Hey friends!! In celebration of Nora being the $5.00 Weekend Pattern (9/8-9/10), our tester team and myself have come up with some really fabulous Nora modifications and pattern hacks. We have some fun ideas how you can use Nora as a base to create some really special {and simple} new looks!

First up, let's take a look at a super fast and easy version of Nora! Here are some inspiration pictures. Read on to learn how to modify the Nora dress pattern to achieve this same look!

Modifying the Sleeve

One of the easiest ways to create a new look is simply to omit the elastic in the bottom of the sleeve. The new bell sleeve gives Nora a fresh boho look! 

Modifying the Skirt

The Nora pattern features a pleated top skirt and either a gathered underskirt, or a tiered underskirt. To cut down on fabric and time, I chose to make just a single layer skirt and skip the pleated top skirt completely. 

Because I wanted to keep the fullness and twirl factor in check, I used the measurements from Option A: Simple Gathered Underskirt. 

I didn't want to have a back center seam required by the pleated skirt because I was skipping the pleated skirt completely, so I cut 2 of the Simple Gathered Underskirt front pieces (one for the front, one for the back). 

Modifying the Back Bodice

When omitting the back center seam/flat placket, the back bodice will need to be modified to allow for a standard skirt placket closure. 

In step 2 of the Nora pattern, the instructions direct you to trim 1/2" from one of the back bodice pieces. This creates the overlap (button placket) that functions with the back center seam/flat placket closure of the skirt.

To modify the back, you can do 2 different things:

  1. Keep the same 1 1/2" ease in the chest measurement by trimming 1/4" from the back middle seam of both back bodice pieces (for both the back bodice main and lining).
  2. Increase the chest ease to 2" and omit any trimming. 

Modifying the Skirt/Bodice Attachment

To complete the Nora dress, you can reference any of our other dress patterns that include a standard skirt placket such as Clara, Alice, Georgia, etc. You'll create a skirt placket, gather the skirt and attach it to the bodice. You can still create an enclosed waist seam by following the same directions as shown in the Nora pattern. 

I hope you feel inspired to create a Nora with some fun modifications! Be sure to grab your copy for just $5 on Friday, Sept 8th!

 Check out all these incredible variations our testers sewed up! Read about their unique modifications and pattern hacks in our Facebook Group. 

Jessica created a cold shoulder, moved the button placket to be down the entire front and added a hi/low, gathered skirt.

Beth used a standard skirt placket closure and a lined gathered skirt to showcase this beautiful eyelet fabric!
Nicole sewed a simple gathered skirt and bell sleeve version in beautiful flannel and velvet.
Meka created a gorgeous, simple Nora with a single layer gathered skirt.
Kristen mashed Nora and Clover for a lovely hi/low effect!
Ashley C. added the sweet neckline ruffle from the Georgia pattern and used the short sleeve option in Nora. 
Ashley B. moved the button placket to the front bodice and used a circle skirt for extra twirl!


What modifications are you dreaming of??? We can't wait to see all the beautiful Nora dresses you sew up! Be sure to share with us on Instagram and in our Facebook Group!

September 08, 2017 by Cassie M