We recently introduced you to our new 18" Stuffed Animal Doll collection and today we have a {free} antler add on and tutorial for you, courtesy of one our our clever and amazing testers. Meet, Dude the Deer!! 

Dude the Deer Pattern Add on

Not wanting to leave her little boy out of the stuffed animal fun, she designed these adorable antlers and created Dude the Deer, a hip older brother for Miss Dainty Deer.  

Included below are instructions to create the boy version of the deer using the original pattern for Dainty Deer and a free printable template for the antlers. If you do not already own the PDF pattern for Dainty Deer, click here to purchase. Click (here) to download the antlers template for Dude.

Additional materials needed:

-  2- 4” x 4” ivory felt (if possible use felt purchased by the yard as it is thicker and sturdier than the precut sheets)

-  4" x 4" piece wonder under 

-  2” x 22” piece of fleece for the Scarf

-  Pattern for 18” Doll Version Sloane Skinny Pants (Click here to purchase)

To make Dude, cut out the fabric pieces as directed in the Dainty Deer pattern. Omit the fawn spots and trim the eyelashes off the ends of the eyes to make them more masculine. 

To make the antlers you'll need your piece of wonder under and the two felt pieces.  Fuse the wonder under to the back side of one piece of felt.  Once cooled, peel off the paper backing, and fuse the two felt squares together.  You'll have two layers of felt with the wonder under sandwiched between them.  Once cooled cut the antlers using the free template.  

Antler template for Dude the Deer

Continue with the instructions for Dainty Deer to step 14.  At this point, pin the antlers onto the top of the head.  Overlap the antlers, keeping the base points about 1/2" apart.  Center and pin to the top of the head as shown.  Baste stitch the antlers to the top of the head.  

Tutorial for attaching antlers

Continue with the instructions for Dainty to the end of the pattern.  If you'd like, you can create a simple box seam at the bottom of the torso to square off the body.  This is optional, but makes the pants fit better if you choose to dress your deer in pants.  To create the box seam, lay your deer on his side, and press the pointy corner at the hip into the body.  

Optional creation of box seam

Alt view creating box seam

A crease will form, adjust it until it is in the position that you would like and then slip stitch closed.  

Slip stitch tutorial pic for Dude the Deer

Repeat on the other side.

Finished Dude the Deer box seams

To create the scarf, make several snips at the ends of the fleece strip to make the scarf fringe.  There's no need to finish the raw edges as fleece does not fray.  

Dude the Deer's fleece scarf

If you choose to make pants for your deer, the Sloane Skinny Pants doll pattern is the perfect fit.  Chambray was used here to make them look just like a pair of jeans and we just love the working pockets!!  

Dude The Deer's finished outfit

That's it for Dude the Deer?  Easy peasy, right?!  We can't wait to see all of the amazing creations made using this tutorial!  Be sure to share your creations on the Violette Field Threads Facebook page. We'd like to thank Amanda for her generosity in sharing her antler template and for her creativity!  She did such a wonderful job with her Dainty and Dude the Deer sibling set! Dude and Dainty Deer

Plus!!! Now through Sunday, December 25th the Doll Patterns {animals and clothes} are on sale for 25% off.




December 24, 2016 by Crystal Thoreson