It's day 3 of the Elodie Sew-a-Long!  We are ready to hit the ground running and get to sewing!  Everyday I spend a few minutes looking through the awesome daily albums and swooning over fabric choices from you all!  I was SHOCKED to see the majority of ladies chose to sew the everyday version!!  I can't wait to see all the finished Elodie's!!!

If you are making the everyday version, you are going to scroll to step #59!  If you are making the sheer version, you need to begin with making your bias!  We've talked about this quite a bit in other patterns.  You don't need much for this pattern, so take an 18in x 18in square of your sheer fabric and fold to create a triangle.  Starting at the point, measure a 1 1/8in strip and cut, then do this for 2 more strips.  When you are done, you should have 3 strips of fabric.  This will be the bias tape for your neckline and armholes if you are doing the sleeveless version.

For both the everyday and sheer version, you are going to take your main and lining pieces of your sweetheart and place them RST.  Sew them together along the top curves.  Trim your SA and clip notches.  I am using my pinking shears here!  

Turn right side out and iron.  Now lay your sweetheart piece on top of your main bodice front, lining up the edges and topstitch in place.  

If you are creating the sheer version, here is what you need to do.  You are going to take your front bodice you just sewed and 1 back bodice lining and place behind the front bodice, with wrong sides touching.  Then place 1 back bodice main fabric piece on top of the bodice with right sides touching.  Your front bodice is now sandwiched between your back bodice pieces.  Sew along the shoulder seam.  Do this for the other side too.

If you are doing the everyday version, you are going to sew your front and back main bodice pieces together at the shoulder seams.  Do the same for your lining pieces.  Sew along the shoulder seams, iron the seams open.

Now place your lining and main bodice fabrics right sides together and pin around the neckline.  If you are doing a sleeveless version, you can pin around the armholes too.  Sew where you have pinned, trim your SA and turn right side out!

If you are doing the sheet sleeveless version,  follow the directions in the pattern for finishing your armholes with your bias tape.  Here are the photos for reference, but you are basically attaching your bias to the armholes to enclose the raw edge!  Take your time and go slow!

This is where we are ending for today!  Tomorrow we are working on sleeves, sashes, and finishing up our bodices!  Make sure you add in you Day 3 photo to the album!  See you back here tomorrow!

May 04, 2017 by Emily Steiger