Hello VFT Family! Alexis here and I'm going to share the first of 3 new patterns for our Spring Collection! Get ready for Friday's release!!

First up is Olive! P.s make sure to read alllllllll the way to the end of the post, for your chance to win the Olive Pattern and a $40 Gift Card to Hathorne Threads!!! 

She is playful, sweet and made for everyday wear. 

Here are the details on Olive:

-Crossover bodice

-Button and loop closure or Ribbon closure

-Size: Child (2-9/10) and Tween (10-16) and Doll

-Sleeveless or Small Cap Sleeve

-Top or Dress Length

-Reversible and Non-reversible

-The tutorial includes instruction on how to finish with a snap to ensure the bodice stays closed. 

-Full or Slim skirt


Olive can be closed by either a ribbon for a custom fit or a button and loop for a fixed fit. You only need to choose one.  

Button and Loop Closure:



Ribbon closure:

Top Length Version:

Olive is the perfect playful everyday dress that can be made with a super full skirt or just a simple skirt width by choosing either the reversible or non-reversible version.

Reversible dress version makes for a full skirt:

 Be sure to check back tomorrow for our next reveal! I Promise, it's AMAZING!!! And then on Friday will be our Big Release!

Have you stopped by our Facebook page for The Win it before you Can buy it giveaway? 

Few more tester pics...



Click on the Rafflecopter link for your chance to win a $40 Gift Card to Hawthorne Threads, 1 Child Olive and 1 Tween Olive Pattern!!!!!! You have now until Sunday (4/1/2018) to enter!

Good Luck!

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 Until next time!!



March 27, 2018 by Alexis Wright


Jenn Sturtevant

Jenn Sturtevant said:

I love the new dresses!! Thank you for your amazing patterns. Let’s see… I love all the blooming flowers in spring! Makes my heart happy to see all the colors popping up everywhere


Joni said:

I love all the flowers!

Anna Kollár

Anna Kollár said:

I love the beautiful flowers of spring 🌷


Liz said:

My favorite thing about spring is that it is the garden season for me! I love all the fresh vegetables & beautiful flowers!

Jenn Shafer

Jenn Shafer said:

I love the bright colors! This wrap dress is so beautiful

Danita Courtney

Danita Courtney said:

What I love most about spring is the promise of warmer weather and blooming flowers to enjoy!


Sophia said:

I love Spring here in Florida. The weather is perfect for enjoying outdoor activities before the sweltering heat of summer arrives. These dresses are perfect and I can’t wait to make them for my daughter!


Corrie said:

I love this so much! Thank you for the giveaway! I love spring because it’s the fresh new warm after the winter cold.

Will this pattern ever be available in women’s and baby sizes?


Dora said:

Gorgeous designs as always :-)


Kim said:

I love the Olive pattern! It’s my daughter’s middle name too. Can’t wait to sew with allll the florals!


Linnea said:

My favorite thing about spring is the blossoms!


Lauren said:

Love this modest double twirl piece!!! 😍😍👌


Vanessa said:

I love that it’s reversible- 2-in-1 for a picky 5 yr old is a win! Yay!

Melissa B

Melissa B said:

Excited about this one! Love that it is reversible, but I’m always looking for patterns that will be easier to dress my daughter with cp. Thank you for having several options and this one will probably be a new favorite!


Etta said:


Jodi R

Jodi R said:

Spring is my favourite Season. I love the flowers, the fresh energy & peeling off the layers and enjoying my spring/summer dresses without boots, stockings, scarfs and coats.

Cindy Hampton

Cindy Hampton said:

I live the cross over detail!


Theresa said:

Such an adorable dress!

Tabitha Casas

Tabitha Casas said:

So cute!!


Erika said:

What I love about spring in Pensacola, FL, is that it is usually starting to get close to beach weather. I love being able to go to the beach before all the tourists come!

Carol Jackson

Carol Jackson said:

Love the dresses that have been posted for spring, waiting on number 3 tomorrow.

Kate Yetter

Kate Yetter said:

I love the flowers, the pretty colors, the fresh green grass after a long winter is everything that makes Spring so wonderful!

DeeAnn Collins

DeeAnn Collins said:

I love this new pattern!


Mary said:

I just love this one! The cross over bodice and reversible option are sweet!


Johna said:

Spring & the new trio of patterns was worth the wait!

Erin M

Erin M said:

Love everything about this!!


Kiaraleigh said:

I love the freshness of spring and shedding of layers!

Theresa Peltier

Theresa Peltier said:

I love this pattern.. I have alot of them and never disappointed

Theresa Carlson

Theresa Carlson said:

I LOVE the tween option! My 8 year old is TALL and would be so happy for me to make her an olive dress 😍

thalia hernandez

thalia hernandez said:

What I Love the most about spring is being able to be out with my kiddos and starting our garden each year. We make sure to always plant a new item we’ve never ate before and it’s pretty fun. Looking forward to making some cute outfits to take pics with/in there this year since I have ventured in making clothing this past month. (:

Taryn Haynes-Smart

Taryn Haynes-Smart said:

Already in love with the Spring collection (even as we head into autumn here in South Africa) I need Olive to make my daughter an Easter dress to complement a dress I recently made for myself

Anura Wadia

Anura Wadia said:

Can’t wait for March 30th for the release of these beautiful dresses Olive & Kennedy.

Anura Wadia

Anura Wadia said:

Can’t wait for Olive to release.

Tina Weikel

Tina Weikel said:

This dress is just precious! I can’t wait to make one for my granddaughter!
I love to see the earth reawakening after the cold of winter. The flowers and grassed coming forth. A hint here and there until one day you see fields of green and know that summer isn’t far behind.


Juliana said:

My daughter already requested a watermelon dress like the one you lovely ladies have sewn up!

Robin Elkthunder

Robin Elkthunder said:

The sweet light spring dresses of course! I love a hoodie but dresses for spring are so fun!!

Christina S

Christina S said:



Ellen said:

I love the colors in spring and breaking out colorful sun dresses.

Laura Welch

Laura Welch said:

I love all the colorful flowers and the sunshine after a long winter in spring!!! This Olive dress is absolutely adorable!!! A wardrobe must have for any little girl!


Sara said:

I love the wrap front! 😍


Emily said:

I love the flowers and colors! And the butterflies. And Easter!


Meaghan said:


Shalana Roberts

Shalana Roberts said:

I love this dress so much! so pretty!!!


Kandace said:

I love the new spring patterns!! I can’t wait!!

Amanda Mishoe

Amanda Mishoe said:

Love all these new patterns! The weather is finally getting warm in GA so time to start sewing!!


Deborah said:

Spring brings beautiful flowers—perfect for standing next to in your new VFT dress and posing for pictures :-)


Donna said:

Spring was always started with Easter and the new dress we always got to start off our spring/summer wardrobe .

Alayna Brooks

Alayna Brooks said:

Love this dress!


Lori said:

Do we know who won the giveaway?? :)

Chelle Chapman

Chelle Chapman said:

What I LOVE most about Spring is WHY we celebrate Easter!! EVERYTHING is new, Sonshine, Flowers, Tree Blossoms, spending more time outside & PINK cheeks!!!!

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