The weather is getting cooler and the biggest shopping day of the year is right around the corner! What better way to celebrate than with new sewing patterns?! Today I wanted to share details on Tilly, my upcoming pdf pattern, which will be available in Doll, Girl, and Tween sizing.

Tilly is an adorable, chic jacket with a ruffle hem intended to hit right at the hip. Tilly features a comfortable, round band collar. There are three closure options including; button closure, no closure, and double tie closure. Tilly is quite simple to sew and is the perfect sewing pattern for beginners who have been desiring to sew outerwear. Are you looking for a sewing challenge? Try sewing up a Tilly in leather or suede for a luxe jacket! 

The following Tilly jackets feature the full button closure. This is a great option for colder climates, to keep your girl cozy and warm!

The double tie closure option is my FAVORITE detail of this little jacket! It will gives your new sewing project a boho vibe and there is virtually endless options of lace or trims that can be used for the ties! Check out the trim section of your favorite sewing shop or go online for loads of inspiration. 

Finally, the no closure Tilly is an uber quick and simple sew. You cannot beat the speed of this cute and casual sew. 

 What can make you fall in love with Tilly even more......all seams are enclosed giving it the option of being reversible!! That means two looks in one!

 Are you ready to prep your supplies for a new Tilly?  We want to help with a GIVEAWAY!!!

Who wants to win a $50 Gift Card to Hawthorne Threads Supply Company???  To enter, just comment below with some styling ideas/fabric choices/plans for your Tilly!! You have until 11/25/19 to enter. 



November 22, 2019 by Maya Carithers


Jenny Reynolds

Jenny Reynolds said:

I love Tilly! Next I’m going to try one un-lined with some sherpa fleece because I think it would be perfect 😊😊

Susan Contreras

Susan Contreras said:

Have to have this pretty one besides My name is Tilly! So fun!

Elisse Florance

Elisse Florance said:

I think I’ll do a floral for the early spring cool days!

Barbara Minks

Barbara Minks said:

I love the many ways to be creative with this look. I think my favorite is to use it as a little cardigan or wrap!

Deborah L Fields-Watson

Deborah L Fields-Watson said:

I really want to do a plaid one (I have the perfect Hufflepuff yellow plaid), with a silk like lining! I love this jacket!! I want one in my size!!

Theresa Jank

Theresa Jank said:

My sister and I are headed to pick up fabric on Sunday so we will see what we can find.. Plaids or florals


Theodora said:

Using lace on the bottom and sleeves

Mabel Adams

Mabel Adams said:

Corduroy or velvet depending on the look you’re after.

Aileen Moretti

Aileen Moretti said:

This would be so pretty in denim! 😍

Rebecca Campbell

Rebecca Campbell said:

We just moved to Kansas from Arizona and looking forward to making long sleeved clothes for a change!

Batool Khattab

Batool Khattab said:

Love it! Works great for matching outfits!

Susie Wynn

Susie Wynn said:

Tilly is adorable. I think it would be great to use snaps for people who hate to do buttonholes. I think making it with some super soft flannel would be so cozy.

Monica King

Monica King said:

I’m leaning toward a full closure denim Tilley with maybe some lace and embroidery. 😁😁


Sarah said:

This will be such a fun addition to Christmas dresses this year!!

Melissa Burnette

Melissa Burnette said:

The idea of leather sounds nice!


Hydee said:

Velvet on the outside and s silky floral on the inside 😍.


Natalie said:

I’m loving the buffalo plaid, or doing a solid

Marilyn Gauger

Marilyn Gauger said:

I have a dusty pink lightweight fur that is calling to be made into this pattern.

Shannon Black

Shannon Black said:

I’m loving the Velvet look. Also I’m still really into the Buffalo check!! Can’t wait to sew it up!!


Julie said:

I love that it is reversible! I’m all about plaids right now so I’d want to make one in a bright plaid.


Heather said:

I would make one out of a blue and white or beige and white fabric and then put a layer of lace trim or white mesh over the bottom ruffle. Making the lace or mesh a few inches shorter then the ruffle.🙂❤

Judy Smith

Judy Smith said:

I might use the red check plaid flannel that I’ve been hoarding

Monique Hendricks

Monique Hendricks said:

Floral!! Paired with a dress, high high socks and boots

Elin Kristof

Elin Kristof said:

I made a beautiful Christmas Penelope with capsleeves. It it a bit chilly in late december so i think Tilly is perfect made in a knit lace fabric i have wanted to sew in.


Mag said:

Oh, I’m thinking – red corduroy with golden buttons, brown faux suede with beige lace and swirly cream faux fur… I think I’ll be pretty busy next week!! :)
Can’t wait!!


Mel said:

These are beautiful! As much as I love plaid, my daughter would love anything floral!!! Little princess ;)

Kaylea Elliott

Kaylea Elliott said:

Boho lace Tilly with jeans and some cute boots ❤️

Loretta Heard

Loretta Heard said:

Luv all three styles! My 10 year old granddaughter would luv one sewn from a soft knit! The deep ruffle is right on trend!

Caren Sheffield

Caren Sheffield said:

Beautiful red plaid!

Kate P

Kate P said:

I’ve got some beautiful navy corduroy and a flannel plaid that look great together. I think it might be fun!

Debi Vance

Debi Vance said:

Love this fall jacket, perfect for Florida

Brittany Maraia

Brittany Maraia said:

With our tilly I’d style it with a cute peplum and leave it unbutton with some ripped jeans & boots! 😍 flannel is deff my favorite fabric choice for these aswell! And solids to go over dresses and for layering absolutely perfection ❤

Pam Lucas

Pam Lucas said:

Very stylish jacket! Can’t wait to purchase the pattern and pick out fabric!

Sharon Melton

Sharon Melton said:

I’m wanting to make my granddaughter a Christmas Tilly for December! I’ll probably use a red and green plaid flannel. 🤔


Vanessa said:

Love this for my niece!


Amy said:

Can’t wait to make a red one for Christmas!

Beth Hunt

Beth Hunt said:

I don’t know how I have missed this pattern, but not any longer!! I have pretty mini courdory that I couldn’t decide what to do with for my 4year granddaughter. This will be perfect with a light weight lining for the fall.

Kathryn Nicolai

Kathryn Nicolai said:

My princess has flaming red hair, crystal be eyes, and currently loves anything with horses or unicorns. Because of this, the vast majority of my fabric choices lately have been horse/unicorn prints, and anything in deep navy blue because it looks incredible in contrast with her coloring 💜

Hannah Sell

Hannah Sell said:

Oooo this is just darling! I would love to use some corduroy fabric to sew one of these up ✨

Laurie Georgen

Laurie Georgen said:

I have three granddaughters that would look adorable in Tilly! It is so cute and versatile. They live in a milder climate so I could keep the fabrics light. So many options!

Julie Kelsey

Julie Kelsey said:

Love the idea of the Tilly with some jeans

Jessica McKean

Jessica McKean said:

I am excited for a jacket that my daughter will think is a dress because she will not wear a coat for the life of us.


Meridyth said:

I think the Tilly looks so great in flannel. Any plaid would make it such a cute addition to my girl’s wardrobe!

Stephanie Kenyon

Stephanie Kenyon said:

floral patterns are my jam!

Debbie Cooper

Debbie Cooper said:

Because my granddaughter (5) LOOOOVES corduroy, I would have to make her one in a soft corduroy to wear with a patterned fabric Christmas outfit. The picture with the gold jacket and the floral dress is similar to what I would do.

Arlene Beyer

Arlene Beyer said:

I have a blue plaid flannel that’s perfect for the new tilly. My granddaughter really liked the large snaps i put on some of the outfits i made her so I’ll use them on the tilly.
I sewed buttons on so the look was really cute she’s 5.


Alicia said:

I’d love to do a flannel buffalo check no closure

Johna Harrison

Johna Harrison said:

I love the versatility of Tilly and can’t wait to make a reversible one for my sweet granddaughter! How about a fur-lined crush velvet?

Pat Allmon

Pat Allmon said:

I think Tilly would be pretty made from lace

Hope Brooks

Hope Brooks said:

So cute for the holidays! Would be cute in a microcord fabric!

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