Hello VFT Family.
The Black Friday Sale is one our biggest events of the year and this year will be no different. We have several new patterns coming to the VFT Library and I am here to introduce you to one of them... 
Blithe is a Hi Lo Elegant dress that can be made with Tulle, Lace, Satin, Lightweight Neoprene and even cotton for a more causal feel. 
One of my favorite  and very special features of Blithe is the tulip sleeve. I mean hello, don't you just love a tulip sleeve! This is a sleeve that I have been admiring for years so when it came time to design the sleeve on Blithe I knew this was the perfect match! It is a play off of the curves on the back skirt. 
 Few more details:
*Size: 2-9/10 (Tween Sizes will be released in Dec)
*The dress is not only beautiful on the outside but also on the inside with enclosed seams.
Style A- Simple Cotton:
Style B: Tulle or Tulle/Lace/Mesh Fabrics:
Style C: Thick Fabric- Ruffle Fabric/Rosettes
 I love that Blithe can be made with super fancy fabrics or simple cotton. No matter what fabric you choose your little one will be on point! 
Here are some Tester photos:
 Blithe will release during the Black Friday Sale starting Nov 22nd!!!
Be sure to stop by our Facebook group to see more inspiration and to keep up with all the happenings. 
But WAIT! There is more...
Want to win 3 yards of Ruffle Fabric delicious TULLE in Black?? This is the same tulle I used in the black Blithe dress at the beginning of the blog post.  You have now until the 23rd to sign up to win!!! Click on the Rafflecoptor link below!
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November 19, 2017 by Alexis Wright


Jill F

Jill F said:

I absolutely adore the details on this dress – from the tulip sleeves to the double skirt- it’s perfect!


Jane said:

This is the prettiest dress ever.


Brandi said:

I want this pattern and do all black like an Audrey Hepburn style of dress!

Andrea Loy

Andrea Loy said:

I see a beautiful belle dress made from this pagywrnnkn my future!


Rose said:

Oh my. This is lovely. The red and green Christmas one is adorable.


plt said:

These dresses are SO beautiful! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your fabric and layers of RUFFLES!!!


Leilani said:

So pretty!


Jacque said:

That is gorgeous and simple ! ?


Rosalie said:



Michele said:

Love this!

Rebecca Campbell

Rebecca Campbell said:

What a perfect dress for Christmas! Can’t wait for the release.

Kathy Wieland

Kathy Wieland said:

Just so precious!


Cora said:

I may have to make my daughter a 2nd holiday dress. This is so pretty!

Janet Russell Leko

Janet Russell Leko said:

This dress! It can be made casual or dressy! It’s so versatile, my granddaughters will love it.


Maria said:

Love!! Especially the sleeves?

Laurie Roberts

Laurie Roberts said:

I love the tulip sleeves!

Amanda Crews

Amanda Crews said:

This is so cute. Love the one with tulle skirt


Marci said:

Love that this is in tween! Makes my heart happy!

Natalie Hidalgo

Natalie Hidalgo said:



Ginny said:

What an adorable twirly skirt pattern!!

Jasmin Rivera

Jasmin Rivera said:


Shar Roden

Shar Roden said:

LOVE the dress in Red and white!!! So elegant!


Brittaney said:

Can not wait to sew this!!!

Stephanie Keime

Stephanie Keime said:

Those sleeves! And the pixie colors.

Jessica Hamilton

Jessica Hamilton said:

Those sleeves!! Omgoodness, this pattern is a dream <3


Monique said:

How beautiful is this dress? I think I will have to make a Christmas dress out of this pattern!

Michelle Weston

Michelle Weston said:

Love the red velvet, can’t wait to purchase.


Konra said:

Love the velvet ones for Christmas!

Nancy J Richards

Nancy J Richards said:

All are absolutely gorgeous!!

Lauralee L.

Lauralee L. said:

This dress is just stunning!

Steffi Moon Cowan

Steffi Moon Cowan said:

So pretty!!


Jaynee said:

I love the versatility of this pattern – it suits all ages and fabrics. The tulip sleeve is sweet and practical.

Soenie Aubry

Soenie Aubry said:

Just the name above makes you want to live in a magical place. This is so inspirational. Can’t wait to try it (saying that, I hope there is a pattern for ladies) lol.

Sheri Sanchez

Sheri Sanchez said:

Oh wow, this is so timeless and beautiful. Pretty sure this will be my next project!!


manda said:


Lucy-Ann Adam

Lucy-Ann Adam said:

OMG … this is so gorgeous! … A must have!

Debra Luke

Debra Luke said:



Katie said:

This dress is beautiful


Brenda said:

Cute! Everyone needs a serger!

Dawn Kennedy

Dawn Kennedy said:

I would love to have this pattern for both my 2 yr old and 12 yr old.

Andreea Radu

Andreea Radu said:

This is perfect for the Holidays!

Anne Wickman

Anne Wickman said:

anne.wickman@gmail.com Blithe is such a beauty and will make a gorgeous holiday and special occasion dress! I love the fact that there are so many possibilities with fabric choices and therefore giving countless choices for a beautiful outcome! Specialty tulle is calling out to me!


Anitha said:


Lori Williams

Lori Williams said:

Adorable! Love the little detail on the cap sleeve.


Erica said:

I like be the red velvet and white tulle! So elegant! If you don’t have a serger would a rolled hem work to create the tulip sleeve?


kristen said:

So pretty!!!

Roxie Lango

Roxie Lango said:

This is gorgeous and would make a beautiful flower girl dress

Candice Campbell

Candice Campbell said:

Love this pattern!

Vanessa Freeman

Vanessa Freeman said:

My daughter will love this dress once I make it for her! I’m so excited about the serger giveaway too!


beverley said:

beautiful special occasion dress… love it!

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