Good morning my sweet sew-a-long friends!  I hope everyone is having so much fun and learning a ton!  I know I have learned some great techniques in this pattern!  I can't wait to get finished, so why don't we get started!

Grab your body binding and fold it in half, rst, and sew the short edge together.  Trim the SA.  

Take your elastic piece for the body and sew it into a loop.  Grab the binding and your elastic and mark the quarter points for both.  Now, place your elastic piece on top of your binding.  Your binding should be wrong side facing out.  Pin to the top raw edge and sew.

Take your main suit and put it wrong side out.  Slide your binding piece down around the top of the suit and match the side seam.  The right side of the binding will face the wrong side of the suit.  Pin around the entire top of the suit and sew with a 3/8 SA.

Once sewn, turn your bathing suit RSO and flip the binding up.  Take your binding and flip the elastic edge down all the way around.  Fold it down again to cover the raw edge of your ruffle and suit.  Clip in place all the way around.  Be careful to not twist your binding and to keep it as straight as possible! Sew in place and TAKE YOUR TIME!!!

Grab your pattern pieces and transfer your strap markings onto your suit. Pin your straps in and sew in place.

Take both of your leg elastic pieces and overlap 1/4in and sew.  Turn your suit lining side out and place your elastic at the leg hole.  Clip or pin in place, making sure you have both the lining and the main fabric. 

When sewing, I like to place my leg hole around the arm of my sewing machine.  I find it gives just enough stretch so my binding and fabrics stay untwisted.  Repeat for both legs.

Now turn your suit RSO and fold the elastic in towards the lining.  this creates your leg binding.  Clip or pin all the way around.  Sew just as you did earlier.  Do this for both legs.

You should now have a finished Bridgette one piece bathing suit!!  Stand back in admiration that you just created a BATHING SUIT!!!!!  Pretty incredible!!  

My sweet lady adores her suit.  It's going to be perfect for this summer and she is already asking when she can go swimming in it!

If you are sewing the tankini version, we will finish up those tomorrow!  Make sure to grab a photo and add it to the Day 4 album!  See you back here tomorrow!!




June 15, 2017 by Emily Steiger