Today is Day 2 of our May Sew-a-long!  Are you still with me?  If you are just joining us, do not worry!  You haven't missed any sewing yet, so there's more than enough time to get caught up!  Today is another easy day, perfect for those of you who got behind already on day 1!  Let's get started!

It's time to print our patterns out.  Have you deiced what version(s) you are making?  I am making a sleeveless Baby Elodie for my littlest!  Did you know that you do not need to print out the skirt pattern pieces if you don't want to??  Did you also know that Elodie has layers?!?!  This means you don't have to print off every size, and can specify which size you want printed!  So cool!  If you want to print using layers, open your file in Adobe and click the icon on the left of your screen that looks like 3 pieces of paper.  Then click the + sign and you can specify which sizes you want shown!  So easy!

Now you can print your pattern and assemble the pieces.  Raise you hand if this is the part of sewing you dislike the most!  {RAISES HAND!!}  Seriously, I just do not like this part at all.  I wish the pattern fairy would visit my house and put all my patterns together for me while I sleep!

Ok, patterns are assembled and ready to go.  Time to cut fabric.  Pin your pattern pieces to your fabrics and cut.  Pay attention to grainlines and what needs to be cut on the fold.   I'm certain you NEVER make mistakes when cutting, I mean me either, NEVER!  haha

Lay your freshly cut pieces out all nice and pretty and snap a photo!  It's time to add it into the daily album!  We have finished day 2,  See, I told you it was an easy one!  Tomorrow we start sewing, so get a good nights sleep and I will see you back here tomorrow!


May 03, 2017 by Emily Steiger