement markings onto your suit.  These markings are where the ends of your ruffle are going to start/stop.  

Start placing your ruffle onto your bodice, starting at one marking.  The gathered edge of your ruffle should be at your marking.  Pin all the way around the top edge of the suit, making sure you are spacing out your gathers evenly.  Once your ruffle is pinned, I like to go back to the sides and pin the straight edge of the ruffle to the raw edge of the bodice.  The edge of the ruffle will be sandwiched between the front and back main bodice fabrics in the next step.  Baste your ruffle in place.

For all bathing suit options, place the back bodice onto the front main piece and match the sides up.  Sew together along both sides with the stitch of your choice.  Do this for the suit lining also.  Trim the SA.

For the one piece option, align along the front and back crotch and pin.  Sew and trim the SA.  finger press the seam open.  Do this for the lining also.


Turn your suit RSO and leave your lining WSO.  Place the lining inside your main fabric and pin along the top edge.  YAY!  it is starting to resemble a bathing suit!  It's like magic!  This is a great time to do a fit test.  I slipped this on my daughter just to make sure no other adjustments were needed.  We had a perfect fit!!

Take a photo and upload into the {Day 3 album}.  Tomorrow we will be working on binding and straps, and finishing up our one-pieces!  See you back here tomorrow!


June 14, 2017 by Emily Steiger