Welcome back for another great post sharing more inspiration and information on the new pattern releases!!!

Today we're taking a closer look at the Modern Playground collection: Tatum & Kensley.

When thinking about Back to School style, we knew that your girls & tweens would want sleeve option as the temperature changes from the heat of summer to the crisp air of fall. We also knew that they would want comfortable clothing but with some really great style details!

Be sure to check back on yesterday's post for the Vintage Study Hall collection and a giveaway! Read today's post for another awesome giveaway!!!!


Tatum is a knit dolman style dress featuring several sleeve length options and a full, gathered skirt. Since the bodice is dolman style, that means no separate sleeve piece needed!!!! This makes for a super fast and super easy sew- perfect for the beginning sewist!

Sew Tatum in a short, 3/4 or long sleeve length for year round wear!

Tatum for tweens is a stylish, comfy and easy wear! The dolman style sleeve is so on trend and your tween will love that her Tatum looks like it could have been purchased at her favorite designer store.


Kensley is perfect for your girly girl! The gorgeous scoop back is so feminine and sweet! The full, gathered circle skirt brings an amazing twirl. So many sleeve options: sleeveless, short, long, and long with ruffle.


Kensley is such a flattering style for tweens with a slim waist and full hemline. 

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September 12, 2018 by Cassie M



Jasmin said:

Ive been looking for a pattern like tatum forever!!!!

Gretchen Bristol

Gretchen Bristol said:

I love these dress patterns- my Granddaughter loves knit dresses. Thanks so much

Jozel Watson

Jozel Watson said:

Kensley is awesome and so twirly!!


Allyson said:

Both are so cute!!


Jamie said:

I have a Kensley cut out and ready to sew!


Melinda said:

My granddaughter’s favorite is Lulu. My favorite is Tatum. Bought both.


Suzanne said:

I am so in love with these- Harper is my favorite with the Lulu combination, it is just breathtaking!


Kari said:



Mirian said:

I love Kensley :) its so beautiful and I think my daughter would love the fullness on the skirt .


Becky said:



Jana said:

My daughters love all things comfy and twirly..these knit dresses are perfect!!!


Lynn said:

Tatum is so cute!

Carol Compton

Carol Compton said:

I can’t wait to sew this


Naomi said:

I like Harper best ☺

Ashley Milardo

Ashley Milardo said:

Love more knit options!

Jenny Schear

Jenny Schear said:

Kensley is my very favorite! It looks so comfy and twirly!!

Elizabeth C.

Elizabeth C. said:

Love these patterns!!

Elizabeth Claassen

Elizabeth Claassen said:

Favorite is Kensley!

Heidi Romero

Heidi Romero said:

I have yet to sew with knits, but I bought Tatum. I’m hoping it’s an easy first!

Stacy Justinich

Stacy Justinich said:

I bought all 4 patterns in girl, tween and doll.


Janna said:

Can’t wait to try them both!!

Lisa Roussel

Lisa Roussel said:


Lisa Roussel

Lisa Roussel said:


Elizabeth Johnson

Elizabeth Johnson said:

I love both new school collections! Can’t wait to try them!

Karen Christensen

Karen Christensen said:

I like the Kensley


Deborah said:

I can’t decide which one is my favorite yet—so I got them both!


Michele said:

I love these patterns so much. It makes me so happy to be able to create something one of a kind for my little girl!


Elizabeth said:

Love Tatum and Kensley! I believe these will soon be my granddaughters very favorite dresses!

Shirley Clark

Shirley Clark said:

I love the Kensley!

Erin Moody

Erin Moody said:

I love all of the new patterns!! It’s so hard to decide which ones to get! 😍


Theresa said:

Love these!



Loved! Already get mine <3


Marjorie said:

I love the sleeves options the knit is a beautiful motivator for me as It will be my first dress with knit. Stunning as always

carolina disla

carolina disla said:

i love the kensley :)

Emily A.

Emily A. said:

The Tatum looks super comfy! I want this in adult size! 😍


Amber said:

Can’t wait to sew up Kensley!

Tonia Jeffery

Tonia Jeffery said:

I love Lulu, it is my daughter’s nickname.


Abbey said:

Ohhh I want to mash the modice of Tatum with the circle skirt of kensley!

Kimberley Waddell

Kimberley Waddell said:

Love Kensley so much! That skirt! I’d pair anything with that skirt!


Gavin said:

I love the Kensley. Can’t wait to make it!

Renee G

Renee G said:

I love the Kensley dress.

Tabitha Pettit

Tabitha Pettit said:

I love Violette Field Threads patterns. They are always so classy and fit my girls so well.

Taylor Roberts

Taylor Roberts said:

I seriously can’t wait to sew up Kensley!!! I’m loving that scoop back!!!


Yanie said:

Love them all! Kensley is my favorite.

Jennifer Adams

Jennifer Adams said:

I love the twirl in Kensley ❤️❤️❤️


Kate said:

Wow! The Kensley is my favorite. I am loving the beautiful neckline on the back of this dress.


Lena said:

Love the scoop back in the Kensley


Anna said:

I love the new styles! Can’t wait to sew them!


Emily said:

Love them both, but that gathered circle skirt on the Kensley is amazing! 😍😍😍

Sandra McCluskey

Sandra McCluskey said:

I just recently found you and so happy I did. I love the new Kensley.

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