Sew-a-Long weeks often feel like a blur to me!  They go by so fast and at the end of the week, I am asking myself where the time went!  Today is already Wednesday, and that means it is Day 3 of our Charlie Sew-a-Long.  If you are just joining us, WELCOME!!  If you have been with us all week, welcome back!  It's tie to get sewing, ladies!

Today is the first day we actually are going to sit down and sew, so grab you bodice pieces and head on over to your machine.  Make sure you have your main and lining fabrics, because these next few steps you will need both!

First, grab you front and back bodice pieces in your main fabrics.  You are going to sew your shoulder seams together.  Once sewn, iron you SA open.  Do the same for you lining fabrics.  When done, your pieces will look like the photos above.

Set your bodice pieces to the side and grab your bodice ties.  Place them RST and sew, leaving the straight bottom edge open.  Do this for your sleeve ties also, if you chose that option!  Trim the SA for all your ties and turn right side out.  give them a good steam and topstitch if you'd like!  

Go ahead and grab your main bodice fabric and your bodice ties.  Set everything else to the side.  We are going to be focusing on attaching our ties.  Your ties should be about 1/2" from the top of the bodice where the "v" starts, and flush with the bottom of the "v".  Baste these in place.

Now set your lining on top of your bodice, RST and pin.  You may want to mark your 1/2" SA around the "v" to make it easier to sew.  You will be pinning and sewing along the back sides and around the neckline.

Once sewn, trim off half of your SA, clipping corners and curves.  I use my pinking shears here!  Turn right side out and iron!  You should topstitch around the back middle, around the neckline, and back down the other side.  You should notice that your bodice ties are flush with the top of the bodice now.  

Tie your knot and you are done!  There are AWESOME directions on pg.27-29 of your pattern!  The tie knot comes out {perfectly} if you follow these directions!

You have completed day 3!  YAY!  Add in you photo into today's album.  Tomorrow we will be working on sleeves!  See you all back here tomorrow!

April 05, 2017 by Emily Steiger