Are you are becoming well acquainted with our 2018 Spring Dress Collection yet? There has been so much sharing in our Facebook group over the last few days. So, without further adieu, we'd love to introduce you to our addition to the collection: Isobel.

Isobel embodies the essence of Violette Field Threads.... innocence, beauty, and precious childhood.  Isobel was inspired from a bygone era when little girls twirled and skipped in pinafores and dresses for every occasion!



Isobel is a pinafore style dress and top that features a soft square front and back neckline with side panels and optional side ties.  The bodice can include squared  flutter sleeves, and is also exceptionally cute with the lace or trim embellishments.


The back overlaps and  buttons up with either four or six buttons. This provides for an adjustable fit.


What is even more to love?!  Isobel is available in not only girls but baby sizes as well!!  We are just in love with the beautiful sister sets.


The Isobel skirt can be sewn as a single skirt or a double skirt with added bottom ruffle.  The double skirt provides exceptional twirl!!


 Does your little love have a dollie she likes to dress up? Isobel also comes in doll. 


We hope you are as excited about Isobel as we are!! 

Would you like to win a copy of both Girls and Baby Isobel along with a $40.00 gift card from Hawthorne Threads Fabrics? Enter the giveaway below!


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Jessica and Ericka

March 29, 2018 by Ericka Wright


Linda Steinhoff

Linda Steinhoff said:

This is my favorite new pattern. Very retro. I had a dress similar to this when I was a child.


Karen said:

I love Isobel in so many ways. This is the first new pattern I will sew. So classic for Baby to Tween! Thank you for this beautiful pattern!


Leilani said:

Love this pinafore dress ❤️❤️❤️


Lori said:

I’m pretty sure I have a vintage floral sheet saved just for this occasion!


Jessie said:

I may have to stick to using some of my stash for Isobel, although, if I have a busy week, I may be able to sneak out and buy some new fabric, but I have no clue what line it will be. Maybe I will get brave and order online.


Tabby said:

My favorite! cannot wait to sew this!!


Theresa said:

This is my absolute favorite of the new releases!


Kimberley said:


Juli Anderson

Juli Anderson said:

I have a gorgeous cut of art gallery that I’d love to use for Isobel!


Destany said:

You ladies have outdone yourselves again. These are beautiful and I absolutely love those fabrics. Can’t wait to see more!

Lucinda Neff

Lucinda Neff said:

I am looking for some vintage fabric for this!

Alicia Rode

Alicia Rode said:

This dress is gorgeous! Every single one created is perfect! Can’t wait to get it!

Samantha Chandler

Samantha Chandler said:

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I can’t wait to buy this ADORABLE pattern! 😍😍😍

Carrie C.

Carrie C. said:

I think this dress would be beautiful in the “Daisies in Azalea” print by Hawthorne Threads!


Deborah said:

This is my favorite of the new releases—and of course it would look gorgeous in so many of the Hawthorne thread options!


Megan said:

Love the look of this dress!!!

Laura Nelson

Laura Nelson said:


Jackie Bell

Jackie Bell said:

My niece wants this pattern really bad so I’m trying to win it for her


Danielle said:

I have some Michael Miller Sommer and Magic that will be so perfect for this pattern! This might be my favorite pattern yet! So lovely!

Christina R

Christina R said:

I can’t believe how beautiful this pattern is!!


Kate said:

This is my most favorite pattern to come out in a long time. I. Am. Smitten.


Cheryl said:

I was thinking of using either some broderie anglaise to make this dress or some art gallery fabric. Excited!

Lourdes Santiago

Lourdes Santiago said:

Isobel is lovely and Romantic! Ideal for spring!


Rebecca said:

Love the new patterns!

Dale Eva

Dale Eva said:

This is absolutely beautiful! I love the Northern Reflections line from Hawthorne Threads – I think they’d beautifully complement this stunning dress.

Suzanne Neal

Suzanne Neal said:

I’m dreaming of the sister sets for my girls already! So sweet!

Sue Bestvina

Sue Bestvina said:

I would love to make this dress in linen with antique lace!

Kathy Stonebarger

Kathy Stonebarger said:

I think I would use Vintage Lace fabric for this lovely dress.


Donna said:

I think I’ll use Art Gallery denim with some nice lace trim so that the pattern can speak for its self.


Christina said:

I am not sure what fabric line I will use. But can’t wait to try the pattern!


Cortney said:

I’d love to make one in linen!

Angie Gehrt

Angie Gehrt said:

Absolutely beautiful!


Tammy said:

What a beautiful dress pattern!!! I absolutely love it ❤️

Nina Burnsides

Nina Burnsides said:

I think it would be lovely in linen


Rosalie said:

It would be perfect everday dress for my daugther.

Margaret ashley

Margaret ashley said:

Omg LOVE perfect summer outfit ♡♡


Cerahnaomi said:

Sweetness…love it.


Debbie said:

I am game for anything, as long as it is bright and cheerful


Mimi said:

Hawthorne has some seriously pretty fabrics that can make this dress.

Jenny Schear

Jenny Schear said:

I can’t wait to place an order on Hawthorne Threads to sew an Isobel dress!!


Phoebe said:

This dress is so pretty, I would love some floral cotton to complement it

Emanuelle Meireles Linhares

Emanuelle Meireles Linhares said:

I’m so in love with this dress 😍


Emelia said:

Beautiful new pattern. Can’t wait to get started on it!

Jennifer Stover

Jennifer Stover said:

I’d love to Isobel in some of the new AGF printemps fusion

Jennifer Stover

Jennifer Stover said:

I’d love to Isobel in some of the new AGF printemps fusion


Cora said:

Beautiful! Love this and the Kennedy dress.


Heather said:

I have to confess that I had to catch my breath when I saw your new dress. Not because it’s absolutely lovely (it is), and not because I’m longing to make it for my precious four-year-old daughter and new baby niece-to-be (I am), but because of the name. My firstborn was named Isobel. My husband chose the spelling because he thought it was such a soft name that it would be difficult to say in any voice other than a loving one. Unfortunately we only were able to say it for a little while, because Isobel died shortly after she was born. I will absolutely be buying this pattern to sew, and I will think of my precious little girl as I do. What a gift to see her name on something so beautiful.

Kimberly Patterson

Kimberly Patterson said:



Anne said:

I love to know where to purchase the lace trim and panels used in creating the beautiful dresses. Where to buy quality fabric would be helpful too. Thank you

Janelle johnson

Janelle johnson said:

Do a giveaway again!Ilove it and all your other patterns!!!!

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