Hello to all of you wonderful ladies of VFT!!! Its Leah here, the designer behind Marissa!! Have you ladies been patiently waiting for that time of year to roll around where you can prepare for parties, special events or special occasions? Well that time of year is right around the corner, and it's time to prepare for all that glitters and fanciness!! Marissa is that perfect fancy dress for all of your special occasions!


Marissa has a rounded high neckline with an inset ruffle and illusion or everyday square inset chest! Marissa is complete with a full skirt with lining, zipped back for closure and optional sash! Marissa is such a classy, feminine, lady like dress that your sweet girl will have all the eyes on her when entering the room!! Marissa will make your girl sparkle! Speaking of sparkle, you can also have baby sister shine too, because Marissa comes in BABY as well as sizes GIRLS 2-9/10!!! How great is that!!

Also, while Marissa can light up the room she can also be an everyday wear with Marissa everyday version! Switch the illusion chest out for timeless cotton and you have a eye grabbing, everyday, showstopper! Below is an inspiration photo of Marissa!

 I was completely intrigued and inspired by the feminine, lady like look of this dress, I knew I had to have it for my little lady! I love this timeless look, but changed a few details. I envisioned a higher neckline, for a more vintage feel, and added a show-stopping large bow in the back. This dress really is so special and heirloom feeling. At the same time, I also love a simpler, everyday look, so the "everyday version", where the inset is not sheer, is perfect too! It's a bit of an easier sew, and that little space on the inset is the perfect place to embellish or embroider!! So much room for creativity!!

I would like to tell you ladies that our elite testers that we have, that exude sooo much creativity and talent seriously put together some AMAZING Marissa's!! Pictured below is a collage of some of our amazing testers!! I hope you enjoy sewing, twirling, and seeing your princess in Marissa!


Leah Pitkin

November 18, 2017 by Leah Pitkin


Varna Nolen

Varna Nolen said:


Varna Nolen

Varna Nolen said:

This is the sweetest dress. I can’t wait to buy it and make it for my granddaughter

Lyndsi D.

Lyndsi D. said:

Gorgeous!!!! In love with the ruffle ?

Mary Sue Gronsky

Mary Sue Gronsky said:

I love it!!!

Holly Lange

Holly Lange said:

Stunning dress! This is a must have for my daughter’s wardrobe! :)

Jessica Dotts

Jessica Dotts said:

I am in love with this one! I can’t wait to do some hand embroidery!


Linda said:

This is such a beautiful pattern, everyone did an awesome job.

Melissa Smith

Melissa Smith said:

Can’t wait for the release! Beautiful dress and so versatile.


Angela said:

I love the look with the denim. Its so simple but it can be so fancy. gorgeous pattern!

Caitlin Weaver

Caitlin Weaver said:

Sooo gorgeous! I think this will be perfect for Easter next year.


Jpressgrove said:


Amanda Gray Caldwell

Amanda Gray Caldwell said:

I just love Marissa! I want to make her for my daughter for our assembly Dec. 13th!

Jody Malone

Jody Malone said:

I love Marissa! My daughter and the dress ?

Sandi Bradley

Sandi Bradley said:

I love that you can dress up so beautifully the Marissa or go for an everyday or heirloom look with just one pattern. I’m especially in love with the embroidery on the everyday version and plan to make something similar as soon as I can get this pattern. Thank you for so many beautiful creations!

Lillian Calloway

Lillian Calloway said:

Love the Marissa! So pretty! and girly!

Christi Fraley

Christi Fraley said:



Francine said:

I just adore this pattern. I will buy it the moment it is available. Just cannot wait….

Beverly  penn

Beverly penn said:

So lovely! Reminder me of high tea! So many options to get a certain look out of this style

Beverly  penn

Beverly penn said:

So lovely! Reminder me of high tea! So many options to get a certain look out of this style

Cory Fry

Cory Fry said:

Just Lovely!


Lina said:

What a beautiful dress! Can‘t wait for the pattern to be released.

Helen Le

Helen Le said:

Tween and Misses size please!


Teresa said:

Wow, gorgeous! Great work!


Sarah said:

These dresses are just darling! I really like the illusion inset- but even more so the embroidered panel!

Debbie Bowdish

Debbie Bowdish said:

Marissa is a stunning dress as a dressy dress, but just as intriguing for more casual wear!!!! Love that I can use embroidery on the yoke insert!

Jeannette Olton

Jeannette Olton said:

What a gorgeous pattern! I can’t wait for it’s release!

Jennifer Mott

Jennifer Mott said:

Love this dress! Can’t wait to scoop it up on Wednesday!!

Sharon Jones

Sharon Jones said:

Want to make this dress for my granddaughter. Would love to win trims and notions.

Terry cameron

Terry cameron said:

There is Never any lady Patiently Waiting for a new VFT pattern. We are all wishing and hoping for new patterns while we are downloading the latest and most beautiful pattern. Most beautiful that is until the next newest one comes out. We are all like kids in a candy store.

Judy Smith

Judy Smith said:

I love this pattern…. ideas are swirling already.

Amy Snipes

Amy Snipes said:

Leah, you have once again provided a gorgeous pattern that my little finicky fashionista is so excited to wear! This will be a gorgeous addition to her closet. Can’t thank you enough!!


Victoria said:

I will be getting this pattern for sure!

Terri Goodwin

Terri Goodwin said:

Just STUNNING. I can’t wait to make this dress.

Krisztina Bessenyei

Krisztina Bessenyei said:

I absolutely love this! My friend surprises her with Nutcracker tickets next week, since she dances in her studio version already, I can see her wearing this to the theater!!?


erika said:

Absolutely stunning!!!

Emily Kim

Emily Kim said:


Aniko Escher

Aniko Escher said:



Emily said:

So beautiful!!

Kathy Reichle

Kathy Reichle said:

I see another holiday dress in my granddaughter’s closet ❤️


Marah said:

I love this dress!

Cheryl Nielsen

Cheryl Nielsen said:

Love it! So prissy and feminine!


Elizabeth said:

I absolutely love this pattern ❤️


Sarah said:

Can’t wait to get my hands on this pattern!


Jessie said:

I love this dress!


Stephanie said:

So lovely it’s so cute

Jasmin Rivera

Jasmin Rivera said:


Dottie Krull

Dottie Krull said:

These new patterns are very inspiring. Each season will be reflected in amazing Violette Field Threads style!


Jillian said:

Love all these new designs!

Pegi Weber

Pegi Weber said:

These are my #1 go to patterns I would love to win the lace accessories package I’m sure it will be as awesome as UR patterns

Eileen barber

Eileen barber said:

Beautiful pattern as always I love them so much

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