Hi everyone!!  Maya here to introduce you to my newest design Sadie!
Spring is in the air and Sadie is sooooo perfect for the season...
There is nothing like the silhouette of an A-line dress on a beautiful little girl with flowers in her hand! I just love the vintage vibe Sadie gives!
I hope you adore her as much as we do!!! 
Sadie Details:
Available in Baby, Girls, and Doll sizes!!!!

Sadie has two length options including Knee Length which hits right at the top of the knee, and Vintage Length which hits 2"- 3" above the knee.

 There are several sleeve options including Flounce flutters, Sleeveless, Cap, and Elbow length sleeves. 

Sadie has an optional Center bow which is perfect for those Girly Girls!!

One more AMAZING detail about Sadie is that the inside is just as beautifully constructed as the outside! That's right ladies, fully encased seams (aside from the elbow length sleeve version)!!
Here are some Sadie dresses for inspiration!! 
Vintage Length With Elbow Length Sleeve and Center Bow!!! 
Flounce Flutter with Center Bow and Decorative Buttons!
Sadie Baby version with Cap Sleeves and a Center Bow!!
Sadie will be on sale through tomorrow, Use code SADIE for 15% off!! Enjoy and be sure to share in our Pattern Group on Facebook! Link is Below!
Here is the link for Sadie!!
Maya Carithers
March 11, 2018 by Maya Carithers



Larissa said:

It didn’t take much convincing for me to buy this one! I can’t wait to make it!


Alayna said:

Beautiful dress! Love the vintage look!

Alexis cook

Alexis cook said:

Love this dress, so much!

Jennifer Adams

Jennifer Adams said:



Annemarie said:

This this adorable! I love everything about it. Simple yet elegant. I’d like to make many x

René Bolton

René Bolton said:

Very cute!

Asha chacko

Asha chacko said:

This pattern looks so simple and beautiful

Carolyn Combs

Carolyn Combs said:

All the hearts love a vintage look!?✂️


Shilpa said:

Oh so beautiful!

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