Day 5 of our Sew-a-Long starts today, and if I'm going to be honest with you all, this is my most favorite SAL to date!  I LOVED sewing swimwear because not only was it a challenge, but I learned so many new sewing tricks and techniques!  I can't wait to sew more of these suits.  A girl can never have too may swimsuits, right?!?!

If you sewed up a one piece Bridgette, bravo!  You are sitting back and enjoying a day off!  I will say, you can sew a super simple 2-piece version in under 2hrs, so maybe you should just make another suit!  I honestly woke up this morning and decided to rewrite today's post because my little lady {NEEDED} another suit. HAHA

Our Tankini sewers, skip to step 21 in your pattern and grab your bodice.  I decided to modify my version a bit, so my top is shortened to the same length as the Pippa bathing suit.  Finish the bottom raw edge of your bodice, then fold the bottom edge towards the lining 1/2.  Sew this with your preferred stitch.  

Your bodice should now be done!!  YAY!!!  Are you so excited?!?!  Can you see the finish line?!?!  Let's get those bottoms done!

I was inspired by the ladies in our VFT Gathering Place, so I modified my bottoms to have a vintage higher rise!  This was super easy to do.  I measured my daughter to see how how high I wanted the bottoms to come up, and subtracted the folded waistband measurement from that number.  I measured my pattern piece and added the above number of inches to it.  Does that make sense?

Now, take you bottom fabrics and place RST.  Clip along the side edges ad the crotch.  Sew along the pinned seams and repeat with the lining fabric.

Turn you main fabric RSO and slide you lining inside the main, so the wrong side of the lining will be touching the wrong side off the main fabric.  Pin along the top edge.

Take your leg elastics and overlap 1/4in and sew into 2 loops.  Next, clip to your leg holes.  Make sure your bottoms are lining side out.  Clip the elastic around both leg holes.

 Sew the elastics in place.  Remember to go slow and don't worry if there are some spot where the elastic doesn't sit right at the edge of your fabric!  You will not see this one you fold it over!

Now take your bottoms and turn RSO.  Flip the elastic inside towards the lining and clip in place.  You are going to sew just like you did before.  GO SLOW and pull the fabric so it is taut against the edge of the elastic.

Grab your waistband elastic and overlap 1/4in and sew into a loop.  Then take your waistband fabric and place RST and sew the short ends together.  Trim the SA.

Fold the waistband in half so the wrong side are touching and slide t he elastic inside.  Baste the raw edge of the fabric to enclose the elastic.

Find the center front, center back, and sides of both the waistband and your bottoms.  Slide your waistband over your bottoms and match up the points your just found. 

Sew to attach your waistband, trim off 1/2 of the SA and finish the raw edge.  Flip the waistband up and you are DONE!

Can you believe we just made {SWIMSUITS}?!?!?!  Do you feel as incredible as I do??  You did amazing and should be so proud of the work you just accomplished!  Sewing with swimsuit fabric is not for the faint of heart, and you all deserve a pat on the back!!!

Now you get to take a photo of your amazing suit and add if to the Day 5 Album!!  If you are new to our SAL's or just joining us, at the end of each one we give you a few catch up days!  Take this weekend to get caught up or start a new suit!  Make sure to add a photo into each daily album showing you followed along with the blog posts!  

Monday we will start voting on {FAN FAVORITE}!  Wednesday I will announce our random SAL winner and our Fan Favorite winner!!!  Each winner will receive 3yards of amazing swimsuit fabric!!  This is not a prize you want to miss out on!  Thank you to everyone who sewed along with me.  I just love being able to do this with you all every month! 


June 16, 2017 by Emily Steiger