Hey all!! Cassie here to share with you a very special new pattern to join the line up for the *biggest* Black Friday release and site-wide sale!!! I know your eyes have already popped out of your head, you've fallen off your chair in awe, and your mind is already racing with ideas for the incredible designs already posted over the last several days...but I'm here to close out the reveals with my newest design, Valentina!!!!

Valentina is the absolute cherry on top when it comes to a holiday or special occasion ensemble! We all know there's truly nothing worse than dressing up your girls in the most beautiful, special dresses and then cringing as they zip up their ski jackets on top. Well, Valentina is here to keep the chicness from head to toe!!

Valentina has two length options: short or long. The short option pairs perfectly with shorter special occasion dresses and yet looks incredible with everyday wear like jeans. The long option brings all the twirl and drama!!! 

Valentina can be made from fabrics such as wool, fleece, flannel, jacquard, corduroy, velvet, etc. for a cozy warm coat. You can choose light-weight fabrics for a lighter coat if desired. Add some faux fur to the collar for a really upscale look!

Several front closure options such as buttons, hidden snaps, and/or belted. 

If you've never sewn a coat before, prepare to be amazed with your skills once you finish! You'll step back in awe of the gorgeous, fully lined interior...and then you'll probably walk around showing your neighbors, hair dresser, dog groomer, etc. because it's just so good- you'll want to show everyone! If you don't believe me, just ask our incredible testers!! See some of their gorgeous Valentina's below.

To help get you started, we are giving away a $50 gift card to Fabric.com, where great coat fabrics can be purchased! To enter, simply click the Rafflecopter link below. Giveaway entries close on November 23rd. 

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November 20, 2017 by Cassie M


Eileen Barber

Eileen Barber said:

Beautiful pattern, your site is an inspiration to me I am new at sewing and your pattern are so helpful they give step by step help. Thank you


Andreea said:

I can’t wait to make a few!! I have 6 girls to sew for!!

Tammy Reinhardt

Tammy Reinhardt said:

Can’t wait! So so beautiful! ??

Tammy Reinhardt

Tammy Reinhardt said:

Love the buffalo plaid one!


Miranda said:

My picky eight year is finally going to let me make her something, this gorgeous coat! My four year old wears everything mommy made so I had planned to buy it anyway. But so excited to make something for my older daughter!!

Anne Wickman

Anne Wickman said:

anne.wickman@gmail.com[Not sure if my previous attempt came through, so trying again! ;) ] I absolutely LOVE this pattern and its endless possibilities! Can’t wait till tomorrow and start choosing the yummy fabrics!

Marissa marcum

Marissa marcum said:

Wow this is Awesome! I really love the different ways to close it!


Anitha said:



Anitha said:


Ruth Dye

Ruth Dye said:

What an amazing pattern. You have really outdone yourself

Michele Morris

Michele Morris said:

I would use a soft fake fur in pink.


Maria said:

I love everything about Valentina!


Brandi said:

A cream corduroy with a nice fleece lining and it would be goregous for my baby girl!

Jessica F

Jessica F said:

I truly can’t decide what fabric I’d pick first for a coat! Thinking something classic for my first one, and definitely a faux fur collar!

Jean Ivory

Jean Ivory said:

Would like to make the Valentina for my granddaughter in a super plush fleece.

Judy Cinerari

Judy Cinerari said:

I would love to make this in dark red velvet.


Sarah said:

Deep maroon wool or a plaid – hard to make up my mind :)


Jen said:

Beautiful! Always my favorite patterns ?

Aubrey Mak

Aubrey Mak said:

I think I want to make one out of flannel! Or maybe some pretty denim.



I love this coat, it’s perfect for my granddaughters!!

Wendy Ellison

Wendy Ellison said:

Precious coat! I can just see this in a soft pink wool.

Wendy Ellison

Wendy Ellison said:

Precious coat! I can just see this in a soft pink wool.


Rhonda said:

RED and Navy


Nojie said:

Gorgeous design!!! This will make our neighbours hardly close their eyes..

Victoria Johnson

Victoria Johnson said:

I love this! Great design! I love the vintage look of the coat!

Peggy Ntp

Peggy Ntp said:

I would love this in a cream fleece for casual wear!


Michelle said:

My daughter loves all things pink, so I can definitely see this in a baby pink for her to wear over all of her dresses. Love!


JennyM said:

I think I’ve been waiting for this coat pattern since my first baby girl was born 8 years ago! It’s absolutely delightful. Definitely getting purchased tomorrow!

jessica stewart

jessica stewart said:

I can’t wait for this pattern! It’s absolutely gorgeous. I can’t decide which fabric to use!

Reyna Lay

Reyna Lay said:

For this gorgeous pattern I would definitely purchase the solid waffle plush wool blend coating in red. It would be perfect on this!


Amanda said:

Amazing! So cute, especially the longest version!


Vanessa said:

I’d love to make it in pink :)


XUAN said:

I want to use a luxe flannel like another tester had done!

Leslie Stanfield

Leslie Stanfield said:

This coat is to die for! Gosh I love everything, it looks so well thought of, even down to the construction of the lining!

Diana Matlock

Diana Matlock said:

A heathered gray or a soft pink fabric would make such a petty Valentina!

Tina Creech Weikel

Tina Creech Weikel said:

Gray wool would be my pick for this!

Stacy Bebb

Stacy Bebb said:

I can’t wait to do a cute little red coat for my daughter


D-lyn said:

Such a beautiful coat!


D-lyn said:

this would look so pretty in a blush boiled wool I think!


Chris said:

I’m in Texas, and this little coat could be perfect for our climate in a lightweight wool or maybe pinwale corduroy. Can’t wait to try it out!


Liz said:

Love this!! Something lightweight so my daughter can wear it often in TX winters!

Dena Aldaco

Dena Aldaco said:

I love the coat patterns and would love to make it in a red fabric!

Ashley Campbell

Ashley Campbell said:

My oldest would LOVE this in pink!


Bonnie said:

I already bought the pattern and have been scoping out some gorgeous pink and white wool – can’t wait!

Cindy Hampton

Cindy Hampton said:

I think a fine wale courdroy in any color would be beautiful!

Melissa Hood

Melissa Hood said:

Can’t wait to make in red/ black buffalo check!

Barbara Callahan

Barbara Callahan said:

Fabulous is right! I can’t wait to make one of these beauties. Love my VFT

Nicole Martin

Nicole Martin said:

I would definitely choose pink!


Danita said:

I just bout this lovely pattern and am waiting for my fabric. Just a quick question. Are you planning to do a You Tube video for this pattern? It would be so very nice if you did!!!! :-)

Cynthia Vivona

Cynthia Vivona said:

Do you have the Valentina in an 11/12 size?
Thank you,

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