It's our final Sew-a-Long day!  It's been a fun ride, but alas, it's time for our April SAL to come to a close.  Let's finish strong and complete our Charlies!

Let's grab our skirt and pocket pieces.  Finish the edges your pocket pieces and on the shot ends on the skirt pieces.  

Measure down 2 1/2in from the top and place a pin.  Do this on all your skirt pieces.  Now take a pocket piece and place at the pin, making sure your pocket is pointing down.  Place the mirror image on the other side of the skirt.  Sew the pockets with a 3/8 SA.  Do this for all your pocket pieces.

Flip the pokets out and iron flat.  Place the front and back skirts RST and pin down the side, around the pockets, and down to the bottom and sew.  Do this on both sides and iron your seams open flat.

Hem the bottom, ironing up 1/4in, and another 1/4in and sew.  

Now find the middle back of your skirt.  Measure down 3in and place a pin.  Cut down the middle to the pin.  Take your placket piece and place the right side touching the wrong side of the skirt.

Sew using a 1/8in SA.  Iron the SA up.  Now fold down 1in and iron, then fold down 1 1/8in and iron.  This will cover your SA. Take over to your machine and sew.  You have now made your placket.  The left side will fold back towards your skirt.  Baste this in place.

Sew two rows of gathering stitches on your skirt.  Do not include your placket when sewing.  Gather your skirt to the same width as your bodice, and pin in place, matching your side seams, and sew in place.  Finish your SA, iron it towards the bodice and topstitch in place.

We are almost done!  It's time to add buttonholes and buttons.  Once you have this done, your Charlie is COMPLETE!!!!  YAY!!

Take a photo and admire your amazing work!  Charlie is such a gorgeous pattern!  Add your photo into the Day 5 album!  Don't forget we will be choosing the SAL winner on MONDAY, so you have all weekend to finish!  Thanks so much for sewing a long with me!  I always have so much fun with you all!

April 07, 2017 by Emily Steiger