June SAL day 2

Welcome back!  Yesterday was a fun day of picking out fabrics, trims, and brainstorming what amazing creations we are going to sew up!  Today we must get to work and start putting our pattern together!

Pattern pieces

First things first, print out your June pattern because it's time to start assembling!  I have a few different ways I put my patterns together, but today I am using good old clear tape since I couldn't find my glue stick and this super pregnant Mama was not attempting to search for one!

June dress pdf pattern

 I adore sewing because it let's me customize garments to fit my child perfectly!  I need to mash my sizes, since my daughter is petite!  I mash size 2 width with size 3 length.  Make sure you measure your child before cutting!  This dress has a fitted bodice, and therefore in order for the back to lie right, you need to measure measure measure!  Since I've already sewn this dress before and I know my daughter is narrow in the shoulders, I will likely take a wider seam allowance {SA} on the back bodice so that the fit is spot on!  

With that out of the way, cut and assemble the pattern pieces.  There are cutting charts for the center, side, and back skirt pieces, so printing those pattern pieces are not necessary.  And don't forget about cutting your elastic and tie pieces too!  If you don't want to use fabric for your ties, take a look through your trims!  Lace, ribbon, ric-rac, etc. are all great options!

Pattern pieces

Once your pattern in assembled it is time to start cutting your fabric.  This took my longer than normal since I was using fabric that needed to by {fussy cut}.  I don't always do this, but it was a must this time around.  


Cut out all pattern pieces for your bodice and pockets in both your main and lining fabrics.  Your skirt only needs to be cut in the main fabric.  Once you are done, you should have a lovely pile of gorgeousness just screaming to be sewn!  

june fabrics

All those pretty fabrics are just going to have to wait until tomorrow though, since Day 2 is officially {OVER}!  Easy peasy, right??  When you have everything cut out, snap a photo and head over to the Day 2 Album and upload your photo!  Remember to add in the folder and not in the comments so you can be counted for today and qualify for the awesome giveaway at the end of the week!  

SAL schedule

Tomorrow we begin sewing the bodice!  {YAY}!!!  If you missed Day 1 you can read over it here.  See you tomorrow for Day 3 of the {June} Sew-A-Long!

July 12, 2016 by Emily Steiger